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    It's not about win. It's about the accounts who built defence whole server. About their time, money, nervous... And all this disappeared just because TG is not able to fix their servers? And because some of the opponents didn't achieve their ambitions?

    "Dear" TG,

    Would you please comment the situation that the bug you "solved" appeared again?

    As per comments above (and not only) we are losing abnormal amt of def each and every minute. And this is true.

    In addition to this - if one of our accounts found a "feature" in the game that allowed this to happen - he was punished. He didn't know that this will follow the mass startvation but he got punishments. So what should happen to the people who know about this and do it now? Where is a fair play? It's a shame!

    What will happen now? Rollback again with the same result?

    Guys, may be we can come back to the main topic - what to do now?

    As - thanks to TG - all our hammers should arrive with 1 day delay approx

    and I want to repeat dliskov 's question - didn't TG know about this "feature" when decided the rollback in WW building period?

    Wait.... Can someone walk me through what the bug was? And what the fix was?

    You can setup trade roads if the opposite side has initiated a confederation (even if it's not accepted!)

    My personal oppinion is - in this case TG has to increase the number of the alliances that would be part of a confecedacy on TT and qually servers. We are not 180 accounts in one meta defenitelly. And we are usually not 360 even.
    We are in a reality where WW will contain up to 100kk def. How do you think we can feed it without TRs?
    The starvation that will follow will be the reason why more and more players will leave the travian world.

    I guess you just don't understand what I'm saying or i'm saying it not clearly enough.
    I propose to removed all "fake" points from everyone. Not just the fake points from some players. But it's already said quite rightly that it's an utopy and noone is going to do it.

    That's why I believe TG should remove the rewards except for the winner account or ally for the qually.
    And may be even for the finals

    So u have 2 that why u decide to deff with the one :D:D:D

    It's not fear to judge about Miko based on situation with Bomber. Especially having in mind that Bomber wasn't really alone based on the top def statistics after we destroyed him ;)

    If you are talking about Miko as an account - he needed a help with bomber and he received this help from the meta. And this is what we call team playing...

    I don't want to argue especially on the forum.
    Such language and behaviour can be called just as a shame. You will say it's a game, I agree. We can cata each other as much as we want or as much as we can. But at the same time we have to keep our humanity and we shouldn't lose our education and behave like this.

    Wow.... I would sing one amazign song of Uriah Heep... :))
    - lots of the players will stop playing if it will be accepted. You want to let everyone go one direction with limited options to show creativity. But most veterans are interested to see some beautiful solutions as they've enough wins in their life. Limit this options and most of them will leave
    - non-gold accounts will be affected
    - the explanation works for bots and res sellers but TG should be able to identify those groups easily. What about the rest - they can create a conf and continue playing without any issues

    I'm interested how team game became playing for our own. Does it sound like - play for the medals and rate? ;)

    Lot of Russians and tourney players worried for their techs I guess. Played so long using special "tactics" can't see themselves playing without.

    Come on... I will be happy to see if you will be able to explain how this proposal will help against this... Logically... Because there is NO explanation. The only benefit will be - it will limit selling res for money at the very begining. But again 1% benefit against 99% negatives.

    In addition - Travian is a team strategic war game. If you remember in 3.6 or even earlier (I don't remember the version) we were able to choose what way do we want to follow - economy or war. The tutorial was a bit different for both ways - we built either markets or baracks. So TG themselves brought in our heads that we need offensive players, defensive players, economy supports. Team game means - lots of players play for 1 main target. And it's not their own account. If my boss will ask me to build account to support diets instead of buiding troops - I will do this as it will help my ally to win.

    My 50 cents here - it's not only the improvisation and personal motivation that will be affected.
    All relations with 3rd neutral parts will have troubles. It's not visible in the small country servers. But it may have a huge cascade effect on qually server. And even more - on TT.

    No. We are not kidding. The top 10 ww players prizes will go into a larger found for building a hospital for children with cancer. The dacia team decided to donate the value of the phones trough travian team directly to a charity organisation for the reason above.
    Maybe next season the victors will also decide to help others who need it more than us.


    Respect to you guys