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    Easy sailing for the faction where everyone is holding hands like little kids from kindergarten.

    Looks like in this "hugging" game Dynasty and their friends from other factions overplayed Empire.

    How many alliances from Horde/Marauders were converted to Dynasty during this round?

    Ever heard of Tech accounts giving away different tribe villages? It's what everyone is basically doing here, just the scaly may vary from team to team.

    I am more surprised by their low off rating, I guess they use tech accounts even for oasis clearing.

    Now I understand why they call themselves the Spartans, it must be 60 real accounts and 240 tech accounts :)

    According to Getter tools top1 aliance [A.S] has 35 conqured villages and only 59th rank in best off alliance.

    The largest alliances

    1. [A.S] 59 1893 111662

    The best alliances (off)

    59. [A.S] 59 264 15579

    15579 points Heathens or B&B could score during one day.

    How its possible to have so many conqured villages with such low attack rating after 33 days?

    Short summary after 20 days, it looks like an easy ride for Empire so far.

    Faction Alliances Victory points VP per day

    # 1 Empire 86 17878 1640

    # 2 Rebels 83 15426 1030

    # 3 Dynasty 97 12042 740

    # 4 Horde 80 10543 720

    # 5 Marauders 72 6995 370

    We were third, we won bronze medal. This aint that bad is it? I like medals, we can all enjoy them together now. Mindfreak and Kazah can s each others d and enjoy the silver while we can enjoy the bronze. Hurray!

    I have big, big doubts that Mindfreak is a Web player. During whole round in Web's chat rooms I didn't noticed anyone, who could be him. Also there were no mentions about him or his ingame account. So far, I have counted him as a forum troll, who, for some reasons, doesn't like Bedlam, but that doesn't make him automatically a Web player.

    What ? We removed 2 regions from them in the last week, we actually are helping you unintentionally, you're the one who has to pay us. =)

    But first you gave them without a fight Emporiae, Jerusalem, Numantia. Why you didn't fight for them?

    Only when THC had to concentrate on WEB, you managed to take some regions back. Now you are acting like scavengers and jackals, but pretending like you are lions.

    You had your time to prove how good you are, but failed.

    At the early stage WEB managed to take all major regions in Greece against Heathens (previous winners).

    At the mid stage WEB managed to take vital regions in Spain against Bedlam walling almost all their offensive troops.

    The final stage is not over yet, but THC already lost pair of 100 VP regions and a lot of their armies.

    So every alliance had the opportunity to show their strength against WEB, but failed :)

    First of all, that confederacy was made AFTER THC AND WEB started their NAP.

    According to this logic Bedlam must cancell confederacy after THC and WEB cancelled the NAP. Why it hadn't happened yet?

    Who deserves to win this round?

    THC had the opportunity to sim for most part of the round, but still came unprepared for the final phase. Now they have climbers and robbers ratings below zero, what is very ironic for server winners :)

    WEB had issues with new regions opening using help of "friends".

    Bedlam after joining confederacy with Heathens and Pagans made up around half of server's active players, which is closest to term "zerg"

    So everyone has its own flaws. Anyway its good that intrigue is still alive.

    Attacks started since remaining day 49. We are now at almost remaining day 33. Half of it was still under THC VP prod. Other half contested and still is

    THC should be thankful to Bedlam and Heathens which dont let to concentrate only on THC.

    THC players are acting like they already won and off course thanks to some special tactic, but Its still Bedlam who decided who will win this server.

    Bedlam are so good in attacking, that soon I will have problems with storing and feeding defense troops.

    Really? How many hammers of yours Heathens killed last month?

    Yes, Ragnar is doing good job.

    I am still wondering how they managed to win previous server with such play.

    The real reason for your whining, my friend, is that you didn't expect Heathens to survive so long after the initial gang bang they had to take on.

    Heathens have lost in every region where they have to deal with WEB, but managed to survive in regions where they have to deal mainly with Natars and animals in oasis. They are bad, but not so bad :)

    are they speaking in code or am I just really high? anybody else understand what's happening now? lol.

    Nevermind, its just useless set of words.

    btw one thing I dont understand: where is Bedlam settling new villages at this moment? Comeback is still real?