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    What's this have to do with anything? Vices are not playing on current com1 if that's what you are referring to. How is this connected to their inability to be aggressive?


    You have this very annoying habit of being on the same thread as I am. :D

    You're right, Cousins is not VICES - I take that back.

    Nah man.. I think alliances are just fed up with your playstyle :)

    Perhaps. But do not forget you are in the same boat, some are fed up with your playstyle as well. It is the reason you are facing a 2v1, despite not being the strongest team on paper.

    Its of my opinion that there is a bit of fear involved too. This is supposed to be a server of 4 premades. But the moment VICES show up, the server gets boring and is unplayable - we did not remove the other 3 teams. VICES spawning in the server will not remove your hammers. I have never seen a server in which the addition of a single team has made the server more boring and uninteresting - it just does not happen.

    Its true that VICES are not known for their OPs and I will take responsibility for my share in the inaction. However, the OCs and offense players of last round did an excellent job imho, especially with ghosting. I think the Cousins' server on Com1 may change some minds about VICES' inability to be aggressive.

    What was this about prioritizing the win over fun though? I would understand if you think this is an unwinnable server and wouldn't want to play a server with no chance of winning, but please at least admit this.

    I'm not going to worry about you guys ducking us (like CWL did last time), seems you guys are already scheming :). Pete, I know you're ancient, but messaging someone on their wall is indeed public...reminds me of my Grandpa on Facebook :).

    I heard CWL like their servers without competition...

    So I'm not sure Com2 is the right server for you guys to spawn in. It might not be a server where you can take literally all artefacts/WWs and force players out of top 50.


    Sanket could probably better clarify this, it was brought up a number of times in an old Skype room (almost retired/retarded, I think it's called) that has members from both sgr and vices I used to get copied in on some of what was being said thier for whatever reason.

    At first it seemed like it was brought up in jest by Noel and a couple of others from SGR, then the idea seemed to be gaining some traction as the room became more heated especially after Mazzi left. Sankets said the offer was very tempting and claimed to have actually thought of the idea first himself, but later dismissed it raising concerns that it would destroy both sgr and vices endgame.

    Goddamn Sanket, ofc.

    • Randomizing BP/Uniques locations

    I agree with randomizing BP locations (as they are literally fixed)...but again there is a discrepancy between Finals and non-Finals here.

    Why Uniques? I mean, why specifically Uniques as opposed to Larges/Smalls? Again, its obviously very different for Finals, but I believe the Unique spawnings are random/erratic enough (remember Com3?) to warrant them not changing it. Cata villages from accounts under beginner's protection is a different problem (who's solution may requires changes to server registration instead).

    Well, I don't know which part is confusing you.
    And I think you should listen to your friend and move to com1 section if you are planning to start another SGR - Vices discussion because I don't think anyone cares about that here.

    Didn't mention any alliances, and I did say it was beside the point. Shouldn't try grasping at things that are not there, isn't your style Ticker :(. It was a contradictory statement that was not phrased well, I think a few can agree :).

    An invincible WWK shouldn't be a thing. It removes interaction from the game, and with the specific setup, there's hardly anything to do about it. I do kinda agree with fnx here though, that the tactic would perhaps be okay if you had to sacrifice your entire account to do so

    Agree. However there will always be a discrepancy between Finals and non-Finals, as Pratik said. I feel TG may be less inclined to mess with Finals than they would be with other servers, especially considering Arabic metas tend to be the most common users of this tactic and got that $$$.

    TG has its way of fighting with multies. Let's not confuse them with techs.

    TG's way of fighting multis is like bringing a super soaker to a bush fire. But yeah, it is a way.

    Editing posts again after someone replies? :rolleyes: That's a really cheap trick ^^

    First of all - and this is crucial so pay attention - you need to calm down. It's a well known fact that being nervous affects someone's reading skills. Take your time. There's no pressure.

    I usually have a bit more time to edit my posts before people read them. I don't like all this pressure you're putting on me, Ticker. ITS TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

    Well, I have read it. Been reading it for 4 servers, and I'm sure Fnx has been reading the same sh*t of mine for equally as long. But that's beside the point.

    We did. We played clean for a few servers, with some minimum multi accounters who would camouflage themselves.

    Seems a little contradictory haha :D

    Wittekind wrote:

    Not a single one of the 3 candidates deserves to be the .com represent to go to munich :)

    That seems a little far. Seems you don't actually know any of these people, quite far to say they don't 'deserve' it simply because your opinion does not match theirs.

    Thank you for that opportunity.

    You dualling anyone by the way? How about you hop onto my account :).

    If you're as active in the game as you are in the forums, we'll be top 10 raiders in no time.