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    Ten are mediocre at best, Gunners proved that when they won com2 and made ten the laughing stock of the server. With ten deleting en mass.

    This time Gunners is up against 4 wings of ne army, a wing of elite and that's just in one quad alone

    Alright, this one has to stop :D I believe it was only Petrini and a couple of TEN players that played there because they wanted to kill time before com1. They never intended to finish that server and they deleted as com1 progressed some more. TEN intends to stay in com2 and luckily we're not coming back to com1 anytime soon or ever, so we're here to play with you all year :D

    It would be good to see ten manage something without the help and support of other metas, they have some nice raiders but as a team I think they've got a long way to go before they reach the level of skill set required to win without another side doing most of the work for them.

    Com1 they relied heavily on sgr, to carry them to victory. And relied on them again but fell well short.

    I think Servers that are less competitive would no doubt serve as a better fit to help them emerge beyond a novice team.

    This is a fair assessment of TEN. TEN never claimed to be gods at Travian. We've only been together for nearly three years, while VICES and SGR had what.. a decade of experience and playtime together? So of course it makes sense for TEN to rely on SGR.. While we did rely on them, I don't think anyone can say that SGR did not need TEN in last year's com1 either, the endgame was still pretty damn close even with our combined forces :D

    So yeah, you're right. TEN needs more exposure to less competitive servers... like com2 :D I don't think any com server will come close to the competitiveness of com1, so we're gonna have plenty of exposure to less competitive servers from now on :D

    All of this hate on TEN is looking like a bunch of Seniors picking on Freshmens/Sophomores, cmon guys take it easy :p

    And let's welcome winner of com1 (2017/2018), TEN, to the server.

    I saw in com1 forum that TEN is the reason SGR lost the server.

    Wondering if it is true?


    It's true 100% TEN and no blame on SGR :D

    Just an update. Another bunch of random players just started spiking the entire SW quad, and as you can see killing tens of thousands of troops in a short amount of time.

    We're not as affected as Lowlands and I don't know to what extent other quads are spiked, but I can only imagine how shitty it feels right now to be in SW quad when almost all their farms are spiked.

    *edit* looks like we're heavily affected as well, in particular our top raiders lost several thousands troops. fun. ?(

    eatie Yes, there was a little scuffle in the greyzone. One of our players was getting pushed around 1v2 by Biggus and his "PD" , so we decided to jump in and let Biggus know that we're there and we're watching :D

    We didn't really do that much damage, but we wrecked Biggus's 15-cropper village which I assume is his future capital maybe? I'm sure he'll get plenty of help from his "buddy" Panasonixm anyway, so he'll rebuild fast for sure!

    Here's the report of the only battle/casualties that took place, the rest of the reports just show destroyed cropfields and some buildings so I didn't include them.

    [TEN X] Petrini07 vs. [SGR|Red] Biggus

    OOF, Vice top raider caught again and banned for the 2nd time :D:D What is the alibi this time? :/

    Ya'll should've gotten the multi-account protection plan that HB had, its working like a charm for him :D

    Are we seriously gonna have another server full of this?

    Look at this list. The top 20 defenders are full of small pop players that aren't part of any big alliances/meta. The top 3 deffers of the week are also spikers that aren't part of any alliance/meta, and they've already caused several thousands of troop loss.

    Are we really not going to get the PTP mechanic that prevents this stupid thing from happening?

    Yup we did get attacked at tonz's capital.

    We did not expect a pretty big army to land ~ especially since it was a 1-wave non catapult attack. I guess he gets to put on a shiny red medal this week :D

    huh, so I guess 19 banned accounts all at the same time for one meta is just "some" for this server :/:/

    That's right folks, a grand total of 19 banned accounts (including top Vice raiders Awesome21 and MZY1994).. not even kidding ^^

    Man, HB is almost looking squeaky clean right now :D

    Well damn, now this just makes me think that maybe HoneyBadger is innocent and doesn't cheat after all? :/

    I mean, those two top VICE raiders got banned out of nowhere before him, and HoneyBadger is still here unscathed by the MH even though he was being accused of cheating from Day 1 :/:/

    Oh woops, sorry mod. :D

    There is a com1 spam room where this can be discussed for all com1 players to see, Awesome21 is already there too ^^ Hope we can shine a light on this recent happenings in that server

    So much talk. No reports given to MH. No response from MH shown in the forums. Whines about cheating. Then rage types like a keyboard warrior against anyone who asks why and how Honeybadger is accused of cheating when these accusers are just arguing in circles, and pretend that those who asks questions must totally be Honeybadger supporters.

    People condemn as if they were saints. Justice presumes innocent until proven guilty.

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    You haven't seen that guy much then, that's for sure. Travian has loopholes and broad definitions about multi/teching that are easily exploited.. Wolf Throne for example, with his blatant cheating in com1, would never have been caught because they were playing "within the rules", or maybe its the VPN protecting them I dunno for sure.

    Anyway, HB flips a switch and goes from #5-7 raider (not sure what # he was) to #1 raider in the server within a few hours and you don't find that fishy? This same HB also got banned for botting and tech accounts in com7, where TEN is originally from. :/