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    ok I founded village 2 and 3 so i had 3 villages total. Then i shot away village 2, so i had 2 villages left. I made 3 settlers in village 3 and tried to settle in a cropper. But i got the message i had to have 3 villages first. So I settle a new third village, but all the cropfields were at lvl 0...

    I can understand they are at lvl 0 instead of 5 because it is my fourth village that i found, but why couldn't i found a cropper then ? This seems illogical.

    i shot away my second village (to test if i could settle in a cropper for village 3) and on the map it still shows a village icon. The text says 'abandoned valley' when you mouse over, and you can found a village there, but it still shows an icon. Minor bug but nevertheless i thought i'd mention it.