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    you are right, I had to spend more time with you in 2017, sorry


    Stop rosik plz..

    you're the only ones who didn't compliment us becouse you are only a poor RosikMan.. In all of your words I see only rosik and complex.. keep it up and you will win the prize for the most useless and annoying sorry, you have already won it...

    Close the forum and try to improve your embarassing skills ;)

    the problem is the shame's absence... throwback isn't the unique.. all players can see who are the scammers and they aren't few...

    The TG is the real responsible for this... there isn't the volition to fight the multiacconts..

    This is my first and last comx.. there is only one word to describe this: Embarassing! (I hope that in english this word can have the same meaning that have in Italy..)

    I have one question for all of us... but when will finish this server these players would they also like to have compliments for their hammers?!