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    The question is what happens after the 3 "spawn regions" have hit limit.

    1. If no more accounts can be created, that's really weird and doesn't make business sense for TG.

    2. If new accounts go to a 4th region, the designated spawn region is nothing special except being the starting location of the faction. It's also not clear what are the 4th regions.

    Id like to see an argument against making multis legal tbh.. with the current state of techs.. Why not make it fair game and easy access to the lazy people like me 😁

    Legal multi will shift the balance of game away from money to time. People who refuse to sleep will have an advantage over p2w (assuming all bots are effectively blocked and multi-ing takes actual human effort). That's not good business.

    Points 1 and 2 are most likely bugs. #3 is a game breaking design flaw that must be addressed.

    I don't have a problem with that guy getting rich. If I started a gaming company I'd certainly hope to accumulate enough wealth for at least two generations.

    About gold, I wouldn't want to play a server where plus account and gold club are not available. It'll however be interesting to see a server without the hero items and resource bonus.

    Really looking forward to getting normal sleep after an intense server. Congratulations to THC, and thanks to Web for making it a competitive server till the end (a very rare occurrence in this game).

    Personally I enjoyed the server, though my account wasn't anything to brag about. I did what I could, and am happy with the results.


    Polar Bear

    1. THC - WEB - BEDLAM

    2. WEB - BEDLAM - THC

    and it was in Bedlam's hands that there was a choice. They preferred the first option.

    I don't speak for my whole team, but I can partly explain this "choice". In simple terms, it's a direct consequence of your "choice" to use shady means, or what's usually called tech accounts, for gaining an early lead in the game. There are just too many veterans in our team who've played against teams from RU domain, that are repulsed by both this kind of game play as well as the associated uncivilized conversations that happen when you try to defend yourselves in forums and chat rooms. (No, this is not the first time I've seen it). I don't think our team would have stayed in one piece if our leaders chose any path that lead to a win for Web.

    Having said that I do acknowledge that you guys have skills. I enjoyed playing against you and was especially impressed by how you use your hammers to maximum effect in operations, even small ones. Next time, perhaps choose a different "spokesperson" (I'm sure you know who I mean :) )