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    That's just an incremental WW server though. Instead of winning all at once, you win bit by bit over a period of time. I think the random dispersion to one part or another provides a variety that can't be planned for every round.

    Not really.

    I haven't seen any team on any server with more than 50 active accounts actually build a GZ World Wonder in over 5 years.

    Putting a REAL draw to the center actually would change things.

    It's exploring.

    I think the unbalanced distribution of powers makes the game much more fun. Often times, three or four alliances are fighting for what would normally be one section of a quadrant in a normal server. It forces groups to fight it out -- rather than everyone pick their corner and wait it out at sniping distance (most of the problem with WW servers nowadays).

    That's why I favor putting all of the high value Unique Artifacts around 0|0, while converting The Gray into +200 VP.

    Draw most combat towards the central area... but leave external strategies valid for those who wish to try.

    Another idea I have been floating around is to have a 36 hour or 48 hour cool-down timer (at the VILLAGE level) for artifact activations.

    This would delete the "automatic renew" option in the treasury, but would need to require an "artifact queue" similar to the recent change for Town Hall parties. Maybe even allow the queue 2 or 3 layers deep, not just one level.

    What this does is make it a little bit harder to monopolize Small Boots Artifacts. If you have Boots enabled for 24 hours, but it has a 36 hour cool down period before you can reactivate it again (in the same village) then you have some choices to make:

    1) You go 12 hours without an artifact so that you can enable Boots immediately at 36 hours (put the reactivation in queue).

    2) You turn on another Artifact to use for 24 hours, then turn the Boots back on the next day.

    3) You convince you Alliance to capture TWO of the Small Boots regions so that you can alternate between Boots Artifact #1 and Boots Artifact #2 and keep boots on 24x7, because the cool-down is per village, per Region (not per-ability).

    This would also affect the Large Eyes artifact practice of self-chiefing TC20 to gain vision on enemy cat & chief waves during defense ops. If there is a cool-down timer at the village level, you cannot use a single TC20 village to rotate through 2 artifacts 3 times in a single day.

    You COULD, however, still achieve defensive toggles by having a 2nd or 3rd or 4th TC20 village, because the cool-down timer in village #1 would have no impact on Large Artifact Powers accessible in village #2 or #3 or #4. The strategy doesn't vanish... it just becomes more difficult (just like the small artifact swapping impacts above).

    The real problem with the Regional Power servers is the dumb Europe Map. They need to go back to a more "democratic" map that doesn't create the Epidaurum/Delphi/Sparta/Philippopolis super-center. Please see the attached graphic.

    This is a standard Travian map (not Europe, no stupid oceans). Here is my color coding:

    1) Gray Area (Unique +200 VP): This is a real Gray Area from traditional servers. No daily CP from placed villages. The Gray area is "Delphi" and whomever controls The Gray gets the +200 VP per day." (I am undecided about the 24-hour Natar attacks... I don't think they're necessary on a VP round, but I'll let the Devs decide).

    2) Red Area (other 6 Unique Artifacts): The red area OVERLAPS the Gray Area and is divided into 6 slices, one for each of the six remaining Unique Artifacts. Artifact placement probably isn't important, except that the two most desired artifacts, Unique Boots and Unique Trainer must be placed exactly opposite from one another, 180 degrees apart.

    2a) Note the overlap between the Red Area and the Gray Area. This is not an oversight/error, this is part of my design! While each GZ village has the disadvantage of zero CP, it has the advantage of being accounted TWICE for purposes of Artifact Powers. A 300 pop village in the "Green area" of the Unique Eyes slice will give pop only towards conquering the Unique Eyes capture, but a 300 pop village in the "Gray Area" of the Unique Eyes slice will contribute 300 pop BOTH to conquering the Unique Eyes AND to Conquering the +200 VP!

    3) Blue Area (Small non-VP Artifacts): Small Artifacts with village level effects are placed in this ring, circling the map in a uniform, repeating pattern, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,etc.

