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    Are you kidding me? We didn't buy anything, I tried 3 times to get my plans back and 3rd time was the charm. I wasn't leaving the server without my plans back.

    Basically throw an insult and unfounded lie because SYN outplayed you :rolleyes: And it was a TNR victory. 8)

    I was told by someone that SYN bought construction plans from Ro-Team, it sounded true enough because within a few hours all Ro-Teams plans were in Syn's villages. If you managed to steal all of them within a few hours, ggwp.

    Congratulations BT for the victory. Your game was on point, including diplomacy.

    Congratulations hammy and SL-1976 for the massive hammers.

    Godslayers, you are an idiot. Your idiotic way of using ST is only equalled by my parking hammer in cap and going afk for hours.

    Syn, sad to see you loose the moral high ground by buying plans from Ro-Team.

    ~ Soul Stealer

    Good game Italians, very nicely done. Mad props to you. Perhaps come with 2 alliances next time, comx doesn't have the player base to handle 4 alliance metas anymore.

    Well played TOH, excellent performance for a small team. For neutral observers, you were perhaps the most beloved team in the server.

    ANT, appreciate the persistence you guys show. That, coupled with mostly clean play, makes you a good team in my books. Continue to represent.

    Aliens, all that cheating only to kill your own troops for points in the end. You paint a sad picture as the successor for the once great Balkan alliances of yore such as RAKIA.

    Disney, another server spent being the joke of the server. Pick up your game and get better leaders, you already have the talent.

    Yes now that i listen to your strong arguments i come to realize maybe we wrongly accused sw of cheating because we are inexperienced travian players and dont know anything about the game or sw. Maybe multihunter did dozens of mistakes wrongly banning sw accounts and should be fired, maybe ant alliance deserved to win and we shouldnt have taken their architect and instead help them fight against sw, maybe the earth is flat and ruled by intergalactic reptilian overlords, maybe scientology is actually the one true religion and thetans are infesting our bodies and causing all the hurt feelings and dank memes in the internet.

    Or maybe you're just a bunch of inexperienced noobs who overestimate their impact? Just one of the SWs, SW-1, has killed 40 million troops during the course of the server. But no, if it were not for your 100k hammer, we would have lost ^^. So much delusion ...

    ANTS fans now are we? Are you butt hurt that you lost awwh. And in reply to TheWalkingDead, bots were an issue this server. That farming edge you get easily replaces population/Troops loss. I’m sure your account wasn’t botting but like SW-H was full of bots, random attacks coming from 2-3k pops with 100-150k hammers lol. I mean bot and Multis were on both side of spectrum. I know NE had few account with Multis. Same with ANTS. SW took it to next level lol.

    I'm in SW, but yes I have way more respect for ANT than I have for you. To the ignorant, any game style that isn't exactly like their own, looks like cheating. You were accusing us of cheating when we sent same second waves from multiple accounts, now you accuse us because you see big hammers from small population accounts. All your accusations do is make it clear how limited your travian skills are.

    The initial comment stated that SW was widely using bots. My contention was against that suggestion. I am sure people were banned if you saw them being banned. But does that necessarily mean they used bots?

    Further, the fact that they were banned means they would have been given a penalty for the removal of the same. This penalty can be severe enough to lead to loss of population/troops etc. in addition to loss of time. These three being the key elements of the game. Despite this, they remained competitive and weren't banned (again or in perpetuity). This means that despite the errors made, for which they paid a price determined by an external authority, they put in a solid shift to reach the levels they did.

    As such, I would urge you to consider these factors in evaluating the performance of not only those individual accounts but also of the group as a whole. Hopefully, wherever we (SW) play next, we can subtract this image that has been created around us and keep performing at the level we did in this round. Cheers.

    Thats a way better response than the loser trolls (Andy and Crico) deserve.

    I approve this. Makes the SW victory even more delicious.

    Also genuine question, can you come up with any reasons why other alliances in the server might not like sw and want to fight against u? Ill give u a hint, originally the group was made and discussions started when a certain sw player (NOT ALL) who dosent represent the guld in any way got to rank 1 raider from nowhere after starting to farm several dozen multiaccs next to him in 300 300. The guy who came to rank 1 raider from nowhere and the next week had half of the farm of previous one, as u do, the account that isnt even able to get top 10 anymore because all of the multis right next to him are now banned despite having previousble been rank 1 raider with 5 times the raid of rank 2 of the same week. Is there any chanse this could cause some hostility towards him and his kind?

