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    The factors which influence the outcome of a chiefing attempt are population difference between the two accounts, race and whether or not you have big party running in the village.

    The strength of the chiefs/senator vary by race (from travian answers):

    • The Senator (Roman) is very eloquent and persuasive; he can lower the loyalty by 20% to 30% each time.
    • The Chief (Teuton) is especially cheap; he can lower the loyalty by 20 to 25%.
    • The Chieftain (Gauls) is 25% faster than the others; he can lower the loyalty by 20 to 25%.

    Big party gives +5% strength when attacking and -5% if the defender has big party running.

    You can use kirilloid's conquering calculator to calculate how many chiefs you need to conquer a village: Travian :: Conquering calculator

    well, maybe it's time for Travian developers to define some rules/schedule/dates to follow - so that we would not take it out on the forum mods? But as for right now - mods are our only links to those guys on the top - and it makes sense for people to target the MH with their frustration.

    Are they our link to the top or the other way around? :p Seems like TK can't get a response from TG, not sure if he has tried tho. Not to blame him about this but more communication between TG and the mods is needed.

    Is it really not starting yet?
    wow... I'm utterly appalled...

    com1 starting? No one knows but we have theories of a restart date that is surely getting closer day by day :D

    I wasn't giving critique there Ele, just poorly express my wish for someone to write about GOATS since my memory isn't that good :D (thanks fnx)

    I recall many of the GOATS were GoDz/CWL/SGR/WILD. The first server was com1 2014 where GOATS face rolled the opposition, all natar WWs were cleared/conquered and some hammers didn't even get to hit a defense before server end (yes that's me..). I see claudiu active here so maybe he can tell us more about GOATS, I heard they played another server after that :)

    That is awful to hear, but tbh, if you knew that this player spiked so many farms, you should have just cated him down. You would have less losses right?

    Not so easy when one is top simmer with a zoo of 20k+ animals in his spawn. (yes, he spammed gold) This kind of gameplay can surely be called as "strategy". Worst thing about this is that the noobs in my team (love you all regardless of your skills <3 ) thought it is a pro tactic because the "best player" of the server does it.

    I disagree with that point. Spikers were even more active when deff points weren't shown. They spiked for hero experience n beginnings when spiking can do the most damage. Lots of players who would usually do it, now don't spike if they plan to stay on the server. They realise that it would paint a target on their back. Most of the spikers now are just accounts that don't plan playing past day 20-30.

    I guess you were not on com6? :D The top defender (until ww plans release) had 200k def points (or more) and all of them were from farms. On worst week there were 20+ farms only in my quad spiked resulting in 40k+ points and gold def medal. This new thing where you aim to be a top defender by spiking surely did not exist before newest version of T4.4.

    Inactive accounts should not be deleted at all

    Let's be real that those same <100 pop farms will eventually become so irritating in the inactive finder that at least I remember them better than anyone's phone number :D Plus those small farms will turn to natars after deletion and keep growing to be chiefed later on.
    Maybe extend inactive deletion time and shorten it for banned accounts?

    As of right now these new F&S will not affect the rotation

    I take this as a personal promise that next normal server to start is com1 and it will be in mid april :)

    Scheduling is done all the time and why it is one of the things I first check when I log in during my mornings.

    Right now we do have some F&S servers being prepped for April and will have that info in a couple days for posting.

    Once I see anything I will get it out to you I promise you that. :)

    It is known that speed servers do not affect the rotation of normal servers. Does this rule still apply to speed F&S servers?

    Yes, SGR will be in NE (+/+). How about GRID and Villains? rumor has it they will join forces ;) What is TENs position in this? I heard they would be the underdogs and maybe team up with GRID or Villains. Only time will tell

    Someone also mentioned a smallish group of Balkans interested in the server. How about SEVEN, the com6 winners? 8)

    At least I only have 1 account on the server. It's always funny when multi-accounters like yourself start mocking the fair players for being noob etc..

    LOL l2p kid :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    It's always funny when noobs think they know something about the game and it's players but are so wrong!! :D:D:D:D There's nothing special about the numbers No One had around artifacts given the time they spend on the game. Knowing the players myself I was actually quite disappointed but nevertheless that army of yours is quite funny :rolleyes: Maybe listen when someone better than you tries to teach you? Respect much?

    Moreover. And this is the MAIN ISSUE with the whole question of using dummy accounts. IF this is allowed, using the EXACT SAME technological approach, I could build the following features e.g.:

    • Automatic reporting of incoming attacks to the defence tool (without the user even having to log in)
    • Automatic submission of defenses to selected targets (without the defenders even having to log in)
    • Automatic gathering of incoming defenses (for statistical purposes, without the player logging in)
    • Automated raiding (without the player logging in)
    • .... basically any other form of automation (crop- and elephant finders etc. included). Since the technology required is EXACTLY the same as that needed to poll the hero experience. It is impossible to ban 1, allow the other and still be consequent

    I think Travian has to seriously look at this and provide much clearer documentation on what is allowed and what is not allowed. Provide documentation of the public data (map.sql etc.). And to make clear to players what tools are legal and which are not. The current definition is too vague, too broad and (apparently) unenforcable.

    No you can't. These features would require a script that logs in to every account of your team to check for incomings and that will surely get those accounts banned (as said before, there's no way to ban people using travian-ally-tools right now but scripters, surely).

    How hard are you trying to push your own agenda? :D this scenario... WHO is operating illegally and WHO should suffer consequences?

    WHAT is Travian's position on this??

    Sounds like someone just coded his own def tools and now found about this free one. Butthurt much? :D