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    So YajYaj u need a shoulder to cry on? Or a couch to sleep on? Heard it was a rough night, and considering u just got kicked out from home :/ I feel bad for u man

    New York judge orders man, 30, to move out of family home after parents sue | US news | The Guardian

    i was informed you were back with your banter mate glad to see some things haven't changed.

    youll also know that my cap and hammer vills took about 4/5 hammers with them so im honestly feeling ok your concern is touching though (big kiss)

    Im Irish BTW not american.

    Ahva Break Mate

    ahhh glad to see you guys back on the forum again :)

    let me guess an op went well? it is the only time you come on here.

    you have been very quiet while we hit your players and you caught zero hammers.

    you lost 2 in the recent op right? does that mean youve got 7 hammers left ;)

    Where did all mfh players go? YajYaj u still here, or did ur mom remove ur internet privileges?

    how ive missed you mate and i really mean that. who else do i get to laugh at for stalking me on the forum in the MFH group chat?

    what happened did loki let you out on day release? or is he going to punish you for breaking his commands?

    keep in touch and dont forget Ahva break mate (but not for to long)

    how disrespectful are you people to someone who was supposed to be your friend?

    o the moaning you did about people in MFH raiding the account and how its disgusting etc if we keep raiding the account since the account holder has died and we should show some respect only for you to use the account to make def?

    with friends like you people who needs enemys?

    ive been avoiding the forums for a little while now tbh but since the outcome of the off op have shed a little light on whats been going on let me just pop back on.

    i realise its a war game dirty tactics are allowed to happen but seriously how many allys are going to be working against us to help GoTN?

    i actually thought we would have battles with betrayed later in the server when artes were out etc but for some reason youve jumped on the GoTN bandwagon.

    well done youve just showed us that no matter what happens you guys are actually shocking players and it takes 200+ to work against us.

    ive had 3 people who know people in betrayed come forward and tell me you guys are working together but im sure that not true its probably the individuals rigghhtt. :thumbdown:

    anyone else beginning to feel like a third wheel in the GOT love fest ^^

    just so you know in the beginning of the server i hated all of as i wanted a GOT themed name and you all had the ones i liked ;(

    ive sat a few WWs doesnt mean i know the first thing about building one.

    EDIT : this was in reference to supdude saying he sat nicks WW village didnt realize others had posted making it look like i was talking random nonsense ^^

    the only issue u have with this post is i think youve got a twitch mate you keep winking for no apparent reason.

    also why would we look for you we have actual opponents in the GoTN team to battle with YOU aint an issue to anybody.

    if ive offended "the best" feel free to pay my cap a visit we can see how you do ^^

    I am the best player. I dont get worse just because I dont play with gold on this server. See where I am going with this?
    Gold or not gold it does not change your abilities ;)

    Beside that have i heard rumors that the heavy gold users in MFH still has not reached level 15 crop in their cap - That is a joke! My guess is that you are 2-3 levels behind player by player to your enemies ;)

    oooo someone is trying to see who will admit to having high field levels ^^

    i read the first page and a half of stuff since i last read and majority of it was you. i dont bring you into all my posts either are you comparing me to ahva and his passion for me? ^^

    you started with basshunter <X and when we call you on a bad choice you think bieber is the way to go you scribe need a better decision process.

    I was assuming you were since you gave me the finger in your first post, but I guess I was wrong. Also please dont hurt yourself because of me, I am just here to have a bit of fun

    he gave you the finger bacause it was an awful joke. horrible song horrible joke hang your head in shame.