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    This needs to be addressed for sure. In previous com1, the spiking was even worse.

    @TG employees (dunno how to tag ppl) why was the anti-spiking measure not included in the list of changes incorporated from the PTP server??

    The alliance between SGR and TEN last round was created out of necessity. As much as we would've loved to fight SGR back then (since it would've been fun to take out the remnants of our opponents that they took in from com7) Villains had 2 quads to themselves, more trainers, diets, and artifacts in general, along with more veteran/experienced players since your master Sankets/James tries to get everyone in their bed before every round (seems like they did the same thing this round too). Villains also heavily dominated the top 100 players and leaderboards throughout the server's duration. I thought it was pretty clear that Villains, with all those advantages, were stronger than SGR and TEN individually. We wanted to have fun, but we also wanted to win :)

    SGR and TEN leaders came to the understanding that if they were to go head to head against each other, then that essentially hands a free win to V.. and you guys would've loved that :saint:. Even with our combined forces, the end-game was still pretty damn close... now imagine if SGR and TEN fought and killed each other's hammers and anvils...

    Point is, a cross-quad meta/alliance probably wouldn't happen this time around if V (and everyone else) can keep their bed for themselves. If V and Lowlands get in bed with each other, then it only makes sense for the other remaining powers to react accordingly.

    Also about the zerging thing, I think everyone should try to foster new comers (who are willing to learn ofc). The game is dying and we should welcome newbs and teach them, instead of destroying them and making them quit the game altogether.

    Damn, I didn't even notice till now lmao.. Now THAT is a big bed! Can we get into that snuggle party too V? :D

    1vs1vs1vs1 wont be possible in ts1 again. you are right about the secret nap between two metas. give extra 100 player to a meta still it will look for nap lol :D

    i am not playing though (COUNCIL denied) , wish you all good luck, have a good server:):thumbsup:

    bad chazz shoo shoo, back to retirement with you :P

    Lmao, Council leaders are sending everyone IGM's to join them, they won't last long. SGR are by far the clear favorite this round, both on number of players and number of alliances that are currently in bed with them *cough*TEN*cough*

    So I just want to clear up the mess and confusion around here, should've done this before the server started lol. TEN is 100% neutral this server and we definitely have our own bed and would like to have it for ourselves this round. Whatever this bed you speak of, well, I'm definitely not in it or tonz or any of our leadership afaik.

    We do still share the old skype room though, but nothing else other than that.

    Point here being that if we see some kind of formation between NW/SW, you know what will happen. Your call.

    If this happens again though... then I'll gladly get a queen-sized and snuggle with Wulfr101 again 😂

    Edit: We really do want a 1v1v1v1 this server, and its looking very possible with the Dutch meta looking strong already in the SW

    Hello, one of TEN's leaders here.

    We will be joining com1 once again and we will again be landing in the South East quad +|-

    Motto: :/ not sure

    Looking forward to a good, clean fight this time around :saint:

    On behalf of TEN, GG well played to everyone:saint:! It has been a great and thrilling end-game show~!

    Also a big round of applause to all these impressive :) WWK and WWR builders. Well done!

    Stop pretending and calling yourselves underdogs lol :). You guys were still in very good position to win even after TEN and SGR got together.

    You guys had a surplus of hammers that could have made a difference - chiefing WWK or maybe even stealing the UD/UA, but it never happened. That's on you guys. I was actually surprised by the amount of OP hammers turned WWKs that you guys threw, like why were these not used on WWK chiefings or zero attempts?

    You also had the clear WWK advantage having bigger armies and more catapults overall. We only had five WWKs who broke 20k catas, while nearly all your real WWKs had 20k+ catas (which was 8-9?, also not counting the big rammers and WWKs you lost).

    I think SGR and TEN combined barely had enough WWKs to secure the win that if you guys had actually went for 2 WWs, ya'll would have actually walked away with the W. You had plenty of OP hammers, very very good def players, and competent leaders, so I don't see why you didn't set up for 2 WWs..

