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    Hi All, after reading all of the above on wave solutions I am baffled, explorer and firefox no longer work for me, but I Play on servers where I see up to 8 waves in 1sec, so what they are using?? I am at a loss.

    there can be 2 scenarios here. if the attacks come from the same village, and the attacks come beyond 20 fields, those may be series of 4 catas waves at different speeds, withe the upgrade of the tournament square between attacks. Like you would do with different type of troops, but this time the only variable would be the level of the TS.

    The second scenario would be attacks from different villages arriving at the same second

    I cant fully understand the policy of tg. In the wave launcher video preview they say that they want to keep the old launching methods to reward the veteran players, and introduce the their own, at the same time their policy is really ambigous

    Hello there, recently we got a discussion in another domain about supported browsers. Some renowned players from the hispano domain defended themselves saying that they have been punished for using the K-meleon browser. The point of this post is not complaining or trying to defend anybody. Far from it. I can't assert 100% if players have been really punished for using this browser or other reasons, Im not from travian staff. The point is that the discussion snowballed in the hispano domain and we asked support about the matter, He writed that even vanilla browser like the one I mentioned, which is not listed in the 5.3 rule, are not 100% safe. By way of precaution I would like to know other ways to learn to launch waves of catapults, thats why Im here asking you in this domain. Ive been using lately this same browser for offensive operations. In the past I used firefox, until the offline mode was not available anymore.

    Thanks and please dont misunderstand my post.

    why de people hating on trapper. Early game are amazing, but people nowadays only do simming and avoid early squirmishies because they just want big hammers and are afraid of losing. Double of triple trapper the first month is a game changer and is like a free zoo. This combined with a lot of nature troops can defend your cropper from players contesting it during the first weeks

    Every tribe :

    start 30 multis, and push the hell out of main account = instant profit.

    Do you thinkg thats fesaible?How do you manage that? Besides the know-how(feel free to PM me thanks, there is info I cant find in the internet ehhe, joke dont delete my comment neither ban me), it requires full time effort, and at the end if your ally dont hold you down you will get rekt by envious enemies.

    Back to business. I will soon start a new server and Ill love to read here different strategies. I like to to rush catapult with teutons to punish simmers, any other actual ideas?


    Hello all, I got a question for the players of codex victoria server.f I somebody was able to answer I would be really grateful.

    In the new server codex victoria, how should I reach the 500cp? Do I have to upgrade resources to level 8 before I get the quest in the side box? Thanks in advance

    So finally, whats the outcome of this question? You got 500cp for getting palace, residence or command center at level 10,100 cp for renaming village. so that leaves you with 2.4k CP left or 4400CP?

    Hello, the questions is all about the title. Lastly I tried really aggresive microraiding with teutons from my off village, in a low pop server and pretty far from the center. I was sending raids to +150 squares away with minimum troops to avoid death. Problems was natars, those give me most income but troop loss was insane, wheneven catapulting residence and knocking down walls every few days is not enough, finally decided to stop raiding, even if the income is big, its not worth the amount of troops I loss per day if i wanna increase the army. My question is,how you manage the raiding troop loss? Do you raise 1 army only for farming and let the big one only raid safe farms? Do you avoid farming natars? Thanks

    1. You will just bury the game. Instead, hire new programmers or rewrite the code.

    2. Depends on the server,but is an essential mechanic even if there is no cap changing made, this change ln game will kill the game in many ways.

    3.rewrite the code

    How do you imagine auto planning?

    OK so this is my guess, I introduce the cap villages of my enemy, I mark the actual targets, numbers of fakes/players and how many fakes I want in X village. and then I write the online schedule of my allies, their off villages, and program returns the launching times. I know Im a dreamer but I mean sure Im not the first to dream about it. Point would be to reduce work charge from OC.

    Something like that, dont take it verbatim. Im not a programmer but only a player that would like to have fun and more often.


    Hello all, do you know if there is any known software or utility besides gettertools, to plan offensive movements that could help OC? Like preset fakes after introducing objectives and online hours of attackers etc. If you know what I mean , something to make things easier(but legally)