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    I don't see the point of playing in your own language on another domain, you won't be able to communicate with other people in your own language anyway, or will igm's automatically be translated to your own language as well?

    If you click the star, that troop will always show as the first one for that village. For legionaire it's not useful, but for example if you only make praetorian or imperian, then you can click the star for them and they will show on top, before legionaire.

    What exactly does "It needs to be activated manually every 24 hours; the same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member" really mean? Do I have to capture TWO Small Boots on my 60 account alliance before I can have two villages on my account both running 2x speed simultaneously?

    This is how I remember it from Fire&Sand (I didn't play PtP), you had to capture multiple of the same artifact to activate it multiple times on the same account. (and of course pay gold to activate more than 1 artifact per day ;()

    I can confirm that at the moment filtering 1:1 already shows you offers with better ratio's, for example 0.8 will also be in the list when you have 1:1 selected.

    A sorting function by clicking the table titles would still be nice, as currently it's always ordered by walk time.

    I've had both issues happen to me, especially the first one is really annoying because most of the times I don't want 2 levels. So now I always make sure I only use the 25% when I don't have enough res for 2 things to queue or there's already 1 thing building.

    Will a roman be able to build field and building at the same time when he conquers a village from another tribe? or will another tribe be able to build field and building at the same time when they conquer a roman village?

    Hey I have been using this style since you posted it, and it's really great. But since the latest game update today the arrow below the hero doesn't fit the layout anymore. It would be nice if you can fix it. :D

    Thanks for the style.