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    Your right I think collectively we raided more last week, so what's your excuse for us beating you this week in raids ?

    I dunno, maybe the fact that we don't have hundreds of Iranian accounts that are still inactive and/or Iranian accounts that were neutered and turned into farms while they were inactive in our quad?

    Interesting how you offer up only gow or ten as the only two options we could be gunning for, I guess it's becoming common knowledge by now that you've been a busy bee lately, sucking up to Gow and brown nosing Ajax, after Gunners rejected you.

    LOL :D Both sides can confirm that there were no talking behind the scenes. We both just happen to find you very annoying here in the forum. Now I'm actually worried about a Gunners and REVs coalition if that is actually the common knowledge or opinion in Gunners lol.

    Shortly after we entered the top ten I predicted we would overtake ten and we did taking there second spot, there we remain after most of our legend farms are already gone or deleted, still Gunners remain within range of the no.1 robbers. I did predict ofc we would overtake gow at some point, and yes gow is a little different from ten so it's not going to happen overnight.

    You can thank the Iranian government for allowing you to overtake us lol.

    Anyways, I guess them Legends players are either starting to delete or spiking your raids now. Last week you were so so much closer to GoW in raiding that I thought you were actually going to overtake them, but now you're only 2.3m ahead of us? So it's either that or you preparing for an OP going to GoW or TEN soon? :/

    kid go back to school and learn some comprehension my post was about defense and defense points only, no where did I actually mention anything about attacks except the attacks that splatted on our walls:/

    Otherwise who cares gow has a few k more attack points, like I said other then what we have killed (walled) there really hasn't been any action from any other quad.

    Wow. Nice job, congrats man. Proud of you, you're so special. Have a medal and some cookie and pat yourself on the back :D

    Shrugs, still more action coming our way then all the other quads, which are doing pretty much nothing atm.

    C'mon guy, raiding inactive iranian accounts isn't exactly action :D I'm pretty sure most of Gunners' attack points came from being spiked by the Iranians when quite a bit of them came back online a couple of days ago lol

    Also GoW had more attack points than you and Addicts had the most def points last week. Legends were like 90% inactive last week too. Put two and two together and we get ??? :/


    Bat Man He actually got you with your own logic there LOL. There must be someone from original Gunners in that last com2, they wouldn't just claim that name for no reason - they must have played with or for Gunners before. If Gunners didn't lose to GoW before, then TEN didn't lose to Gunners :D

    I dunno why you say "were they allways hold hands" :/ Gunners have way more in common with VICE than SGR, and their leadership are a bunch of VICE players too lol.

    Gunners are mostly VICE, so personally, I would love to see Ajax come through with his words :D


    Alliances in com2 can hardly be called metas as compared to last round on com1, are you forgetting vices had hundreds of members there too ?

    Here on com 2 alliances like gow/gunners have no more then 60 members so even if we just add 30 to 60 accounts for revs, that's still equivalent to 1.5 to 2 x greater in size or in other words zerg.

    VICE players are forgetting the fact that they came to this year's com1 with 200+ players PRE-MADE and barely needed to recruit. They were actually around 240+ two months into the server, didn't they have 5-6 wings when com1 started? LOL it's funny cuz they were actually trying to recruit Lowlands as well :D

    Meanwhile, TEN had 3 wings with 150 members and relied heavily on recruiting. Lowlands came with 2 wings had around 120 members and recruited as well. SGR was around the same number as VICE, but they heavily recruited as well I believe. These alliances were NOT allied early in that server.

    "YoU GuYs bEtTeR fIgHt fAiR aNd sQuArE gUyS!!!1"

    - Meta with 240+ people that abuses tech accounts

    It’s funny how VICES/Villains are embracing and openly admitting to techs now. It’s so beautiful; it’s like seeing a person finally come out of the closet. #techlivesmatter

    Anyways, to anyone who wants to play in COM1 (against VICE/Villains) in the future and want to have a chance to win, here’s what you need to do:

    #1 Bend the rules and suck out all the fun in the game. How do you do this you say? Send 95% of your players into the boonies and sim for 220+ days. Your chances of winning increase exponentially if you sim for more than 250+ days. Your chances of winning also increase the farther you go.

    # 1.1 Have your family create an account that ends beginner's protection exactly as artifacts are going to be released. Cousins are highly recommended.

    #2 NEVER attack. If you really have to, limit OPs to 1 per server, anymore than that and your enemies might actually have some fun. That must NEVER HAPPEN.

    #3 Make sure you have money in the bank – serious tip. If you’re playing with light pockets, might as well delete. To compete with them, you need to be earning 6 digits/year $$$$. You need to have the ability to gold up a village in the blink of an eye to counter their artifact plant villages.

    #4 Monitor your enemies reactions and morale. If they're having ANY semblance of fun, then you've failed already. Delete and try again next com1.:thumbsup:

    Great..another bunch of meta huggers don't forget to hug cwl too, tens eyes probably just lit up like Winni the pooh finding honey!

    What do you reckon mist4 try to piggy back them for the win or make another ten wing first like ne army ?

    Oh, we're hugging each other as we speak right now! I'm gonna send hugs to your way and Gunners as well:P

    Seriously though, I'm not taking crap for "piggybacking" when everyone knows SGR couldn't have won by themselves either :D

    They were the top raider and simmer from week 4 onwards until the end of server, only dropping the gold medal few times.

    Now they will really face some organised alliances (Gunners, LG but definitely not TEN) and test their strength.

    I think GoW has a very slim chance to win the server this round.

    I'm putting all my bet on Gunners to win and also to TEN (if they piggyback on Gunners of course).

    We're sorry for hurting your feelings last year 😗😙

    Those two fat level 100 World Wonders must've been hard to take in :D

    Ten are mediocre at best, Gunners proved that when they won com2 and made ten the laughing stock of the server. With ten deleting en mass.

    This time Gunners is up against 4 wings of ne army, a wing of elite and that's just in one quad alone

    Alright, this one has to stop :D I believe it was only Petrini and a couple of TEN players that played there because they wanted to kill time before com1. They never intended to finish that server and they deleted as com1 progressed some more. TEN intends to stay in com2 and luckily we're not coming back to com1 anytime soon or ever, so we're here to play with you all year :D

    It would be good to see ten manage something without the help and support of other metas, they have some nice raiders but as a team I think they've got a long way to go before they reach the level of skill set required to win without another side doing most of the work for them.

    Com1 they relied heavily on sgr, to carry them to victory. And relied on them again but fell well short.

    I think Servers that are less competitive would no doubt serve as a better fit to help them emerge beyond a novice team.

    This is a fair assessment of TEN. TEN never claimed to be gods at Travian. We've only been together for nearly three years, while VICES and SGR had what.. a decade of experience and playtime together? So of course it makes sense for TEN to rely on SGR.. While we did rely on them, I don't think anyone can say that SGR did not need TEN in last year's com1 either, the endgame was still pretty damn close even with our combined forces :D

    So yeah, you're right. TEN needs more exposure to less competitive servers... like com2 :D I don't think any com server will come close to the competitiveness of com1, so we're gonna have plenty of exposure to less competitive servers from now on :D

    All of this hate on TEN is looking like a bunch of Seniors picking on Freshmens/Sophomores, cmon guys take it easy :p

    And let's welcome winner of com1 (2017/2018), TEN, to the server.

    I saw in com1 forum that TEN is the reason SGR lost the server.

    Wondering if it is true?


    It's true 100% TEN and no blame on SGR :D