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    So it is official that SGR, TEN and LL teamed up, not just doing op together?

    Thanks for admitting it Valt :)

    Read Back a few pages to The spot (like, 4 different posts) where I say that I'm not playing. Idk what has happened between The 3 but we can Make our own conclusions. You Have Been playing 1v3 since The Day most of us realized that you were a big enough fool to come with 300 accounts to this server. That leaves no option to other smaller And mediocre teams. As I Said last round, you caused this situation yourself. And no one likes it.

    We settled two differen quad, can you understand the difference? :D

    ... and there they are :D

    the first coordinate OP SGR/TEN/LOWLANDs against Vices :D

    They merged :D

    The server before, 1v3 villains won by a big Margin. You killed our Hammers like flies.

    Last server we won,2v2. I'd say The initial strength balance was close to The previous round but you never attacked us And you Lost, mostly because you Never cared to Do anything.

    And now when you are still The strongest team And all The Keys to victory are still in YOUR Hand, you come here to mock The weaker team???? Cmon you can Do Better than that. Are you seriously surprised that teams merge against an opponent that is unbeatable otherwise???

    So if i tell you the Earth is flat its true?

    Both have the same possibilty to be true anyway

    nah it's not true. but the situation is the same. I'm telling you the earth is round which can be proven but you insist it's flat so idk :D

    Didn't both REST & MAYHEM cata stuff for you?
    I know for a fact that Rangers are a part of FOX so there is that.
    Knight i have no idea of & can't bother to check but Anomander Rake gotta have his techs somewhere so maybe thats his tech ally?

    Regardless what facts may come out of anyone you will just praise SGR as saints & underdogs.

    I told you that there's no more than 4 techs on SGR side :D maybe start searching for something more suitable than those :D

    293 is higher total then 284 last time i checked Bat Man

    Sorry bro, this propaganda warrior Sanket is fooling the pants of me

    yeah you'll be disappointed. I'm sorry for you really, I dont think this one will be fulfilling your expectations

    Underdogs with the most members?
    Also it's pretty obvious you have atleast nap or some kind of agreement with TEN, but sure you may want to keep it a secret for the public as long as possible.

    Are you still thinking SGR is stronk?????? :D damn sanket fooled you good

    oh common so you are saying he is raiding fairly ? not even a single raid from him going on cross quad farms/natrars n his raids numbers magically increase by 1m-2m every few hours when the rank 2 guy gap starts decreasing i guess it's maybe bcoz of the new TS buff you mention :blabla:

    LOL read the post again kiddo :D

    So you're telling me to belive that someone with 4 villages, 6c as cap raiding 3 times as much as the #2 is not raiding more then 4 techs?
    I've played enough tournament to know the truth there.

    Actually I just checked the top raiders and was surprised;

    1. Anomander Rake 70614150
    2. The Grim 29381237
    3. Death Dog 25459708
    4. Close2insane 20766021
    5. Vasily 13542131
    6. electric avenue 12684644
    7. lyf611520 12569123
    8. Super Moose 12555762
    9. Tasty Treats 11873085
    10. The Mad King 11646819

    Some of the worst raiding numbers I've seen on com1, a week after arties. Usually there's always someone above 100M even without personal farms. I don't see anything suspicious from these numbers other than the lack of good raiders? I myself have been raiding 160M/week here, without techs and so on. Also the TS buff makes it A LOT easier to raid the whole server sooooo

    Try honestly on com1 where the enemies are this bad at art planning & still cry on forum?
    i arent think that

    I'm not crying LOL :D I don't care and I've said this 743984 times already. Go back a couple pages again maybe? Only thing I care about is the use of techs and attitude towards their use.

    X to the D

    Guess i'm too lazy to go back.
    So i'll have to stick with you being a hypcorit

    You're a funny guy. Claiming not to spread propaganda but instead doing just that and calling everyone names without any basis for those claims :thumbsup: Maybe try honesty once?

    Robbers of the week

    1. Anomander Rake 70407156

    4 pretty nice techs he got there :O
    Stop being naiv.

    Yeah, also raiding normal farms. shouldnt be a surprise to you? btw the guys playing there are the same who built 1M hammers last round without techs.

    If this was your acual opinion, why didnt you kill your own allies techs last round?
    Since i didnt play i cant know for sure but i do hope you did that, we dont want to be hypocrits do we?

    No we dont want to be. And for the answer I would like you to read back a couple of pages where I answered the very same question from you :) It's getting frustrating how ppl on your side keep coming back and asking the same questions when I gave the answer like 3 posts before. Calling me a hypocrite is getting lame you know... :rolleyes:

    Imagine caring about "ethics" & "morale" in travian :/

    Both sides use techs just as much as the other, stop being hypocrits and aceept the tech life.


    I was going to reply to james but chose this one for obvious reasons :D

    I'd like you to point out the tech accounts within SGR this round, you'll find max 4. My understanding is that the same number on your side is closer to 100 than 50? And yes this info is coming from russians playing with you.


    All you did was post a GT link to some trash alliance that decided to name themselves Vices. They aren't techs, but if they were thats not evidence of anything since techs aren't against the rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also, just because eric is terrible at the game doesn't mean you can call him susan.

    alliance that happened to "merge" to your main wings, keeps losing villages to main account but is still growing :D yeah it's a group of techs.

    It's not about techs being illegal as you say, but what is does to the game. Many of you defending the style seem to forget about.

    And nah, wasnt talking about Eric :*

    Even if this is true, it is still a terrible argument. But again, its an unverifiable claim.

    Not going to reply to all of that due to your ignorance. Just read back up and see how I have given you the evidence for everything you asked for. Also your beloved Susan has confirmed most of what we say so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