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    And they are surely gonna milk it.

    However, i like the reward system, even though it is not that straightforward, but start engagement will be higher. Most of us started on 2.x version where none of the tutorials were available, this will at least provide some of the guidance to new players, community will take care of the rest.

    This is a good starting point and I like it.

    One question I might have missed - as I understand, every village will get rewards tab, but what happens with conquered villages? Does it get a tab? Are quests automatically leveled and rewards can be collected?

    Well i think it's a good idea, unfortunately it has already been brought up many times without success.

    On french forum someone proposed some kind of skins that you can buy for the hero or whatever that you keep permanently. Good be a good idea to finance a free server.

    how would we balance all resource we farm from our multies?

    I have to add one important thing here


    Xy examples for this

    I saw accounts in comx spending 20-40k gold and doing NOTHING

    I saw accounts in comx spending up to 2k gold, and being usefull in a manner that they can decide the server

    This game can’t be played if you don’t insvest ton of time into it, thinking days upfront, knowing how timeline of the server works, where are the limits, how to reach the limits, how to pass the limits, and most importantly, skill in this game is built with time, no free gold, no tutorials, no balancing, no nothing, go start 10 servers, 9 of them you will fail, but after you pass a line in that last one, then you became a good player. Start the server, end the server, dont start 7 servers while it lasts, and it will be fine. Game is still perfectly balanced in all manners.

    Game is perfectly balanced. If you want to be 1st simmer you can do it with all 3 tribes

    If you want to be best attacker - you can do it with all 3 tribes

    If you want to be best defender - you can do it with all 3 tribes

    If you want to build ww - you can do it with all 3 tribes

    If you want to be top raider - you can do it with all 3 tribes, and specially this one. people who know how to farm don’t mind the tribe, no tribe is better then other, there are just players better then other players, and you can’t change that.

    When it comes to what is “easier” to do with some tribe, its all empty talks. Everything is balanced enough, it’s up to you what you can take out and create out of that balance that is currently here. You can do anything with anything in this game, and that’s the balance.

    When it comes to new players, most of us started playing years ago (me myself 11 years ago) while servers were populated with 10-15k players. If someone wants to play he will find a way to play, if someone is meant to be a farm, let him be a farm.