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    Not a great road to go down! Distinction has to be made between spying and sabotage. Reading MMs and gathering info is an expected part of the game, but messing with artes/WWKs/etc. is a different story. Take it from me. Hopefully this does not set bad precedents for GoW and future servers.

    Once upon a time, when the trade routes didn't come into the play and the def couldn't be stacked up so high - then the UA used to play the major role in the end-game. However, now - it's all about the UD. You probably know better since SGR has never held the UD in past xD But the help that it gives in boosting your def players numbers is alone such a help to gain numbers for the end game - also on the plus side, you can host an additional ww which on the LA is better than 1 ww on the UA.

    But all that said, we believe that the only arti that comes close to the UD's effect is the UT. Otherwise, players just gotta work so hard that they end up quitting. Either of those arties can make the life easier for the big players of the team.

    (PS: In case any final server players read this thread - this is the mechanics involved in normal servers, of course in finals UA is the most worthy and you might want that one nerfed)

    Yep! Hence why UA was the historical Holy Grail. Back when endgame was a sustained 100+ day effort as opposed to the shorter, intenser period is today. The additional defense has made Great Warehouse hits less viable than they were in the past and so its all really about switching architect in for the few rammers that a team may have. Yes, it seems that as the defense numbers come up...alliances are switching to a 'Finals' style of WW hits (single hammer, low-level hitting) instead of the traditional level 90 train.

    I've always been a proponent of 1 WW if possible...especially with the RIDICULOUS marketplace buffs. I think both our teams have made the mistake of not having a central singular WW (in a two quad situation), but I do appreciate that server politics may have played a role in your decision. Having fiddled with a lot of combat sims, I just think that the defense put in a 'decoy' WW is not worth it. The WWK required to flatten a 2m WW is nothing, whereas the difference between a 15m and 17m defense WW is massive. Perhaps others may disagree.

    As you know, UT is very nice but far more useful for a team like yours than a team like ours haha.

    I am surprised you have not praised the UB yet :D:D, I know its not as useful but I thought it had a special place in your heart.

    I agree completely. The Unique Diet is and always should be the priority for any team's artefact efforts due to its OP nature. Save for perhaps the UA (the historical 'Holy Grail' of Uniques), there is no Unique that comes remotely close to the significance of the UD.

    Now days its about stacking defense as high as possible, sitting on the Unique Diet and switching to architect for trains. And if you don't have the Unique sit on a Large. Same strategy, but different numbers. The comparison between 0.5 and 0.75 is ridiculous and only one team gets that advantage. Its the only artefact that has the potential to boost your WW defense by several millions.

    Obviously they've revamped artefacts for Ancient Europe, but it'd be nice to see some changes to normal servers too. (not just diet)

    Well done on your impressive hammer.

    In saying that...we see the blatant self-jerking, misinformation, whining and hypocrisy that we are all too familiar with.

    It seems quite sad to me that while you have acknowledged the amount of ghosting was impressive, you have then decided to then go on to list a bunch of excuses that discredits the work and effort of the people involved. Similar issue with the OPs and WW, there was clearly more than one and you seem very keen on downplaying the effort/commitment of those involved to produce the OPs (a lot had very low splat rates) and feed the WW.

    But SGR complaining about VICES (and vice-versa) is nothing new...

    However it seems particularly distasteful to trash-talk TEN's leaders, your supposed allies. I cannot speak highly of Tonzo, but I know for a fact that many in TEN are reasonable, competent and certainly don't deserve your words especially considering they stepped up and did their best given a very sh**ty situation. To highlight their shortcomings and gloss over your own...just a bit rude really.

    lol ele dont you take part in this or you go nuts too. vices are all about illogical propaganda. run before the halfwits catch you too.

    I don't know man, for someone who supposedly doesn't play the do spend a lot of time on the forums more-or-less saying the same thing each time. Perhaps accusing us of the 'P-word' is a bit hypocritical?

    Vices suck, bunch of gold whores who go whine about everything and nothing. At least SGR and TEN are making ops to make this game interesting. You guys just sit on your rears and do nothing all server. If not for SGR and TEN this would have been another server with just building wwk 250 days then splat. You call us a meta, yet you guys recruit 300 people pre server, big booooooo. You guys are ruining this game not us. Offcourse we are not as organized as you guys, cause we hope the alliances will be smaller, your chicken recruiting pre server forced us to ally with TEN. I really hope the leaders tell us to mass delete, you guys can attack eachother then with that UT lol

    Stay salty.

