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    I never said it was falling on deaf ears. What I said is posting here does nothing to solve the problem, but instead brings forth a toxic element to the game.

    Maybe the toxicity comes from having the techs?

    If you have valuable input on the issue and how to solve the problem, you should join one of the many discussions in the general discussion part of the forum.

    So far I have not seen any form of evidence to bring punishable bans or ways to fix the issue from you. If there are game mods or admins reading your posts, do you think they are getting anything out of it?

    Ah, you should read my previous posts from the last 3 rounds then :) Funny to think that I have 0 input to improving the game. I created a lot of content directly for the LOTR meeting, what was your input?

    And just to be clear so you understand my stance on this, rule 1.1 should be applied as it is written. I actually think it's a good rule but it's not being applied at all.

    But constantly complaining and unverified accusations about supposed one sided cheating is daft and pointless.…m.10/Alliance/308-VICES-H

    One of the many groups of techs. Do I have to point out the rest to you?

    A lot of blatant hypocrisy here. See above.

    I'd like you to point it out :D What where, I think I pretty much explained all of it there with neutral point of view? I'm not even playing on the server so why should I only defend one side ROFL

    I dont really think it's about praising SGR...

    When one side start to cheat and for the next round the other teams decide to match that level of cheats. And after that the original cheaters decide to up their cheating AGAIN. I've seen this happen 3 servers in a row now. It's not about SGR & co. being innocent, it's about who is fueling the vicious cycle... And to ignore this point and deny your responsibility in promoting this "style" to get popular in normal server (outside of TT) is imo childish propaganda which I also detest.

    I highly doubt VICE have 100 people using techs, since i am one of theese horrible techs and i can assure you alot of people arent too happy with me.
    For all i care people can use how many techs they want, it's not against the rules aslong as someone is playing them & it's a relaxing way of playing.

    I just don't like hypocricy.

    maybe not 100 people, but 100 techs. and not just tiny 200 pop bot accounts but 5k pop. and to me those two are the same in principle and you know why. no reason to continue this discussion since neither of us are interested in this sadness for the 57th time.

    So how can you say Vice are destroying the game & not SGR?

    Since, you're new here, I'll open up the history a bit and start the propaganda drama;

    The infamous Wolfie would have played for vices side if he didnt join us. he was being recruited by both sides and joined us due to a "debt" to a friend. to me, it's enough reason to accept him knowing that he would just play for the other side if we didnt. so that's that.

    The other guy, dont ask me about it. but as long as I can tell, one guy doing that on our side in the early weeks is nothing compared to 100 on your side. or is it?

    Not talking about you obviously.

    Isn't SGR the ally with the Wolfthrone (maybe wrong name) guy last round + Honeybadger this round who both uses/used OBVIOUS techs?
    I love hypocricy.

    I have never defended neither of them for the way they play.

    Here i was thinking VICE were the underdogs & the bad ally, seems like i was wrong :/

    idk why anyone would ever think that. villains/vice has always been the strongest ally on com1. last round we beat them on 3v1 which was very close in the end. this round we didnt come back strong and your side came with double the strength and techs (or triple or quadruple or even more).

    no propaganda here. just think what you are doing by playing the way you play (techs). you're killing the game.

    oh and idk how the arti drop went since I dont play :D but I hear the UA was lost for what ever reason. nicer to look at things from spectator perspective

    Sounds like the classic, we only cheat because the other side cheat too argument?

    I dont play. why waste your trash on me. and I'd like to see the alleged tech accounts in the NE... it's just sad how this server ended up. have fun with it if you can. idk if anyone can call this "high level" play anymore.

    the leaders of the COM1 metas should really just agree not to do it and have zero tolerance for the players that "go rogue"

    Yeh we have agreed to it. Just like we have agreed to not have any multies nor tech accounts and so on. Funny game isnt it?

    But please give me a reason to change my mind and agree with you on the toxicity of these two.

    If it's not not toxic then what is it? Strategy against who? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    and this why there is need for our movement. When legal strategy is worse than cheating.

    I hope that people who reads this and agree with us will start a account on the server and will start spiking. The movement needs you.

    Better spike than bot.

    K . press F to pay respect .

    Are you guys seriously that narrow minded? Any sense for principles?

    I said that spiking is more toxic. I can't come up with a reason to think the other way around. When A gains an unfair advantage for one and B affects everyone negatively, how could A be less toxic than B?

