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    "NO YOU"

    Actually, I have heard much better arguments from a 3 year old than what I've seen out of you. I guess it is more difficult for supermeta 12 year olds to argue without making themselves look like complete idiots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Youre so funny! Except that you are not :D

    Ill give you a challenge. Link your previous post with a good argument that is factually true. Gl with it RROFL

    Also im not part of the super meta so quit with your bs propaganda :D

    Yes, I have seen that from you any time we attempt to use facts or logical arguments. :/

    FACTS???!? OMG dude you are so messed up :D your bs arguments are far from facts and no one outside of your cheater team will agree with your logic of a 3 year old :thumbsup: get out of here lol

    LOL, FYI i am a guy...


    Your thinking is so 3rd world

    but then again what can we expect form a HIPPOCRITE

    no you are the exact definition of a hippocrite as you say :D always spreading lies and doing the other thing you say. That gets old really quick just like your pride of winning a bot match in which you have to use cheats to win :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    We're incredibly proud to beat the #1 Cheaters of .com the great SGR, the home of Anomander Fake, HoneyCheaterz and CheatThrone. Beating a team that outnumbered us by more than 500!! accounts at the start of the server is a great achievement. Deleting before the end of the server doesn't change that fact, you're still just bad. It's a shame you also had to ruin the game for the dutch boys who showed some actual skill.
    And again, SGR's techs are multies/bots. VICES techs are actual players. Just ask Electric Avenue how he does his techs, it's not rocket science.

    LOL I iz a naughty naughty boy and I love your terrible logic and brain malfunction. Thats not your fault tho but please be aware of it the next time you post :D the number of techs in SGR in its history is <1% of the number od multies you have per server. Good luck with your bad propaganda kiddo

    you dont know what you are talking about so be quiet woman

    SGR and Tonzo ruined it for most TEN and Lowlands players that didn't want the merger with cheating SGR. It's your own fault your members are leaving you, but you can keep blaming VICES like you always have.

    Yes it is my fault. That is for sure. I have been one of the many encouraging more and more players to delete. You do not deserve any opposition for the way you play and the cheats you use. Best way to fight techs (read: multies) is to not fight them at all. Luckily theres only a few good players left on the server so you have nothing to be proud of when you win :thumbsup:

    Player counts today, 20th Aug 2019:

    VICES: 206 members

    SGR: 224 members

    TEN+LL: 204 members

    VICES staying the same, SuperMETA (time to rename to MegaMETA now?) lost another 88 members in the last month. If this trend continues, VICES will outnumber the megaMETA by the end of the server, despite being outnumbered by 500 accounts at the start.

    looks like your tactic of ruining the game for everyone else is working. hope you enjoy that juicy and challenging win of yours :thumbsup:

    How much more cheating is required to get you to stop posting? I am up to the challenge.

    looks like we have a crybaby here. crying because your cheats are pointed out and you have no defense? ROFL get out of here

    No need to get bitter...

    They are playing and deleting on their own accord, no ones forcing them...

    they must have realized that there is no pride in playing 3x1 and still getting beaten every Monday

    the only reason you wont want to play is because you are looooooosing

    ahahaaa get your mind straight LOL!! no one wants to play against cheaters like you because theres no point. ofc they are losing you idiot.

    CT's impact was not from the WW hit (Terrible WWR anyway), but from months of abuse towards other members and leaders, arty hogging, sharing of scout reports and inactive(yellow dots) accounts in VICES. Much higher impact, and can be argued to have changed the outcome of the server (Especially the scout reports tracking that prevented ghostings of multiple hammers).

    you got what you deserved so live with it. sometimes the toxic comes back your way :D

    zerg tactics, terrible leadership and toxicity on the forums aren't working, and are instead making your members delete.

    Good. Make them all delete. No one should be forced to play a boring server like com1. And no one should be forced to play against cheaters and toxic people like you.

    I don't know man, for someone who supposedly doesn't play the do spend a lot of time on the forums more-or-less saying the same thing each time. Perhaps accusing us of the 'P-word' is a bit hypocritical?

    for someone who doesnt have balls to play fair, you do spend quite a lot of time on forums.

    I read bacon. Made my day.

    You all certifiably nuts by the way.

    lol ele dont you take part in this or you go nuts too. vices are all about illogical propaganda. run before the halfwits catch you too.

    I dont know, and honestly I dont care if you knew before the stealing or not. But as for the Christmas hits (that is a legit choice) the comments were... no, it was just a coincidence. Like you (SGR forum poster) dont have the balls to admit your own choices. So I dont really believe whatever you said here, and my doubt are legit :)



    so techs and multies are playing along the rules so there is nothing wrong with having them but attacking on christmas is wrong for whatever reason? dude eat dog excrement, that's worthy of your mouth.