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    I read bacon. Made my day.

    You all certifiably nuts by the way.

    lol ele dont you take part in this or you go nuts too. vices are all about illogical propaganda. run before the halfwits catch you too.

    I dont know, and honestly I dont care if you knew before the stealing or not. But as for the Christmas hits (that is a legit choice) the comments were... no, it was just a coincidence. Like you (SGR forum poster) dont have the balls to admit your own choices. So I dont really believe whatever you said here, and my doubt are legit :)



    so techs and multies are playing along the rules so there is nothing wrong with having them but attacking on christmas is wrong for whatever reason? dude eat dog excrement, that's worthy of your mouth.

    Probably still salty that Fainting Goat was the only account that beat Cheat Throne without raiding techs or using scripts.

    Ahaha get your brain together my friend. Only thing I'm salty about is your tier 4 trolling :D I cant even get close to that! Too bad!

    true that, therefore his comparison of raiders skill between this server and last server is nonsense. I also remember something along the lines of: this server there aren't any good raiders since last server people raided 100M before artes

    lel you guys are so terrible at trolling :D keep quiet you silly unicorn

    Both sides are using that "style" so that doesn't explain the difference in number of people leaving at all. I still think it's the lame environment/toxic attitude that SGR/TEN leadership creates that is making people mass delete in your super meta. Congrats on making more people leave Travian.:thumbsup:

    Well, at this point I would be proud to make people quit this addiction :D perfect time and reasons for it.

    VICES lost 5 players while the SupeMETA lost 61.

    Is it VICES fault your players are leaving so much, or is it your own toxicity and poor leadership that are making people delete? :*

    It's the techs. That's why I quit and I know a bunch of other who did too. Why play against that "style", it's boring and demoralizing.

    adjective: pedestrian

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    Where does an insult against class of society come in?

    I think he is having trouble getting used to living without the car he lost. Such a terrible fate.

    Nono the only way you can show others how good you are is thru mass merging, didnt you hear?

    He isnt showing how good he is. SGR is and will always be a big bunch of noobs led by a couple world class individuals (who have already vanished). Dont expect much from there :D

    Btw, how do you feel tickling 700 noobs mr. Technical? :*

    So you admit SGR is bad and needs to merge to have a proper chance?
    Finally some good words comming from mr penguin.

    LOL I have been trying to make you understand that for a week :D Are you seriously surprised now that you get it??? :D:D:D:D

    Ps. Its linux

    A fool you are to ask such questions.

    Where is The pride in having a hundred techs in team? Where is The pride in trying to combat that without your own techs? Both of The solutions are foolish. Pride is nowhere to Be found.

    The merger is not about just winning. Its about to Even Have a chance. Why would The other teams Slaughter each other And just Hand The victory to The strongest team by default? Can you not see? Did you seriously think your Enemy wouldnt team up against you because its Boring?

    And no. The skills Gap is very real. Vices hold 45% of The top140 accounts. Also they are The only team capable of doing hammertrains. Its up to them how those advantages are used. I Never had those luxuries when commanding in SGR.