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    So u have 2 that why u decide to deff with the one :D:D:D

    It is quite stupid question. If you have 2 options:

    1) Lose hammer village and let enemy army be alive.

    2) Lose 50% of hammer, save your village and kill your enemy's army.

    Isn't it quite obvious you take option 2?

    I mean, it was only good option in that situation. Of course one could ask what the hell you did wrong because you shouldn't end up being in that position but it is whole different story.

    As I see you are here just to troll us I could ask you a question:

    If bomber was alone, why did he ask defense from WEA - PT, D.A.D, Bulgarians, VN and BH?

    WOW nice words from player (Tuomiopäivä) who was nearly deleted by solo player Bomber if it wasnt your allySoooooooooooo u better in what mate ?

    Well, I want to see exact part where I was nearly deleted by Bomber. Also, it is not my problem at all if one is stupid enough to play alone.

    P T did`t play with VN

    In the end they did.

    Also if X3 Black wasnt playing with Chetto they woudnt win

    That is 100% true but also you can think about it vice versa. Without Ghetto, X3 wouldn't have won. Again, this game is all about working together.

    Haha, miko was losing against bomber and Mamba from russian meta had to settle a village near miko to make hammer and destroy bomber. I remember Promter (sitter) saving miko couple tímes his account on verge of destruction trying to get scraps of defense in time. Miko was too focussed on simming villages. instead of making troops :)

    It wasn't about villages. That time Bomber was still running only 1 hammer 24/7 when I was building 2 of them 24/7 so you can't actually say I was focusing on simming. I was just trying to get more villages to increase my productions to keep my ques going.

    About mamba, yeah, huge thank you to that guy. Considering the fact that animals are OP early game, help was needed there. But also was Bomber that good really?

    I mean, he used around 200-400 euros only to cages to defend his village. His operations were all against support villages and he never aimed to destroy capital or hammer villages. In the end you can't succeed with such a strategy.

    I'm wondering how people are so negative in forum all the time :D People saying we couldn't win without X3, we couldn't win without promter sitting my account, we couldn't win without reason xxx.

    Isn't it just job well done by us if we managed to do all those things right? See the positive guys.

    Hey guys, as a WW holder and winning coalition leader, I would like to share couple of words to you.

    First of all I would like to thank you our enemies for a tight and competitive round. In my opinion most of you guys could have done a lot more during the server, not just sit & wait others to do something but of course we had some active enemies during the server too. Anyway it was a pleasure to play against all of you.

    Secondly I want to thank you my co-leaders and other alliances in International Coalition. Haris & Gianis (Leaders of M-L) , Nata & Zhenya (Leaders of X3) and Igor (Leader of FF). Great job during the server. Also thank you to alliances who decided to support us later in the game: RSH, FIN, TUF.

    I have to say that I’m really proud of all our members in coalition as we didn’t have too easy round this year. We had more than 250 players early game on our area which had to be deleted there (BH, PP, D & D and some other smaller alliances) but in the end we managed to do that quite easily before artefacts, not so surprisingly though. In the end game we were against 2 WWs (P.T & VN) and 3 METAs/Alliances (P.T & VN & D.A.D) who were collaborating together against our WW which made our game really difficult there. For me it wasn’t too big surprise that VN was targeting only our WW but I have to say it was quite a surprise that P.T and VN decided to collaborate together. But no more about that now, main point is that our guys did very well during the server even if it was not easy one to them.

    In the end I would like to mention couple of players who deserves some glory. I’m sorry that all of them except one are from Ghetto but I can’t say much about players who I haven’t played with so it is quite obvious that these players are mostly from my alliance.

    Promter - You didn’t see that coming, huh? 100500 times we were against each others this server. 2 big egos facing each others is usually not a good thing but I think we understand each others well so we can work together. There is no player who is sacrificing more to this game than you and most probably not many who could be a better leader than you. Definitely biggest reason for our victory. And others: Believe me or not but this woman can be very, very scary. Huge respect tho.

