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    1. THC - WEB - BEDLAM

    2. WEB - BEDLAM - THC

    and it was in Bedlam's hands that there was a choice. They preferred the first option.

    I don't speak for my whole team, but I can partly explain this "choice". In simple terms, it's a direct consequence of your "choice" to use shady means, or what's usually called tech accounts, for gaining an early lead in the game. There are just too many veterans in our team who've played against teams from RU domain, that are repulsed by both this kind of game play as well as the associated uncivilized conversations that happen when you try to defend yourselves in forums and chat rooms. (No, this is not the first time I've seen it). I don't think our team would have stayed in one piece if our leaders chose any path that lead to a win for Web.

    Having said that I do acknowledge that you guys have skills. I enjoyed playing against you and was especially impressed by how you use your hammers to maximum effect in operations, even small ones. Next time, perhaps choose a different "spokesperson" (I'm sure you know who I mean :) )

    Only because you let them, by disturbing us from smashing their asses:) 2bad they dont pay you for that, otherwise it wouldn't be so sad

    You are exactly where you deserve to be. You are complaining that we're not playing according to your plan. How childish can you get? Now go ahead and dislike this post (what's with that anyway?)

    Wow, it feels so bad not to use that hammer, at least to die for good.

    I would have send it until splash, if time was an issue.

    All the while, smaller alliances like NOLA and U.R.A are fighting for every inch of territory. I think they deserve a round of applause for not giving up.

    Right now its rly easy to close 10-15 some times even 20 targets with proper online among team for 150-200k def, means "mini" hammers will just be walled.

    Only if mini hammers are used for long march ops, which isn't ideal in any way. The best way to use them is to build a "1-week hammer" quietly where there's little attention and there are suitable targets, then use a "hit until splat" approach.

    So Disney and Devil were the only ones who managed to do anything with big hammers? This is a weird server where mini hammers do lot more damage than top 5.

    5 attacks from different towns in one second.

    Attacks were ordered in right order.

    This is not possible without script or automated software, belive me this is my profession.

    Manually you can't achieve this.

    Just because you are unable to comprehend it, it doesn't mean others are using scripts. The given landing times is achievable, I wouldn't say it's easy but if all the attackers have good network bandwidth and the necessary discipline it can be done. I have done it.

    1. If you want a pure defense account but also want to raid, go Egyptian. Your raiding options are Anhur and Ash. You will not win any raiding medals but will have enough returns to make it worth the effort. You will only be able to raid farms that are already dead. You have no chance of creating a new farm from semi actives.

    2. If you're a defender with no interest in raiding, then choose Gaul. It's a much simpler tribe. Phalanx is better than Ash in everything except raiding. (Well there's 5 points extra for Ash per crop but meh!). Druid and Anhur are kind of similar. Gaul merchants are good, especially for low gold accounts that are not going for prime croppers near to spawn.

    3. If you want a hammer, choose another tribe. If it must be between Gaul and Egyptian then choose Gaul.

    Web deserves the win so I hope they do and not you.

    Interesting point. As much as I don't agree with the tactics used by Web, at least they worked for a win. The "superior" strategy of hiding under a rock doesn't deserve a win.