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    GG all! It was pleasure to play with all of you guys!

    Me and petrn were once again playing together and it was fun! Og plan was to make wwk with petrn, karpaasi and eerikäinen but AFK turned that idea down fast since we were going to server where plan was to bully everyone and not win the server! So Karpaasi and eerikäinen made their own accounts. Me and petrn ended up with 2 hammers and the other was chiefed due the fact that I didnt belive that JackSparrow was walking with WWK and didnt cap our off 😭 Well, it was learning experience to me 😆


    AFK (KORNSNÖ): Thanks for taking me in, after ”cutting me off” at nordics4 round and not taking me 😂 It was pleasure to play with you again! You truly are amazing person.

    Hemoz (KORNSNÖ): Potpotpot pelkurikana! Big thanks for everything! I really like to play with you and we had good talks! Lets play again sometimes :Ddd potpot! Roman ww sure looked weird


    Tempus & Arget (STUVA), Kadonnut (FABLER), Superriku (KLUBBSPORRE) and Kämmis (HJORSTVANG): Big thanks to you guys for teaching how to do DC and all other stuff! I have to admit that I was little bit ”scared” to work with u guys, but it went smoothly, after I got hang of it 😊even tho I fucked up that one deff complitely 😅


    Jimb00 (BLÅHAJ), Raymon (Thoth), GoNu (HILJA):

    Thanks for great ops! Targets where greatly chosen, send times were awesome and everything went smoothly!

    petrn (ALGOT): Once again, big thank you!! This was imo best account that we have ever done! I think this is our 3 or 4 acc that we have played together! And once again you was always tolding me that I should calm down and not rush all over the place and I think that why this was the best acc we build! 😂 thanks for that! Learned lot from you! Lets keep in touch and see if we play again together sometime in future!

    Eerikäinen (J.timberlake), Cof (MALM/BRAMSÖN) ,Haukkajainen (MALM) & karpaasi (BRAMSÖN): Thanks for the help and playing with me! karpaasi building BRAMSÖN ready to cof and then haukkajainen jumping to MALM after Cof took BRAMSÖN and karpaasi leaving to play LACK!

    Every deff player in ikea: big thanks to everyone! It was ”easy” to make deffcall knowing that we have players online moving deff!

    Everyone else at IKEA and Duat: Thanks for everyone! Hopefully we will see in the future :) I love u guys and girls <3



    Have a nice summer <3