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    "Also, we want to remove the difference between raiding an alliance member and raiding anyone else. To achieve this, we will expand a limit to how many resources can be raided to all accounts.

    According to the participants of the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit this will increase teamwork, as multiple players need to raid a target to maximise bounty."

    Sounds like there will not be a top 10 raiders anymore seeing as there will be a limit to resources raided? Or is this "The person who hits the most farms will have the biggest raid potential"

    The spiking system is a broken one that clearly annoys people and even impacts the day to day if not hour to hour farming system. On AngloX our account lost countless troops to spikers, and this server I have lost thousands of troops to spiking alone in the first 10 days. After speaking with one of them though he says that they are not here for the defense points, but that Travian Games needs to fix the current system. I do not agree that this is the best way to go about this, but in a very small way i understand their premise. I created my own thread a month or two ago about the same thing, and have been fairly persistent on the current culture of the game. It seems a group of people finally got together to show just how broken the system is, and, while I dont condone their tactics, I fully agree with them. Aside from looking at the top 10 defenders or tediously watching enemy defense points (which is alot more work than I am trying to put into this game, especially so early into the server.) One out of every 3 of my farms have been spiked on average in the last 3 days.

    In the Path to Pandora servers there is a simple but effective way to stop the spiking and again, if you look through my past posts you can find my messages. If this is the one of the only ways people who cannot buy gold have to combat those who do, Travian will see a steep decline in both paid members buying gold and members in general. Every server will become the powerful vs the entire server until the game dies. I was going to quit after my AngloX server, but when this ComX came around I thought things would be different. They were. Now there is an entire alliance dedicated to the spiking of the server and when I work 45 hours a week and still attempt to have a social life, I will be leaving the game soon, even with the duals that I have. I have advocated against spiking for months now, and I know the community has for years. Luckily I did not spend money this server, and I am very thankful for it, but this will be my last server played until Travian Games decides to do something about the Spiking system.

    I think Buffy the Vampire slayer was before my time to be quite honest. But now i get what you meant.
    I was hoping I would be able to raid this server but it seems i've been losing more troops in res than i've been pulling from raids :(

    Ahh wonderful thank you! He created a second account as he thought the first one wasn't working. I assumed it was a way to combat multiple accounts posting though. :) thank you for your swift reply