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    Thank you, that was a great read, really learned a lot about PTSD, IAD and phobias, but I do not suffer from any mental disorder myself. I do however find it quite disrespectful that your go to "insult" or "joke" is mental health disorders when around 2 billion people (1 in 4) suffer from mental disorders worldwide (Source: WHO).

    I would prefer you go back to denying the fact that you're in bed with TEN, at least you won't appear an insensitive prick to the 5 people who bother reading com1 forum threads.

    No one is here to insult. I could call you names and all but I realized that's clearly not where the problem is. I'm genuinely convinced that something is not right. Just go read the posts above and see all the delusions and anxious behavior. Don't let this go unchecked, that's the worst thing to do. <3

    Ah, already ran out of lies to spread? I heard calling people butt hurt and completely ignoring the issue at hand really helps your argument and makes you look smart, good job!

    True, you were the ones taking over 2 quads with 450 accounts ;(

    I look forward to seeing the SGR&TEN super meta again, you don't have to hide it too much, everyone already knows it's been formed already, what will be the excuse this time? Vices bad? Vices evil? Vices stole my username? ;(

    Idk why I'm even replying to you. Where is my lie? What is the issue I have been ignoring? Our sources are as credible as any. Too bad I'm not allowed to share confidential details here so you can keep saying I'm lying. w/e not interested in this BS you're throwing out of your mouth in internet.

    And no. We are not allied with TEN nor are we looking up to that.

    And registering an account with a name used by our guy for years was really low. Worst "prank" I've ever heard of. Childish.

    Again, your source is terrible, since that's not what happened at all, but you do have a great imagination.

    "Oh yeah, we're absolutely together, but we'll make up some stuff about you being with the dutch so we can say we were forced to make a 400acc meta again"

    You're a joke.

    Joke? LOL :D Where is this toxicity and denial coming from again? Butt hurt from last round? We weren't the ones taking over 2 quads with 220 accounts :D

    Seriously. Focus on this round. And stick to your quad. That's all I can ask for your own as well as my benefit.

    Wulfr101 Could you please check your discord once ?

    What is this :O


    I feel like you're the one that's smoking something, there has been no recruiting attempts into SW, not sure where you got that information from, but it's completely false.

    The dutch? Don't even try to tell me you didn't try to get them on your side and get a dirty lil spy there :D

    I do have confirmation from a pretty good source that you and TEN leadership are already working together (and have been before the server even started), so it appears that you're already breaking the 1v1v1v1, but I wouldn't expect anything else from the masters of "diplomacy" and deceit SGR.

    Yeah we have our old chat rooms from last round. Doesn't mean we want to unite. As far as I know, they want a 1v1v1v1 too.

    Point here being that if we see some kind of formation between NW/SW, you know what will happen. Your call.

    Lmao, Council leaders are sending everyone IGM's to join them, they won't last long. SGR are by far the clear favorite this round, both on number of players and number of alliances that are currently in bed with them *cough*TEN*cough*

    Idk what you are smoking but I want some of that good stuff too. Awesome hallucinations!

    We would like a nice round of 1v1v1v1 with some politics involved and not just a plain 2v2. But given that Villains (Vice?) has been recruiting teams from SW again... we'll see about that 1v1v1v1. Up to you how this server goes, again.


    You're probably too ignorant to know... But on this server, you can only be in a confed if you confed with all teams (so in order to confed with TNR, we have to be in confed with their confeds too). You also can't send neither res nor troops to players not in your team or confed. So please tell me exactly how we have been supporting MAD? With hugs and kisses or what????

    With Seal love! (seal)

    I fear you forget the Seals are peaceful and large in numbers.

    Did you know?

    Most seal species live in very large social groups called colonies that may come together to sunbathe in masses of hundreds, and take to the beach to mate and raise young in tightly packed gatherings of thousands.


    Young Seal

    Weird ideology to keep two people who are multing/botting, but who am I to judge if they want that everyone would consider their alliance as cheaters alliance.

    I would like to see the evidence of this :D I fear none of the seals themselves have changed names to "bot".

    Let me tell you a story.

    Once upon a time, in the midst of travian universe, there was a great Guild of Slackers who fought over the dominance of North Eastern end of the most popular travian world, com1. Slackers were confident they would not need to adjust their sluggish playstyle, but they were caught by surprise by Ronin, a contender for the most wanted throne in travian. Slackers were not pleased to see a challenge so close to them so they, and especially their leader, decided to make diplomacy the art of winning. So was born the everlasting team of SGR, Slackers Guild Ronin.

    Over the years they fought foes with pride and honor, but for so long they didn't achieve what they most desired.

    For so long they came back every year.

    For so long they tried and failed.

    For so long they tried and became the laughing stock of other great teams.

    After years of humiliation, the Supreme Leader of Slackers made a decision. Enough is enough. There would be no more jokes about Slackers. No more facerolling on the Slackers. No more shame with being a Slacker. 2018 would be the year when Slackers come back stronger than ever and take back what belongs to them.

    After so many losses, the Slackers were small in numbers. Their leader sent out his minions to recruit new members to the guild and spy on potential new enemies. The task was immense and time was short. com1 would be the next world to restart so Slackers spread out to other worlds to make new friends.

    The task didn't go as planned, but neither did the overmind of travian restart com1 on time. The time grew longer and longer, and eventually the minions came back to report to their supreme leader.

    The first minion brought a group of elite defenders who called themselves as "SH Team".

    The second minion brought a group of newbies from Ruthless.

    The third minion brought some skilled hammer builders who would break records.

    The fourth minions brought some reinforcements and intel from com6.

    The fifth minion brought a group of Wicked Americanos.

    The Supreme Leader was pleased. His plan had worked.

    When the time came, Slackers were stronger than ever before. Their team was prepared to anything and everything. Their groups were planned and tasks were assigned early on. Nothing would stop them from taking on the throne that Villains had occupied for two years.

    But little did they know, Villains had united with another champion, from world 6.

    The Supreme Leader was deeply disappointed. He did everything he could but once again the enemy seemed too strong. For the second time in his long life, which presumably begun in Jurassic era, the Supreme Leader thought of quitting. He thought:

    "The enemy is too strong...

    Our defenses are too weak...

    We promised a great round of travian...

    I can't bear another humiliation."

    In his deepest moment, someone whispered to his ear:

    "Look to the South and you will find your answer."

    The Supreme Leader was confused. He could not understand what the voice in the shadow meant. He could only notice oases and a brave Wolf who crossed the border to South East. His eyes could't deliver a clear picture of the map, but when he zoomed out, The Supreme Leader realized what he was told.

    He remembered what was done in the ancient worlds on travian. He remembered what he had done. There was only one way this could end.

    The Supreme leader took his fossil keyboard and begin to write. He knew that this is the right thing to do. The only thing, if Slackers are to keep their pride.

    The supreme Leader prepared his command. The command that would turn the power of the Gods of travian on their side. He was careful with his words. The diplomatic approach with TEN must bear fruit, just like with Ronin. The Supreme leader finalized his text, read it out loud, and was pleased with it. He pressed enter, and the message was sent. It said:

    Calm, I'm here

    I would like to nominate Mazzini, Marduk_COM aka mazzi , as the Legend of 2018 for most awesome leadership there is. His persistency in coming back year after year regardless of his team's strength is admirable. After many years of trying and failing, he finally led the Slackers to sweet victory.

    PS. Mazzi lost artie :O

    PS(2). He also built a solid WWK while also leading us: