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    I didn't play the Beta and haven't been able to find out if the map is pre-seeded with Natar villages. Since we have to cooperate with our faction, raiding Natars and oases may be the only early-game raiding options that make strategic sense. I'd love some insights from Beta players or the Travian team on the density, population and military strength of the starting Natar villages both in the spawn region and the uncontrolled regions.

    The regions were not pre-seeded with Natar.

    You will have to raid others in your Faction. There will be lots of fighting within-faction in the early game (to eliminate the weak).

    He threats and spike us ,his own ally members,About spiking what are you talking about ? Its not difficult for a 500+ pop tech account to defend 200-300 troops waves from week 2-3 in a x5 & Consider 20 of them within an ally ,villages side by side .You can literally start a war with them.

    Don't farm it.

    Send a full Hammer with lots of catapults. Destroy the Farm Accounts so that he gains nothing from them.

    I think it was meant 300 spawns per region before next one begins populating.

    TG has screwed up enough stuff in the last few years that I am unwilling to make an assumption about what they "meant to say" as opposed to "what they really said" in these announcements.

    This is a vast under-communication about the mid-stream changes happening between the Beta and the full start. Very easy potential for either game-breaking consequences or completely invalidating alliance strategies that were developed based on the observations made during the Beta.

    Travian, at its core, is a real estate game masquerading as a war game and these details cannot be left to the mind of assumptions.

    Need clarity from ThomasGB or anyone else on the Staff.

    This is incomplete data  ThomasGB we need more information.

    The way I read that... only 1,500 accounts are permitted on the 801x801 map (five factions, 300 accounts per faction) so we need to know what happens if some team out there spawns 400 Tech Accounts / Multis that "fill up" a 300 account faction in the first 15 minutes after server start and 1,500 account limit is met (with 1,000+ tech accounts / multis that will get banned a few days later).

    QUESTION: What happens to accounts who attempt to spawn after the 1,500 account limit has been met on the large map (or the 500 account limit on small world)? Where do I spawn after all of the allocated locations are consumed?

    This is not a hypothetical question. This WILL happen... especially on the smaller 401x401 maps!

    Residence becomes useless

    People in early game strugle to make 3 colones, i can't even think about 9

    You missed the part where I said a slot needs to exist at landing time. I have added an extra sentence to clarify. Residence is still required... but it can be constructed after the settlers, instead of requiring Residence 10 first.

    The more likely case is that players will train the 2nd set of 3 settlers after the first 3 are on the road, walking. This allows easier recovery if the first settlers bounce (the 2nd set can start walking without waiting the 40 hours for the 1st set of settlers gets back).

    I agree that no one would make 9 in the early game, but 6 is 100% feasible (second set trained after first set launched).

    1) I propose that all accounts begin the game with a level 1 hero having all 8 Attribute Points allocated to resource production.

    2) This gives Egyptians an even slight higher advantage in the early game (before farming is allowed). Compensate for this bonus by increasing the velocity of settlers for all tribes except Egyptian to 6 tiles per hour, leaving Egyptians at 5 tiles per hour.

    Key benefits:

    A) Abandoned low population farms will produce double the resources for farming.

    B) The 2nd village settling advantage that Egyptians enjoy will be muted because the other 4 tribes will have faster settlers to civilize Abandoned Valleys more quickly with the faster moving settlers.


    1) All villages can start training Settlers at Residence level 1.

    2) All villages are permitted to train a maximum of 9 settlers simultaneously.

    3) Settlers can be launched at any time.

    4) At landing time, the game looks for an open expansion slot in the home village (Residence 10, etc. must exist at landing time) plus adequate Culture Points on the account. If either test fails, the settlers do not create a new village, they turn around and walk home.


    A) Early game players will be able to send settlers on the walk to their destination before achieving the Culture Point threshold... provided they are planning far enough ahead to have the required Culture accumulated at landing time (rather than launch time). This is consistent with the way Administrators treat Culture Points when conquering villages, you do NOT have to have enough CP at Chief launch time you just need to have enough CP at chief landing time.

    B) All players looking to expand will be able to send 2 or even 3 sets of settlers out walking (launched at different times). This will be especially helpful in the early game during cases of Settler Bounce. An early game player can deploy a 2nd set of settlers at a back-up location and if the first set bounces, the back-up settlers might still hatch a village. If the first settlers succeed, there will likely be insufficient Culture Points when the 2nd set resolves its landing, so the 2nd launch will fail to create a new village (settlers walk home).

    C) Every village can have a small supply of very expensive super-anvil settlers to send to defense calls around the map (max 9 settlers per village).

    What hazards exist in this idea? I don't see any problems.

    Hero needs at least 100 Fighting Strength per hero level. Most players recommend at least 15 per level.

    Close to death? Well.. let it die and then heal the hero.

    That's what they're supposed to do... die and come back.

    Does it make sense to attack your own fraction?

    If you want to win, there is peace everywhere.

    In my starting region there are only members of my fraction.. So simcity till seattling?

    If you don't compete within your own faction, you're going to miss out on a lot of Artifact Powers because they will go to someone else's 60-account team.

    I have always spiked on the inactive villages, there were those top players that says they could detect the spikers,

    hahahaha, guess they were just bluffing after all.

    I was actually very, very good at detecting spikers in the early game. After about week 3 it becomes more difficult.

    Just look at the server statistics. In the first 15 days of the server, anyone whose Hero XP was VASTLY higher than their Attack Points was either:

    A) A spiker
    B) Buying a huge number of scrolls in the auctionhouse

    C) Spiking without Hero (which is pretty much nonsense in the first two weeks of the server).

    From there, it's easy to detect who is buying scrolls versus who is spiking (auction winners are public knowledge... if you look in the right places at the right times).

    But, with the Condeferacy Restriction, I don't even have to look anymore. I am a fan of the anti-spiking system.

    problem might be in how it relates to cata attacks. is the "random" target selected by the program at launch? If so what happens to the cata attack if the building is moved while catas en route? What if a specific building is targeted and is moved while in transit or is being insta built/demo'ed at the time of landing?

    Easy: "Village reorganization only allowed while your account is eligible for Vacation Mode" as a solution for that.

    It should be a peace-time activity anyway. This is simmer stuff, not combat stuff.

    Footnote: I do not believe this is a credible error case. If it was, then doing village demolishing in the Main Building while under attack would already be breaking the game. However, the recent exploit discovered with the Teuton Brewery does give some indication that you might be right about target selection happening at launch time rather than at landing time.


    what you describe here is more like a bot auction, this is not how coding looks like.


    So go code a bot... and charge people to use it.

    No need for an "elegant" solution. It's a feature that will only be used a handful of times per village, and even then mostly on chiefed/conquered villages.

    Anything is simple when you break it down like that.

    If it can be done by Human Button Clicking + 100 gold with already in-game mechanics (only things missing are the resource reimbursement and the prerequisite structures test) then it can be automated very easily.

    With the new Hero Bag it gets even easier. Just pre-pay the player the cost of the of the structure directly into the hero pouch, and extract goods from it each time a new level is paid for (so that the hero ends the transaction with the same amount of resources it started with).