    Johtaja & Saintmaakari (Los Padres) - Our best def player in the end. I saw many of our finnish players quitting just after artefacts but you kept going. Even if it was very boring server to def players and we had no place to your defs you stayed in the game. One of the best things I did this server was to give you guys 150% even if I was very doubtful about it at first. Hope to see you both in finals with us.

    gnaver (Tuomiopäivä) - My dual who did great job whole server. I am pretty dominant account leader as I usually have very clear vision how I want to build my account so not too many guys can play with such a motivation whole server. You were also one of our 3 main WW holders which is very ungrateful task to handle. Pretty much perfect dual and I hope you enjoy your life after travian even if I hope you will change your mind and come back to finals.

    Gnomes - Alliance is like a pyramid. On top of it, for everyone to see, are leader(s) and some elite accounts. Problem with those elite accounts can be that they are difficult to lead or they lose motivation during the server. At the bottom of pyramid are ‘’workers’’ like you. They are reliable alliance members who play with same motivation and time from start to the end and they will do exactly what they are asked to. They are almost never in top lists or seen by others but without them your alliance is nothing. You have been in Ghetto from our start in 2017 and again you did 300k+ praetorians and literally everything I ever asked. I hope I can keep you in Ghetto for a long time and we will get more players like you in the future. I could mention some other guys to this category too but I think you have been best of them.

    In the end I want to share special thank you to my alliance, Ghetto members for playing with me again this round. You can be proud of yourself as we have shown our greatness to others already. At the moment we have lot of new guys willing to join our alliance to finals and same time there are people who hate us more than anything else in Travian. I think it is a sign that we have done something right.


    Player of account Tuomiopäivä
    Leader of Ghetto
    One leader of International Coalition

    We have talked here about players who are faking their stats to earn gold to finals and how to deny that. I have now sent a message to travian support and I would like to share it to you guys. I have also shared it to my guys and asked them to send it to support too so they will at least see it. Hope you guys have time to send it to them too.

    Of course, these players are only from International qualifications.

    ''Hello dear G team,

    We kindly request to disqualify the following players for faking their stats in order to get to the top 20. There is no rule of TG which they violated, because you didn't create the rules preventing doping. Yet, they violated the basic rules of fair competition.

    Ice cream

    We also affirm that these players didn't participate in any single real battle during entire server.
    Please, consider our testimony and take measures.''

    Bla bla bla. We really don't care about your individual problems against each others. All I wanna see is reports. Not some reports with hided defense or reports with 10.000 clubs and 500 catapults.


    (b) The METAs are quite equal in numbers (42.88% - 57.11%), which makes the End-Game more interesting.

    I think better way to compare is account numbers not total amount of population. But that is just my opinion :D

    332 / 908 = 0.3656

    36.56 % - 63.44 %

    Also you can add D.A.D, D.A.D 2 & PP (134) to P.T and VN. Of course you can also add FIN, FF, RSH and TUF (50) to Ghetto, Russians and Greeks.

    In total I get

    382 - 710 which means

    34,98 % - 65,02 %

    I am not saying that TUF, RSH or FIN would be weak alliance but for me it is crazy that VN and P.T haven't cleared their quad from those small alliances because they surely knew after some attacks that those alliances will join other META.

    You told that earlier it was simplier and people built own hammers without help and so on. I think people don't do that anymore because there is no point to do that. It is and it always has been team game so alliances have developed. With pushes and parking villages alliances can build better hammers and WWKs so it is very obvious that we do that.

    Even if you are right, declarations that you are better tnan players who do not play as highly motivated as you by writing insulting stuff on profiles and encouraging your players to do that too is not a sign of good manner. War history tells us that underestimating our enemies lead to a bad end, but of course it is your right to be arrogant tо your opponents. The right of your allies is to draw their conclusions.