    But what's very interesting to me is the attitude held by some before the UT was given back and the subsequent change in attitude afterwards.

    It seems many were very quick to say things like "wow, that really sucks" and offer their full sympathies to the situation...seems like condolences are easy to dish out when you have no real expectation for the mistake to be rectified.

    Yes, yes, yes - we are gold wh*res, whiners, cheaters, game-ruiners, lazy scum, yadah, yadah, yadah. 72 pages of that kind of stuff that has already been said, what do you offer that is new?

    But why are you angry, my friend? Are you angry we complained to TG? Had the situations been reversed, would you not have done the same? Are you angry because you think that we didn't deserve the UT restoration because of how you perceive us as a team? Is this not bias, but just in the opposite way?

    At its very core, if we strip this issue of all the server politics and who was affected, there was a mistake made by TG and it was fixed by TG. What should have been rightfully ours has been given to us.

    I understand your frustrations and complaints about bias (seeing as TG rarely does this), however situations that are as clear-cut as this rarely happen. It'd be disappointing to know if the decision was based on the gold spent by our alliance (which I doubt). I hope instead that this is a new precedent being established by TG and that inevitable future errors are rectified in a similar way. It seems quite silly to come to the forums and lash out...we did not make the decision and we have not slighted you in any way.

    If something like this happens to you,I'll be rooting for ya - I promise

    So... ethical question: should TEN gift the UT to Vices, given it was a strange glitch on TG's part, and we all know it would've been a successful capture otherwise, or do they accept results as is, chalking it up to the same arguments as a bad call in sports: "it's all part of the game"? If situation was reversed, what would people argue?


    Tell us when and where to send the hero, thank you very much.

    I don't care what they say, the fact is they both allow cheaters/banned accounts to stay in their ally. Enough for me not to read everything they post here.


    You just told someone else what we were saying, but apparently you didn't read what we said (cause you don't care). So you know what we said, but don't know what we said...I don't understand.

    Hypocrites and apologists wrote:

    Oh yeah, we did it - but you did it first!

    No, but we weren't cheating as hard before you guys came here though!

    Useless crying, useless excuses, useless justifications.

    Here comes players who are trying to cite servers they never played. "But-but-but James admitted it!" - I have been honest with my meta's actions - you should be honest with yours. Do not cherry pick. You have not played these servers, so I excuse you for not knowing things that were before your time.

    Ya'll don't remember the 2-3 village Czech multis SGR were happy to use or SGR-Cossacks, a Ukrainian alliance in which one person was playing 80% of the accounts by the end.

    SGR did a very natural thing. They turned a blind eye to cheating. They allowed cheaters to exist in their alliance. And many, I'm sure, in SGR's leadership broke the rules themselves. They have done this from the beginning. Doesn't matter the extent or the degree, because comparison upwards is useless. If VICES were to delete tomorrow, you'd simply take up the mantle in the eyes of SGR+TEN. At this point I don't blame SGR or harbor any ill with w/e they've done this server or previous servers. How could I? But why did they do it? To gain a competitive edge, like all cheaters (inside this game or not). Stop with this idiocy. Listen to yourself, lmao. You don't like hard truths, all you want is justification to make you feel better in knowing that your side is the 'good side' and that you argue/fight for (fake) righteousness.

    When you follow the actions of other metas/individuals/whoever, your morale backbone does not exist anymore. None of this stupid EDITED about "we were just doing it cause they were doing it" or "we weren't doing it as hard before they came". My mamma told be that I should never jump off a cliff just cause my friends did it, did your mamma tell you something similar? Perhaps you should heed her advice :)

    As I said, to believe that none of SGR leadership had ever used something like Tor before VICES came to the server? Don't be naive. Don't be stupid. We didn't bring cheating to this your argument instead that we escalated it? Read my previous post - those that stick needles in their ar*es don't deserve to complain at all. They should honestly just be quiet, haha.

    There's no need to come to the forums to do PR for your alliance or attempt to be objective but simultaneously have bias. At this point, I'm absolutely certain that the leadership of both sides doesn't give a flying EDITED about the morals of cheating (but only the illusion of a 'clean' team) or we wouldn't be in the situation we are at now. You seem to think there is a competition for being the shiniest turd on this server and nobody (except for maybe a specific individual on our side) in VICES wants to compete in this competition. Your hypocrisy is my argument (its been my argument for many servers) and it seems yours is pointless justifications, finger pointing and excuses.

    But does anyone have some reports so we don't have to talk about something so nasty and horrible? :)