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    We experienced the same problem. The code was inactive. We had to ask for a new code, with a new mail address. Nevertheless, we lost 30 minutes

    Now I feel stupid. I was told to set up additional accounts to increase my chances, but I wanted to play fair. As a result no code. My friend suggested to me play dual with his account, but we are already in disagreement, even before game started (can not agree on race). :(
    Last hope, that not all codes were sent yet.

    You may be a hopeless optimist :whistling:

    What exactly do you see in the rally point when you have an attack incoming under normal play (no artefacts being used)?

    How can you disguise your hero when you attack so that the target cannot see it and deduce that this is your main attack and not a fake?

    What is a good fake?

    It depends. All the good fakes need to contain a catapult, because of the speed of the attack.
    In addition, they need to contain 19 other troops, in order to hide the attacck. Let me explain: we need 20 troops cause our enemy can see what KINDS of troops you are attacking with if you send a number that's lower than his rally point. As you cannot know the level of the rally point, you need to be sure that the enemy cannot see anything, and so you have to send a number of troops that equals the highest possible level of the rally point, that's 20. This way, the defendant will see a "?" under all the troops that a player of your tribe can send.
    If, instead, he has a 20leveled rally point and you send, for example, 10 swords and 1 cata, he will see the number 0 under all the other troops, meaning that the attack is free of them, and a "?" under the symbols of swords and catas understanding that's a fake cause it counts less than 20 troops.

    As you understood, in the really point you can see an attack that's coming (red color for the swords cross), with the hours of trip left, with the arrival's time, and with a "?" under all the troops that the tribe can send (if they are more or equals to 20).

    If you want your enemy to believe it is a real attack thanks to your hero, you must not change his clothes (adding and taking off all the objects) and gain experience. Do not simply touch the hero, paying attention that the enemy does not spy you, seeing that your hero is at home, taking a beer and whoring around as usual

    Wow, looks like there's a lot of losers here.

    I have achieved phenomenal success over and over coming in to a server completely solo and building up a team.

    You're all nuts if you think it can't happen. I've proven it.

    I think you are too much self-confident. There is no possibility, for everyone, of building up an alliance in such a way 15 days before the start of the tournament.
    (Indeed, only a very good strategos can have his alliance stolen as happened to you... Does not seem the profile of a nutcracker)

    Hero: May I have an interview?

    It sounds like a waste of time

    It would be a pity such an answer. It would encourage cheaters to go on, without changing their behavior at all. I just faced quite a similar situation playing the last qualif. server, fighiting for the first-rank position with an account situated at the extreme border of the map (more ore less 300/300), which gained the first position in the atk ranking and second in the population one, only thanks to the 30 accounts that surrounded him, that were giving him troops to kill and villages to conquer. At least, at the last, all the accounts got banned but, nevertheless, he obtained 6000 golds without playing fairly, while other players that may have played in such a way did not gain nothing.
    The greatest pity is that, while everybody knew what he was doing, the MHs did not have the possibility of doing nothing. How can be possible for an account to do so, using all the resources that it produces for another account, without falling into the situation mentioned in the rules, i.e. of an account that plays only for the benefit of another?