    Botting is against the rules and it should be. We all can agree on that. But please give me a reason to change my mind and agree with you on the toxicity of these two.

    But one of the main issues on this server is that people cant agree that spiking is better than botting. When you can do that, then lets talk about what issues spiking do.

    Imo no reasonable person will ever agree that botting is worse than spiking. Both are extremely toxic ways of playing the game and should be treated as such.

    And as far as I'm concerned, spiking is more toxic since it affects everyone in a negative way. Botters gain advantage only for themselves.

    Well I can give you some of the contents of the "official statement" that you are craving for, from a realistic perspective;

    1. Garage is allowed, unlimited (only game mechanics limit the use, i.e. hammer building time).

    2. If garage is allowed, personal farms, "techs", are also allowed since same mechanic.

    3. Multi accounts are not allowed but no one is caught because of the use of VPN and TOR.

    Given those three points, there will be a growing amount of techs from server to server until the rule 1.1. is changed to be strict about garage use.

    Idk what's you point in spiking when you are literally hurting everyone except those who cheat. Way to go man, way to go.

    You're the ones that turned the forums into a toxic place, don't act surprised when nobody wants to bother with replying to your made up bullshit.:rolleyes:

    I may have to disagree with that one from personal experience <X

    I can only wonder the real motives behind the spiking, but let's have a look at the terms of service set by TG:

    Section 11, paragraph 2;

    (2) The user undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to
    him when using all the games and websites operated by TRAVIAN GAMES.
    He undertakes to comply with the game rules applicable. Furthermore, he
    undertakes to refrain from the following actions:


    • Actions leading to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably adversely affect the game play for other users.

    As long as I can tell, spiking in this scale falls under the category of considerably adversely affecting the game play for other users. In other words, spiking is not a legal strategy. If this happens not to be the case in MH's perspective, then I can only wonder why this rule is in place. Not that TG ever cared about their own rules but still. Please apply this rule even once Ameno

    oh 230 , that is quite big . just counted people in SGR . well you sure are short by a fair margin , barely 190 without counting FOX ( whose top is being lead by monkey magic . ah its a monkey definitely not a seal ) , C9 and c9A ( the ninth seal , mix of all quad same repetition of council but with active leader . umm i see a pattern here . ) , K ( who just barely dropped the SGR tag to not show that we are with the seals ) and tehran ( hmm cant confirm it yet but heard their leaders have already decided to support you lot ) . can anyone count the seal noses in the packs to get the clear numbers please ? i am very very weak in math .

    I'm sorry but I counted 136. Where are those 54 accounts I am missing?

    Also, you are getting as delusional as the guy before on this thread. I'd really like to know what causes this kind of behavior on your side. It's not normal.

    LOL that's 4 full wings of accounts :D 230 something. More than any team last round and certainly the most on this round. And still looking for more? cmon..

    Uhm, i'm not on villains side ok! both side is not ethical that i agree TEN was the only angel in that server IMO. but i think SGR isn't that ethical either with Spy WWR and Wolf thrones massive cheating, fnx's multi in grey zone as well.

    Yes i did't play that server but i have friends on both sides.
    Peace :) please don't hurt me :(

    If Wolf didn't play for us he would have played for Villains so w/e :P I don't think blaming us for hosting him is even an insult when the other side was just as willing to have him :D

    PS. imo mods should lock this thread if all people talk here is last round and other servers. We'll see

    ...seals dont give a hoot about the state of the game and allied with a confed who had 9 scripters and botters running rampant and got banned 2 or more times around the WW steal sponsored by defection of 2 of their spies and godslayers miscommunication, along with their full squad who might be multies of these many core players you joined them like cool dudes like why do we have to know all these stuff ? ...

    ...and who was your other confeds again SYN who were clearly much more in numbers and well synchronized and have united quad with their own cross quad confed Nimbus who were fighting ROteam that joined us later after Nimbus merged with SYN ...

    Good one. Your side was totally clean of cheating wasn't it? Like, 0 personal farms? Should we ask WM3 how many farms he got banned around your top raiders :P

    And tbh, If seals chose another WW to support, that one could have been the winning WW. Not that it matters but just saying that someone would be blaming the seals either way.

    Now, please talk about NYS stuff on NYS forums instead:

    [COM] Fact and Rumours ts29 - Round 2 (January 2019 - )

    PS. try writing shorter sentences. It's hard to get your point.