    So really, you guys lost mainly cuz you put yourselves in a losing position... and also possibly because of us making the winning decision of having 2 WWs as well (under one account too) :thumbsup:

    Caught one guy reaching too far in SE's cookie jar:

    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Cyruslsy (7ILLAINS) vs Mist4 (TEN)

    A very recently created, "unaffiliated" beginner account, who's BP just happened to end a few hours after arties are released, was there to help Cyruslsy blow up the treasury. What a swell guy! They messed up their wave though, so they weren't getting the large diet anyway.

    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    micky (Villain's little helper :rolleyes: ) vs Mist4 (TEN)

    Overall, 7illains did very well to steal our arties. I can't say we weren't 100% prepared- we were warned to be wary of steals- but we didn't expect to get spammed with tons of villages and helpful beginner accounts like that. Welp, I guess this is something that we could work on more in the future (not the helpful beginner accounts though!).

    Ok but what I said above applies to your exact situation. As I said.. when they spike the way you describe they're still exposing themselves, they're still affecting multiple players who in turn can become their enemies and they can still be eliminated by multiple players. If they're spiking other villages especially with the amount of troops you describe then there's less troops in their village to defend. What is stopping you and some players from catapulting their village? The spiker either withdraws their troops from the farms they're spiking and defends hopelessly against the people they spike which no doubt outnumber them or they leave them in the villages and their account gets destroy. Outcome is the same, spike is eliminated. You either invest in losing troops destroying the spikers village or reward him everyday, making him stronger while you're getting weaker by attempting to ignore him and losing hundred/thousands of troops in the process, daily.
    If a player becomes so successful at spiking that they're flaunting medals on profile it's a failure of the people around the spiker who are actively rewarding them. Getting spiked is definitely irritating but it's not like there's no strategy against it. It just takes a bit more coordination and awareness than a lot of people want to put into the game.

    Spiker's troops can easily return home before our cats. Would've loved to deal with these pests, but they usually settle 200+ tiles away from civilization.

    Spiking is a totally legit strategy.
    I've found that most of the people who complain about spiking are people who are unable to do anything about the spike because they're either a click and send farm list player who does not pay attention to their list or their hero is too weak from simming (for example) to confidently clear the spiking hero/troops. Do you know how boring it is for a spiker to camp a hero somewhere and get nothing out of it? Actively being aware of your farm list does a ton to prevent/discourage people from spiking you. Use tools available to you like the surrounding reports. If you or someone else gives them 2-4 exp in exchange for their dead hero it'll stop real quick. Not to mention being a successful spiker isn't exactly anonymous. With a bit of time and awareness you can tell who is spiking and take care of them if they're such a problem to you. Chances are you're not the only one being spiked so turn your ego down a notch and message some players close to you likely experiencing the same thing and work together if you feel you need help. Later into the game this becomes more complicated because there's a lot more troops to manage and you're raiding a large majority of the map but at the end of the day the risk exists that when your troops leave your village they may not come back, raiding active players or not.

    P.S. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean their brain is smaller than yours or the size of a pea. If you can't have a discussion without insulting someones intelligence because they disagree over an openly debatable topic such as this then it's telling a lot more about you as a person than the ones disagreeing.

    Oh, so I assume you haven't experienced next-level spiking then? We aren't just talking about the small-time/ocassional spikers that spike 1-2 village for hero exp, those are relatively tolerable.

    What we're talkin' about are those players who made it their career to spike farms, often spiking 20+ (maybe even more?) villages at the same time. They were not affiliated with any alliance either, so this isn't some kind of bull tactic to win or gain hero exp. They would regularly send 40-50 troops, kill thousands of troops, then pull out said troops after a certain amount of time to avoid getting killed by heroes. They then proceed to put green badges in their profile and drool in front of their computers "lookie what I did heehe i'm top deffer xDDD"