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    I'm not on the test server, but I'm curious about the new task system. I understand that by golding up everything, some players have settled a second village in around 30 hours. I'm interested to know how long it will take to reach v2 for players who aren't using gold (or at least aren't insta-completing everything). Will it take 7-8 days, as with the old task system? Or will non-gold players be able to settle within 3-4 days, which would still keep them reasonably close to heavy gold users?

    I can understand the idea of different color schemes, but why change the shapes of the buildings? They could have used the existing buildings, and with some minor modifications made a different skin for each tribe. Then it would look new and different, but we could still identify the buildings without have to click on each one til we find what we need.

    They could also have left it alone the way we liked it, but that's just crazy talk ?(