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    Ne, Dnd in particular are already fighting against far greater odds and were first to venture cross quad no less. You don’t hear them crying about the server, they worked long and hard securing a nap so they could pummel any quad without restrictions. That’s how you adapt, be like water adapt and overcome!

    Dnd have two wings ten have 4, but it didn’t restrict dnd from attacking, they didn’t come to the forums first to complain about how strong ten look in comparison either. Instead Dnd wiped the floor with level 18 fields before ten could even send a fake.

    Lemme just correct you. We only have 3 wings (174 players) and we're fighting both DnD and 2.01, who has 5 wings in total (248 players) and are allied in case you still don't know yet. Also 2.01 has been fighting us since Day 10 and we've already exchanged major blows splatting hammers and killing each others defenses. While 2.01 has mostly been splatting, the defenses that they kill all add up.

    Look at how much points 2.01-A has alone. Now usually I would just ridicule that cuz offense points are indicators of how often they splat, but in this case it also shows us how much defenses they've been killing. So calling whatever DnD is doing "fighting against far greater odds" is just BS lol. They're attacking an alliance who've been locked in battle and already been losing troops from the start. We haven't had the chance to sim our fields and hammers freely like DnD does. Anyways, not really complaining i'm just clarifying things. We've been expecting DnD to jump in at any time now, so no surprises on their OP.

    Open up your account and check the 100|0 WW. Check the villages around and tell me DnD and 2.01 aren't allied lol. We also have screenshots of 2.01 MM telling their players to make sure to settle near the border after we outsettled them hard(tonz has these screenshots though) and DnD and 2.01 being in the same discord... I thought this was public knowledge already?

    What makes all of you believe that DND and Gunners will just hug it to victory together? I for one also thought that GOATS actually is a strong group and this would be just a minor setback. It slows you down for sure, but I can't really see how this would force you to give up on EG...

    And like I said, stop speculating so much and act instead. Use that time and energy on the game to make a difference. AFAIK Gunners and DND are both looking to win this, but not together.

    Fair enough.

    Good evening fellow travian addicts. You have been speculating what is happening in SW and why and I decided to light our decisions a bit. There is actually some reason behind this, so try not to be stuck on your own pov’s and accept that different people see things differently. If you just take this post as another coverup or shitpost to speculate, I can’t help you and I ain’t gonna argue about this. And yes, we could also argue about us being rude because of coming out like this, but it is a game, a war game, often a dirty one so I don’t really consider us being nice or rude to be a subject that needs discussing. I have seen a lot worse betrayals during my travian career and from what I’ve heard about GOATS this should not really be a breaking point for them. I’ve seen worse groups recover from worse situations. Also might be that GOATS haven’t really faced much competition in the past or it is a cultural difference.

    First of all, yes, we agreed to join SW as GOATS friends after we had discussed with different metas about the upcoming server before server started (and yeah, they offered us this, because they wanted a small friend in their quad instead of a hostile one). It seemd to offer us best possibilities to reach our goals. This happened before Vices announced the disbanding, which was the first time we started to think about changing plans, because being able to be a balancing factor between the two metas that came out as strongest for EG in discussions was the main reason to take that deal. Also, I stated already back then when I took the deal, that if GOATS would end up doing dick moves in our eyes we would turn against them. Anyway… we chose to stay and see what will happen.

    I could say that the main reason we ended up starting this war was caused by GOATS & co. Themselves, but I quess that is only half of the truth. It may be norm in here or something that they thought they had to do, but in our eyes GOATS & TEN & GoW sharing so much & planning together behind the scenes was too much for us. And the fact that it seems they justify this threeway by stirring up their own speculations about gunners+dnd+2.01+duat being together. Not something we wanted to be part of. And I know, having a NAP with GOATS does not really include us in this threeway, but we just felt like we have to do something about it before they actually go too far.

    AFAIK, the talks were a reaction to when VICE announced they were coming. DUAT, and especially Gunners and DND share alot of common players, so it shouldn't be a stretch or such a far-fetched idea that these metas are allied. In my personal opinion, I don't like being allied with anyone. But as some people know, I don't handle diplomacy in TEN. If it were up to me, TEN wouldn't have had any allies in their history (except maybe with SGR that one time :saint:).

    Anyways, I think the talks between GOATS/GOW/TEN was also a reaction to the power imbalance caused by the Nordics and 2.01 coming to the server.. DUAT and IKEA are very strong premades that I doubt GoW and Goats will be able to completely kick out of the server. 2.01 isn't as strong as any of the other metas, but their presence combined with a freely simming DnD will be a big problem for TEN.

    So essentially, what I'm saying is there's a huge potential for SE, SW, and NW to be completely occupied throughout the server.... while Gunners are free to sim to day 220 untouched. I think Gunners came to the server with 200+ player pre-made (3-4 wings) as well. They heavily recruited from other servers, while retaining their already very strong core and several great WWK builders. Everyone else came with 2 wings or less.

    I don't know if the Nordics care for winning the server, but GOATS/GOW/TEN probably do cuz this server was meant to be a rematch between them. From what i'm seeing now though, there's gonna be no contest. This is victory served in a silver platter to Gunners.

    Does anyone else think GUNNERS and DND are being suspiciously respectful of each other's territory? Flufie thinks they'll end up having a massive cuddle which lasts months and produces many sim-tastic armies. He usually knows what he's talking about.

    That's all for now.

    They are past the cuddle stage flufie, they're already rocking the bed :D . Maybe Crisitiana and Verdie are gonna spend some more time together coordinating stuff like artifact launch, maybe even work on sharing artifact rotation :D but hey its just an NAP man. kappa

    - looks like 2.01 lost to TEN at the race to 2nd villages, TEN hold 6~7 times more c15 of ea category (75%~150%) more than 2.01

    wonder how things will evolve from now between that two metas, yes - TEN is double time larger with numbers, but 6+ times more crops is a great success for them.

