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    Sadly its not abuse of the system. Any player can use vacation mode, even as a war tactic, provided the pre-requisites are met.

    It might be frustrating for a player to use vacation mode to stop you taking an oasis but its not breaking the rules or abusing the system, its using it in a way that was considered at the design stage (thats why there is a long list of pre-requisits)

    Think someone might use vacation mode tactically to block you or ruin your plans, then start sending attacks, as long as they have incoming troops to their villages they cant use vacation mode. Depending on distance it should not be too complex or costly for you to always have 1 troop on its way to them at all times........

    Please contact Customer Services. - If you send in English it will come to me or my colleagues on the EN Team and we can look at this for you.

    If you have the original gold transfer email (but the link stopped working) this is easy for us to resolve - send us the link URL (Right click on the button in the email and copy link) and send us a screenshot of the original email (including your email address).

    If you dont have the original email and the server ended more than a few months ago we may not be able to retrieve the gold as the data gets removed under GDPR

    If you send in another language you will reach the Customer Services Team for your language who should also be able to sort this for you.

    Based on what I have personally seen so far, the messages sent to Support are answered in the language it is written in. So if you wrote in Russian, your message would be answered by a Russian supporter. If you wrote in using English, it would be answered by the English team. There may be a few exceptions of course but that is how it was explained to me.

    That is correct. There are a small number of languages that we don't have Customer Services Reps for currently so either the EN team or an appropriate team where languages are similar would respond. Customer Services is already independent of game worlds/domains with central teams. The EN Team covers all domains/game worlds where the customer sends a ticket in English.

    Unfortunately Gold from other domains cant be transferred into or out of the COM International Domain. Weather for a normal server or NYS the same policys apply

    If your domain does not have their own NYS server you can play the COM Int NYS Server but not transfer gold in or out.

    If you have a gold link from your own domain, keep it in a safe place as lost gold links can only be recreated for a short time after which GDPR laws prevent the data being retained

    There are two tolerated third party applications



    Both are approved third party aps by TravianGames for use and will not set off the script detection system.

    They are not supported by TG so any issues need to be directed to application developer.

    You get a free trial for a few days after that you need to buy the app in the iTunes or Play stores