    Bro you are quoting Tricky Martin here, the leader of last comx's winning meta (Aliens)! Those guys had a couple of alliances of friendly farms, and went about doing it for the entire server :D
    Uganda is like an unlucky little child compared to those guys, he only managed to develop his friendly farms, and could barely farm them for a week before they all got ban hammered :D

    Uganda Knuckles is an obvious cheater, my friends in SW all admit that and hate Uganda players for it. Its unfortunate that only his multis were banned and not his own account.
    About the other accounts with camel case IGNs, even Hive has a lot of those names. Does it mean that they are multis of SW too?

    So for me solution to this problem is simple. Start the FinalServer from backup from few last days and let us play normal game without the administration cheating and helping few players...

    That makes way too much sense for travian to do it. Kindly suggest a less sensible solution, preferably one which only involves saying things.

    are you referring to the aliens guy who did nothing other than building a WWK all server long and then, when he finally had to send his WWK, managed to send it 1 hour too early so that he arrived BEFORE the WWR?
    that's not the biggest fail, it happens regularly with noobs who do nothing else than building big hammers and never use them.

    if you do stuff, if you act, if you attack frequently and often, mistakes happen. if you sit on your butt for the whole server and never attack in an organized fashion no mistakes can happen. don't talk big if the biggest operation you ever have contributed to had a participation-turnout of maybe 5-10%. heroes regularly had 80-90% of all accounts in the whole alliance contributing and attacking. you are so far away from our skill-level, that you cannot even see it.

    I recommend to do some reading about the dunning-kruger-effect to educate yourself before you embarrass yourself further.

    I'm talking about the operation that you planned yourself, which involved throwing offense worth 2 million crops on a village having a 60k imperian hammer. The operation that you disguised so badly that it ended up getting most of the defending alliance's defense, thereby getting you and your confeds rid of 2 million offense in 1 single night, for absolutely no gain. You might try to brush it off as a 'mistake', but that is too innocuous a word for your incompetence. Nothing short of "The biggest fail operation in com history" shall suffice.

    Out in the real world, having skills results in some achievements. Your only achievement is winning the forum competition that too after getting the real winners disqualified. If you think you have a whole lot of skills, but its not resulting in any accomplishments, maybe you are overestimating your skill level?

    And you are sitting here talking about skill against a small alliance that came to prevent a bigger alliance from winning the WW race, but ended up totally removing all their chances of even taking and building a WW... And heroes didn't even really go for WW, they did it for fun in the end to do something useful with def troops...

    Anyone can set meagre goals, and constantly rephrase them to the point where it sounds like they achieved their goals. "Our goal is to stop some other alliance who barely has a chance from winning the WW race", said no one ever.

    And we rag on heroes because they are always here trying to belittle others, while having not done anything noteworthy themselves, other than the biggest fail operation in com history. Those with glass houses etc

    Crybaby heroes :rolleyes:
    Didn't win the server, didn't even come close to competing, and not for lack of trying.
    Not in any of the top statistics, individual or alliance.
    Didn't even fight anyone other than 1 other alliance, which was equally as irrelevant as them.
    Hardly chiefed any WWKs.
    Hardly stole any artefacts other than what they got from natars.
    Hardly made anyone delete, and made maybe 3 DoH players leave accounts, and 1 DoH player defect to them.

    tl; dr, had minimum impact on the server except for 2 things

    • Had the biggest fail operation of the server when they crashed 1.5 million+ offense on 2 million defense.
    • Did a few 'supply chiefing' operations and then crowed about them on the forums for days.

    Most pathetic crybaby alliance of 2017

    This is priceless :D Heroes, who didn't even come close to winning a server, are the best alliance of 2017.
    And whats more, they didn't win the forum competition either, but cried to the CM to get the real winners disqualified!
    I have another award for you heroes. I crown you "The most pathetic crybaby alliance of 2017". You can make your own medals for it.