    There is a thin line between being arrogant and being arrogant in public. Everything that happens in Travian is just done with your nickname, not with your own name and one could say it is part of my strategy to have very arrogant character. So far I haven't seen any cons on it.

    That is the point - only 1 year experience :D And playing for an invite is old but not bad reason.

    I understand that you play for invite but that doesn't explain losing your skills. Even if you don't play much, you play for your alliance. That means you don't do solo attacks. Whole META is surely not playing only for invite so they must have players with motivation to play and lead there but right now they seem to lack of it.

    Excessive self-confidence is not a good adviser. To evaluate others' game at a server where more than 50% of players play just for invites seems like a lack of good manner. You should remember that TT is coming soon and there we'll see in fact who knows how to play this game if you manage to secure your cropper first, of course :D

    I have to disagree with this. With only 1 year experience from finals I don't see them as a server which shows can you play or not. I mean, METAs are just very, very large there and 1 alliance isn't in such a big role there compared to qualifiers.

    Also playing for invite is old and bad reason. Even if you play only for invite you don't lose your skills because of that. Same answer with lack of time. I have those guys too but I haven't seen them solo attacking.

    Seems someone is disappointed with Vietnam meta.

    Considering the fact that hey had most accounts and lot of multis, they haven't done anything significant this server. Attacks have been just solo attacks without coordination, managed to lose important artefacts like unique trainer (which they took back tho but again with just solo attack which was very badly played by us) and large architect.

    Either they are very, very confident of their hammers or they lack of leadership there.

    You have to expect a lot more with that amount of players there so I kind of agree with him. Maybe he could have chosen his words a little better but at least everyone understands his point :D VN won last year but again, no-one really attacked them end game. This year they got attacked once and their game was over after that.

    Overrated is best word describe their META in my opinion.

    VN meta is out of ww race. Lost all their GW and their architect prior to that. P.T is only one left with no chance to win. With still 0 wwk used :)
    P.S. Safiren will put the reports on her corner I believe.

    It depends a lot. If every META is targeting our WW it can be difficult but doable still.

    Dream came true and I got rid of my army finally. Maybe that means we aren't attacking anymore or? ;)

    Anyway gj.


    If you lose your mind to someone on forum I don't know if it is wise idea to attack him as it is way too obvious.

    It was candy time for Mr Spiker a.k.a. Mr Cuong

    Lost those GWs & croplands

    But in the end we have a miracle: VN managed to catch one army.

    If you guys know good targets to hit just let me know. Probably won't find def from there either.

    400k + clubs right now

    I don’t believe- yes it is possible
    But thats mean since day 9 he has to train great barracks and with art later on non stop
    So thats coming to 418k clubs and 105k tk

    It is not about what you believe and what don't believe. It is about facts and fact is that there are guys with 400k+ clubs right now.

    All you need is 460k production / hour to use barracks, stable, GB & GS with trainer 24/7. It is not much actually if you have been checking top raiders after artefacts. Lot of people have been raiding over 1M/hour + account own production + push from META. It is not impossible at all and you end up having 365k clubs + 86K TKs and these numbers are only after artefacts.

    Considering the fact that those guys have been raiding a lot already before artefacts they could have used GB 24/7 easily 20 days and Barracks 40 days before artefacts which makes 120k clubs more.

    We end up having 485k clubs right now. Remember, no player is alone in this server, METAs are pushing those WWKs and some players have their own multi accounts to raid. If you keep telling me that no player has 400k+ clubs right now, you are wrong.

    Only i see bulgarians and russians using them properly

    Considering us as a russian META is almost an insult :D

    So guys do not underestimate 300k clubs and 70k tks on this stage of the game

    No-one has underestimated it. It is a great army at this stage of the game, good job with that but one guy keeps saying it is biggest army in this server right now and considering us as brainless people.

    For me it looks like Iranians early game when they were catapulting own guy and telling us they are destroyers because they had first catapults.