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    On any other server, any loser, like strategic, will do as strategic did.

    Will speculate the bug to give a second chance to his team to win the WW race.

    And if you look which is the only national team raising the WW now on the Final, you'll see that all it was premeditated, and I was right from the beginning.

    Strategic did it strategically, and made a mockery of this final, a mockery of thousands of players.

    The good thing is, in the end it turned against them, and their victory will be remembered as a false one!

    "The pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty." Winston Churchill

    It seems dear Draconus that you play in a team full of pessimists <3

    Hi there. Some additional information is posted in the same thread about tomorrow rollback.

    Hi, Ameno, I know you are not responsible for all the mess, but could you ask the people who can answer how they choose the day of rollback. I'm sure the answer will be interesting for the whole travian community. Do they choose the day looking for the moment when the least impact on server result will be made, or just try to calm down those who cried most?

    did an ignorant lady understood how the bug run now?

    In fact I really know how this bug could appear, but even now I will not blame some of the users of that TG product. You can not solve problems due to your poor written code by restricting users to do some actions which are accessible in user interface. If this is the way they fix bugs I suppose the next bug fix will be that "small groups" of troops are those beneath 100k

    TG, I suggest you declare the winners to be natar, admit your inferiority and turn off the final server forever

    But before that they should return back every single euro spent for a service that humiliates the users.

    Guys, may be we can come back to the main topic - what to do now?

    According to me, the only reasonable thing is to find a way to make TG to return back all money spent by players for a service of the kind they offer.

    Hi here. Please, read announcement about Tournament Finals rollback. System message to the server is coming shortly.

    Hi, I have read the system message and found out that TG again shows disrespect to players.

    Could they give us a reasonable answer why a backup from 19:00 UTC will be rolled back between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC thus causing inconvenience with online plans for all players, more over you will use a backup from Sunday and today is a working day for almost all of us.

    Do you think that one team should have a good reason to feel affected by TG decision of 4 hours no starvation? Why not then activate no starvation mode till the end of server? This server is already spoiled so please think before making more harm with your decisions.

    And I'm surprised that leaders of the alliances dare to complain about it, without writing any possible solutions, rather than trying to keep their users active and motivated...

    The possible solution was mentioned above at the beginning of this thread and it is to enlarge number of confederacy allies. May be that number should be according to number of accounts on server. If we take for an example a server with 10000 accounts and 13 wws. We could have 10000 / 13 = 769 accounts in a confederacy. So could you give a clue how the leaders will decide which 240 out of 769 accounts will be privileged to use trade routes for feeding troops in their ww and which 529 accounts will be left as unequal allies to feed their troops manually.

    If it is a feature, can you please find it in travian answers?

    In fact many features have their origin in some bugs, so let's call it an useful bug. It concerns many players so it is a good starting point for a creative discussion. Increasing the number of the alliances in a confecedacy will work flawlessly solving many difficulties not only limited trade routes to ww

    Pretty easy quiz

    Battle 1 is known as The ambush that changed the history or Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. The massacre of three entire Roman legions, along with significant auxiliary units and cavalry, by German tribes ensured that the lands east of the Rhine were never incorporated into the Roman Empire. It was from here that the fatal barbarian invasions would come to destroy the empire almost four centuries later. So:
    - The tribes that took place were Teutons and Romans;
    - The battle took place in Autumn 9 CE;
    - The united teuton tribes lead by Armen defeated 3 roman legions lead by Publius Quinctilius Varus.

    Battle 2 is known as one of Julius Caesar's greatest achievements in life - the Battle of Alesia. It had been a long, bloody, and noble siege against the Gallic warriors of Vercingetorix.
    - The tribes that took place were Romans and Gauls;
    - The battle took place in September, 52 BCE;
    - Romans defeated the Gauls.

    With great pleasure to answer the quiz

    Whole META is surely not playing only for invite so they must have players with motivation to play and lead there but right now they seem to lack of it.

    Even if you are right, declarations that you are better tnan players who do not play as highly motivated as you by writing insulting stuff on profiles and encouraging your players to do that too is not a sign of good manner. War history tells us that underestimating our enemies lead to a bad end, but of course it is your right to be arrogant tо your opponents. The right of your allies is to draw their conclusions.

    Overrated is best word describe their META in my opinion.

    Excessive self-confidence is not a good adviser. To evaluate others' game at a server where more than 50% of players play just for invites seems like a lack of good manner. You should remember that TT is coming soon and there we'll see in fact who knows how to play this game .........if you manage to secure your cropper first, of course :D

    And any non-tourney players who don't need 1052431 tech accounts to build a hammer of more than 200k will be happy... "beautiful solutions" pff... Don't see how raiding tech/multi accounts is creative.

    It seems we speak about different stuff. If we draw a conclusion that multi/tech accounts are the greatest evil in the game, then I think the best solution is to restrict all kind of pushes, everything except the market exchange. It will solve the problems with bots selling resources too, but not with the multi/tech accounts. Then the fair solution is to restrict all raids and feeding own troops outside the account except in villas with diet or sending deff in case of attacks from enemy ally/confederation. I think this is a fair enough solution for all players. And I could accept it, because from my point of view it is a better solution, than partial measures like restricting only early pushes, or restricting pushes to only confederation members. Both kind of solutions will kill the spirit of the game if the majority of players are restricted because some players bypass the rules.
    I have no any statistic, but my feeling is that the push restriction inside the ally some years ago escalated the problem with the growing number of multi/tech accounts.
    By the way, when speaking about hammers bigger than 200k what is the optimal hammer crop in crowded and popular servers like TT with 60-70kk and over deff troops in WW according to you?

    Restriction to all resources shipments (except market) and all reinforcements to the members of the same alliance/confederacy.

    I would like to discuss here that topic. If that restriction becomes a fact what will happen to some secret missions and tasks for some accounts where membership to a certain alliance/confederacy is not desirable to demonstrate and which mission will be impossible to complete without the support of other accounts? I suppose that the opportunity to try some non-standard tactics is the only reason for many experienced players to be still interested in the game. Restricting the opportunities to make improvisations and surprising moves will make many long-time players to withdraw from the game. Such restrictions will leave legitimate only just boring and routine actions which could be interesting for newcomers, but not for those playing for years.
    It seems that TG in their difficulties to limit the multi-accounts, want to punish the majority of players who respect fair play but also want to try surprising and non-standard actions on the map.

    Congratulations to all Dacia team for this well planned, organized and won server. Deep respect for your decision to donate your prizes to building a children hospital.
    I would like to thank to all my friends and rivals on the map for the exciting moments we had together the past several months.

    Damn no medal for me this round

    Fonzy, Rino may win the medal, but you won my heart :love: