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    I don't know if it was already written (too many pages to read), but there is an issue with taking resources from hero:

    Hero is in village 1, I try to take resources in village 2 (now I know that it was designed so that you can take resources only in hero village) - first of all, it allows to even click on resources in village 2. Second, it shows "Amount in storage after usage:" calculated by value of village 2 storage. I click accept, resources don't appear - they appear in village 1. So the issues are:

    1. It allows to click on resources in other villages.

    2. It shows "Current amount in storage:" and "Amount in storage after usage:" of current village, not of village where hero is.

    • Icon showing number of new reports is barely visible. Dark red on brown. Maybe color blind version is a bit better. :D
    • One button for village and resources - PLEASE NO. I was used to always pressing the button of either resources or village depending on where I want to go. Now when I'm in some other window, I am forced to use "X" instead.
    • Tasks that can be made in any village should be separated somehow from tasks dedicated to particular village in Task overview.

    I think that's all right. Though it seems slower than other server. But at least not that much laggy anymore. I can live with it. :D

    You're not alone. Com29 is laggy for me as well. In comparison, com83 working normally. I reported it to Support already. For me this issue persists for 3-4 days.

    It's especially annoying when changing helmets, because they don't change instantly, and then I think that maybe I didn't click on it, then I click again, and then it shows that helmet is on, but when I reload the page, helmet is actually off, because I double clicked it.

    Yeah it's broke for sure, apparently I am the rank 1 defender in my alliance with a steppe army :mmm: go figure lol

    It is possible, maybe your alliance is poor with troops. :D I believe overall offence and defense strength is calculated, not considering that troops are offense or defense, just taking numbers from all of them.
    But sums of players are really off.

    I wish that there would be separate statistics for my villages resources income, and for income from raids (numbers could be shown in top 10 at what place I am). Also can be general of all together, but i would like to see them separately as well, and know how well I am compared to others.

    I believe population rank is useless. You can see that in other statistics tabs.