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    so I was wandering if it is normai that on the com servers gold cost more

    as in

    german server 2k gold with promo cost 50 euro

    italian serveer 2k gold with promo cost 50 euro

    (aapperently Italians spend more as you can directly get 100 euro worth in gold)

    but on the com server you spend 62 dollars to get the 2k gold

    which with ideal conversion would be some 58 euro already

    not a problem just wandering if anyone had a good explanation for this

    my idea is that they took a conversion ratio of some time back and just did not update it as it makes more money like this

    but who knows


    hey all

    not too active forum for now ahaha

    can someone hel me find a post where the new rules where described?

    like wave sending etc

    in particular I was looking for the thing where you now can send messages only to deff players in MM

    I saw it in passing but I don't remember exactly how it works :)


    just to be clear, I'm not saying someone is doing so (as I do not even have an account in the server)
    just that rankings can be deceiving and that you cant tell the true worth of an account/alliance only by its numbers

    I have a question for outside observers.

    Given that Odin/UN/PFF has around 400 active players but probably (I'm attempting to be non-biased here, and PFF obviously raises averages by a lot) less dedicated players with higher percentage with smaller armies, less pop, and less raiding and Storm/ONE has about 200 active players with probably higher percentage dedicated, with larger armies, pop and raiding. Who do you think has the edge this server come the end game? You've seen the splats and victories from both sides, but who do you think will do better come plans and WW time?

    in game folks can answer as well obviously :)

    Yo people, I have nothin to do with this server at all - was just browsing around when I found this open call
    you know what they say about opinions and poopholes but I'll share mine anyway

    200 active and experience players win over 400 less active players hands down base on my in game experience
    but then again, I've never played .com servers and can't know if dynamics there are different
    even though stats do not tell really much in this game (one can be aa top deff by killing his own troops etc) so you really need to know the confederacies to be able to tell who has an edge

    yo people
    nice to see you all fighting here too
    makes this server feel a bit like home even if i'm not playing it for like 2 months or so
    anyway, just wanted to point out that someone is using my weapon of destruction (the dislike) on poor Rinobit here
    if it is an Italian guy go read the s1 thread: I have absolute rights on it so you should ask written permission before using
    forgive the spam in this otherwise very constructive discussion