    4) Yellow Area (Large Artifacts): Large Artifacts with account level effects are placed in this ring, circling the map in a uniform, repeating pattern, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,etc.

    5) Purple Area (100-VP Regions): This area is equally divided into the multiple 100 Victory Point regions. I only put 8 cuts on the map, and I think there are 10 such regions, so fix my drawing but you get the idea.

    This format will require vastly new strategies for all team involved.

    Do I go for the 0|0 area, where I get no CP for my villages, but I can fight for BOTH the Unique Boots and the Unique Trainer simultaneously (all uniques converge at 0|0)? Do I mass up at the Green Edge of the Unique Trainer to keep the CP production of villages and secure that Artifact, but make no effort to gain the +200 VP from sending players to the Gray Area now? Do I place my villages just barely inside the Gray so that I can capture both my desired Unique effect, AND compete for the +200 VP, but still be relatively far away from my enemies who are doing the same thing (making defenses easier compared to settling 0|0)? Do I ignore the GZ altogether and rush to unlock the outer ring so that my group can cluster up where the 4 corners of the map converge and FOUR of the 100-VP zones all join together, attempting to own all four of those regions by clustering up together for +400 VP?

    The strategic implications are numerous and varied, making for a variety of playstyle interactions that will drive very new experiences.

    Unrelated idea: The Large Artifacts need to generate more VP than the Small Artifacts. The current 30 for Large & 50 for Small has proven to make Large Artifact regions very low priority for most planners. Make them a bit more tempting! Maybe swap the 30 & 50 between the two classes?

    I am only aware of one group whose exploitation was so egregious and over the top that it actually compelled the developers to re-write the Game Code so that it can never be done again.

    That's the definition of a game-breaking exploit. All of the other farm account / tech account uses on the server were 100% legitimate based on the revoked Rule 1.1 which was well known long before the server even began.

    I'm all about exploring distant reaches of a game to gain the upper hand, but you have to recognize that you've gone too far when the Devs decide to re-write the code to prevent your exploit from working in the future.

    Roman Capital Structure: Castrum (Google it)

    The Castrum is a military encampment used by andcient Roman soldiers.


    TL; DR version

    Starting at level 5, the Castrum allows infantry to walk at a pace of 9 tiles per hour when paired 1-to-1 with a cavalry unit.

    Starting at level 6, all ROMAN (and only Roman) cavalry receive a defense bonus of 2% per Castrum level, with a maximum bonus of 30% at Castrum level 20.



    Prerequisites: Main Building level 10, Capital only

    Maximum size: Level 20

    Game effects:

    At levels 1 through 4, the Castrum does nothing at all.

    Beginning at Castrum level 5, infantry and cavalry can begin to cooperate in a "unit pair" based on the ancient Cohortes Equitatae (Google it).

    Any Reinforcement or Raid (NOT ATTACKS) keyed after Castrum level 5 will automatically walk at a minimum pace of 9 tiles per hour if and only if the troop wave contains more cavalry units than infantry units. The comparison is by headcount and NOT by cropcount! If the troop movement is less than 50% cavalry, or if it is an Attack, standard speed rules apply. This is essentially allowing each horseman to carry the gear for one infantryman, allowing the whole group to walk at Teuton Scout speed, 9 tiles per hour. This override is comparable to the Hun Hero speed override, if the right conditions are met, the whole raid or reinforcement is accelerated.

    At level 6 and higher, the Castrum gives a Defensive bonus ONLY to the ROMAN cavalry on the account 2% per level, and a maximum of 30% at level 20. There is no change to the attack points of EI or EC, only the defensive statistics improve.

    This makes the Equites Imperatoris (normally 115 def points) a credible, but not great base defensive unit (149.5 def points). This is about 50 def/crop base and 75 def/crop when stationed in a Roman village with level 15 or higher HDT.

    The Equites Ceasaris (normally 185 def points) now becomes much more credible as a defensive unit as well (240.5 def points). This is about 60 def/crop base and about 80 def/crop when stationed in a Roman vilalge with HDT level 20.