    You forgot to mention DnD and DsD. They're metad up with 2.01, so they're not as outnumbered you all think.

    Well Mist id make the same point. unfortunately Gunners unlike VICES, GOATS and even TEN to be honest... dont have the privilege of being a long to very long time established team who developed and recruited pedigree players over a long period of time. So Gunners (like GoW) dont have that to rely on WRT old teammates etc (atleast that arent tied to metas already here). We have all seen the number of wings GOATs have brought in the past to servers and that is what we were expecting here. VIces, SGR and TEN have all played with 200+ accounts on other servers, so for Gunners to expand on their numbers with the 'hope' to compete at that level isnt such a ridiculous thing.

    Nahh I don't think we have that kind of privilege, we've only been together for 3-4 servers unlike these boomers in GOATS and VICES who've been playing with each other for more than a decade lmao

    Guys Gunners recruited hard, no ones denying it 😂

    GoW, and Ten did too?

    Mist Ten = 225ish accounts Gunners = 201 Accounts 🧐

    Ah yes, because Rough represents how TEN recruited as a whole. FYI, we didn't recruit hard at all. We relied on com2 players returning to play with us and sending individual messages to old teammates in past servers. Most of the outside recruitment we had were our com2 players bringing their friends/teammates with them (which was only a handful), but we didn't go out of our way begging in every server to join us.

    Also, we came here with less than 120 accounts.. nothing comparable to the 200+ accounts Gunners have and probably some more accounts that are unaccounted for. I think our in-game recruitment is justified again for who we have to deal with this time around:

    SE 2.0-1 and ten is the only real battle front being played out atm besides ne meta vs gunners. I figure it’s only a matter of time before 2.01 get assimilated and added to the power that is already in ten but for now they are enjoying a good fight.

    Unfortunately, even if we wanted to, there's no more space :D

    Just a bunch of players trying to make one server really interesting. However, i'm pretty sure when the server starts, half the leaders will not be able to stand the pressure and will quit. One of the teams has got a very good reputation, and I'd love for other teams to experience it first hand too.

    If you'd take my advice, stay away from that server. You'd find nothing but toxicity.

    On that note, if you find a team going for com5, do let me know too please. I want to kill a few hours a day. Hopefully will find a few players to attach myself to.

    It's great that you're all here going with a lot of enthusiasm into this majestic server. But when you join the server and realize that 3 of the quadrants combined do not have enough tools to standeven with the 1 quadrant, then I'd love to see how many of you will live up to your words.


    Hopefully, I will be there in the server too. To make sure there is someone to remind you how excited you were about this :saint:. While I do lack time to play a serious account myself, but I could always find some for leadership.

    Well, I guess I owe you an apology fnx :D. I stand corrected. You were absolutely right lmfao :D

    The age of the glad helm is over. The time of the tech has come.

    TG playing themselves lol. With the amount of pre-mades and big spenders in this server, you'd think it'll easily go beyond 1.5m. The professional tech users made glad helm look overrated, soon no one gonna buy that crap anymore lol :D

    Demons and Angels stated in discord earlier they were spawning SE if memory serves me right. Ten have offered a confed already.

    2 other loose cannons that im aware of are unconfirmed still. interesting to see are there any surprises tomorrow...

    Can confirm, sent confed requests to Loffe crew and 2.01 as well. Though i'm not sure if my wallet can match what VICES offer to Loffe

    If you'd take my advice, stay away from that server. You'd find nothing but toxicity.

    It's great that you're all here going with a lot of enthusiasm into this majestic server. But when you join the server and realize that 3 of the quadrants combined do not have enough tools to standeven with the 1 quadrant, then I'd love to see how many of you will live up to your words.


    Hopefully, I will be there in the server too. To make sure there is someone to remind you how excited you were about this :saint:. While I do lack time to play a serious account myself, but I could always find some for leadership.

    You're such a buzzkill lol. You seem upset that players actually had fun and are looking forward to play against each other again, so you are here to bring them down. The 3 metas that played against each other in previous com2 had alot of fun fighting and memeing each other, hell all 3 metas are still in our discord com2 chat and its still pretty alive and active. So of course its only natural that you see great excitement and enthusiasm from members of all 3 metas when they know all three will return to fight again.

    The only toxicity here is the toxicity you are bringing and trying to push into com2 before it even starts. This isn't to say that com2 has never been toxic. We have our fair share of toxic players, but it was just the right amount that it actually made the server more interesting and not devolve into something vile like com1.

    I'm really dumbfounded why some ppl are being upset about com2 restart specifically. Its probably because of all the attention and word of mouth it generated through GoW, Gunners, and TEN members that are recruiting and looking forward to play again. Probably also because we forced TG to move server restart, but that was only because TG had a ridiculous restart date (1 month after server end). No one said it was the greatest and most competitive server EVER, its simply a server where alot of ppl had fun so they're just looking forward to play in it again.

    And then here you are promising to be in the server to make sure we regret being excited about fighting against ppl we had fun fighting against. Darn, how dare we have fun or have any excitement?! :saint:


    So, is there an interest in having the start of this server delayed until something like late August/early September? and let com5 start earlier instead? In order to allow other teams to join in on the fun as well (namely GOATS - perhaps Villains).

    Perhaps the meta leaders could be so kind as to give feedback on it - if you even plan to re-join the next com2? Ajax.  Mist4 (don't know who to tag from Gunners).

    TEN very much agrees as well. I think anything after July will be good for everyone to gather members and refresh their minds a bit, sometime around early August is ideal.. September seems too far though.