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    Huns doesn't really have walls, so it's fine.

    They have Mercenary which is their best option for off and def too.

    Bowmen is good at off/consumption and off/cost but at off/time Mercenary is a bit better.

    I wouldn't say defensive rather offensive+defensive. Mercenary+Marksmen is a legit hammer and very similar to a Gaul Swordsman+Haeduan in attack power. But the Hun one can be used for raiding since the Marksmen is the best raiding unit now.

    On the defensive side it's an average setup:

    Training and 1 month upkeep cost of 1 def point.

    As you can see Mercenary is kinda the worst infantry def unit and Marksman is just better than Paladin and worst than the others.

    Their upkeep is just too high for standing defence and Mercenary is maybe not quick enough for emergency calls while Marksmens won't be home because of raiding. So a full defensive playstyle is not easy.

    But it's not that bad if we look at the all-round cost:

    Training and 1 month upkeep cost of 1 off/def point

    From this view they seem really pretty.

    They are good at everything but not much better than average.

    This playstyle needs high activity and some gold too.

    I thought about playing like this but it seems really hard.

    The walls are just too weak to defend you and the units are anti-infantry.

    I think a Teuton-Egyptian-Hun simbiosis would work. The Teuton would make hammers and clear everything, should train Spearmen in some villages. The Egyptian would make Ash Warden and Reseph Chariot, maybe a little hammer for catapulting. And you the Hun should have the farming power, the defense and maybe one real hammer.

    Anyway it won't be easy and not recommended without a good team :D