    Costs: 20% more costly than the Brewery, but there are no celebrations. Castrum applies to the entire account when built. THe mix of resources for Brrwery isn't right for the Castrum either. Castrum should use less grain and more probably more wood or iron.

    Strategic impacts:

    Think about a Cohort of 50% EC and 50% Praetorians. Each 5-crop pair is 340.5 def points, and it walks at 9 tiles per hour. Without HDT, that's 340.5 / 5 = 68.1 defense per crop. If HDT level 20 is in play, that is 340.5 /4 = 85.125 def per crop (these numbers are before Smithy upgrades, of course.

    A phalanx is 90 def/crop and walks at 7 tiles. A Praet/EC Cohort is about 32% weaker per crop (without HDT 20 bonus, only 6% weaker if the defended village has an HDT20, which is rare) but walks about 28% faster between CFDs (9 tiles). The Cohort creates a viable Roman defensive "unit pair" that walks at 9 tiles per hour between villages.

    The Imperian + EC Hammer also starts to look more like a "hamvil" because the improved EC pair nicely with the natural defense qualities of the Imperian.

    Only because you let them, by disturbing us from smashing their asses:) 2bad they dont pay you for that, otherwise it wouldn't be so sad

    Let me see if I got this right....

    Totally legitimate fair play = Playing puppetmaster with 20+ tech accounts in the early game to unlock a handful of high VP regions that you have held nearly uncontested for the entire round

    COMPLETELY BOGUS AND UNLAWFUL = throwing rocks at your head when Web is finally distracted into looking the other direction.

    Did I get that right?

    You totally deserve to lose to the pathetic blob of a monster you enabled due to focusing the vast amount of your might on destroying Bedlam.

    Try again next year.

    This is not unique to Codex Victoria, but the "sort by departure time" filter in the trade routes screen of the marketplace broke about a year ago, and it hasn't been fixed.

    It would be nice if the game could re-learn how to count from 0 to 60 again so that I could actually see my upcoming Trade Route shipments in departure order.

    please bring back two separate buttons for fields/village views. one button is too many extra clicks and very frustrating for anyone with slower internet

    This combined toggle button is the worst GUI enhancement yet, TG.

    Now I actually have to stop and THINK about whether I have to press a top bar menu button or an upper right corner Green X to get to the page I want... rather than just clicking a single button that ALWAYS puts me exactly where I want to go.

    The two village upgrade views are used far too often to combine them in a single multi-purpose button. If you're trying to save screen space, combine your two LEAST USED buttons into one icon (Statistics & Daily Quests together) do not mesh your two MOST USED buttons into a toggle!

    Remember all the way back in Travian 3.1 when Reports and Messages were ONE ICON divided into two functions? That worked fine, too. This isn't a new problem that needs a new solution.

    The comparison chart has the text "It needs to be activated manually every 24 hours; the same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member." describing Ancient Powers on Victoria. This seems a little different than Path to Pandora. I think I could activate the same artifact in 3, 4 or 5 villages on the same account at the same time on the special last year.

    What exactly does "It needs to be activated manually every 24 hours; the same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member" really mean? Do I have to capture TWO Small Boots on my 60 account alliance before I can have two villages on my account both running 2x speed simultaneously?

    I don't see where anyone has asked about expansion slots. Does the Spawn village come with a Level 20 Residence... so that I can actually USE those 6 settlers on day 1?

    1) 201x201 (maybe 301x301) map but NOT EUROPE (traditional open geography)
    2) Implement all 5 tribes
    3) Artifact system like Fire & Sand (no WW)
    4) Maintain the region retrictions and unlocking (prevent noobs from placing village 2 150+ tiles from center)
    5) Regional artifact areas should be pie-slice shaped near center, and wide to narrow arcs towards the outside. All regions have the same # of tiles, +/-5%
    5) Put all the high-VP and Unique Scope artifacts IN THE MIDDLE of the map, with Smalls immediately outside that and Large furthest away.
    6) VP-based victory conditions, as in Fire & Sand