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    lul. Some random guy just tells we had two wings:D and forgets slapice also has it.

    Just please doublecheck facts before posting.

    To neytyry about expanse: he was weak taking into account two accounts helping him.

    bad losers, thats the only thing that you are, you literally tried everything to get ahead of us but when it didnt work out as planned you started to trashtalk and continued it trough entire server, we actually tried to gather some info vs who we are dealing with this server, and i gotta say the info was right : "decent players that are not to be trusted,a probably will blame everyone around them when stuff goes south."

    You are just plain stupid. You cant analyse facts, cant analyse playstyle difference.

    All you can is cry about how your opponents are bad. Get some decency.

    We arent trashtalking. Its just facts.

    If you dont know what trashtalk and blaming is go try to educate yourself if that helps you.

    doesnt matter who confed who.

    Slapice has different playstyle - congrats to them for bringing 40 feeder account into the server. This always wins :) in such aspects of the game you are clearly a winner and it guaranteed you overall winning. Continue this if you want a boring overall game.

    Congrats to pirates to keeping their playstyle and fighting with good enemies toe to toe and outperforming them in various aspects.

    sapica have you put some beauty mask on your face so you cant see clearly with your eyes what was written to sarcy?

    Dont make assumptions from different things, just to back up something you want to point out.

    Thats not how you win arguments dear

    yeah same as diamond with slapice:)

    I feel you. I myself joined mid server too. Was weird lul. But had nice server overall for the time and work i put in;)

    sarcy the only alliance unknown of political stance is observer and k-hole. Atleast from our side.

    All others is pretty known.

    Slapice+vutra+lv+ally+gigaaa(merged with lv).

    Pirates+peace+$$$$(wants to support our ww instead of slapice)



    I can only repeat, go analyze some facts some gettertools data, learn something about com servers and bot distribution between quads.

    Then you will maybe, very much unlikely, post some relevant post:)

    haha, dont be funny sapica :)

    Dont go to ad hominem arguments instantly after you cant back up anything, its silly ;p

    I dont care if you cheat, i only care about noobs who pretend to be strong while cheating, like your few players above. Noone respects thief for having money ;)

    A player make acc make 15 villages and then when i have BO he gives me his vilages to farm IT insted of sending resources with merchants and you call that private farming?? I call IT allyance, hellping guildys, team playing...

    what other excuse you have? Use this too: i just have two acc building me villages cause i am lazy too.

    sapica its not about victory;) maybe you will get it maybe diamond will maybe others. Who cares. We enjoyed the process nonetheless.

    But yoh fed your dogs well, so they can come an give some stupid gibberish once again

    Oh belive me i have more insight then you can ever imagine as a member of slapice group :)

    Then as a member you probably are been fed with wrong information just to keep you going:)

    Climb a ladder a bit more, you learn some new stuff.