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    Peoples initial reaction when a country makes certain drugs legal is pretty much negative apart from the ones actually involved, but the statistics say things start to go a bit more smoothly from then on.

    This server isn't that big of a deal... The only real problem is how the staff are going to do gymnastics around the questions on why they can do this but not other things as some are already mentioning. The answer is pretty blatant.

    I hate drugs, I hate cheaters too. But if this stops even one person that otherwise would be cheating on another server and I assume it is more, it is an initiative that is working.

    It's an interesting human data analysis too, would like to see more from inside the server.

    Would also like to play Travian again seven years ago.

    Hey, thanks for continuously making these updates because I missed out on joining the qualifiers so it's awesome to get inside info on what's happening. I also hope you keep it up all the way through the finals if that was the plan.