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    I couldn't stay till end but well deserved win for SW (y) and great work by all the leaders :D

    Though few punks are still challenging SW I heard :P punks!

    squirrels has no shame... damn you are cray cray man... how can you store a whole different reality inside that brain of yours. :O

    when you dont have anything to say just call him crazy :P nice strat buddy

    Idk is Yd and AT same? arnav said players are different :) and yes life sure is more important and its fine they didn’t join.

    But these kiddos from heroes doh or whatever crappy ally really talk to much.

    Just start a separate thread Weepers Section and call all your friends there And I promise not to post there and remind you how worthless you are ^_^

    funny. tell that to your mate BW_com who keeps on talking about past servers. mostly to himself tho :D

    FACT CHECK! its You and your whining friends not me bud :D scroll and you shall find im the one asking you nabs to get over your loss and have a life for a change.

    So you were on a server with everyone, and yet when you challenged everyone for this round noone knew who you were and ignored you completely... i hope this helps clarify your delusion.

    don't try to hide your shame bud :p everyone knows why you refused hahaha xD but yeah you can keep chilling in your mary go happy land or whatevs.

    also in frustration you missed the last part :P get your glasses on AT did accept which I guess is more worthy than Heroes YD or DoH but then they had to cancel 1 week before :) so yeah ...

    Also there exists a thread where we did challenge you guys to join but I guess you just know you are not worthy :p

    we asked heroes? YES they accepted? NO
    we asked YD? YES they accepted? NO
    we asked AT? YES they accepted? YES

    but then they refused a week before the start :) do we care? NO!

    and yet the bunch of losers CRY! :)

    the level of your idiocracy on this thread proves we are good :D so keep on flaming guys <3 you make us famous buds.

    Also, of all the people you bunch of noobs don't have a right to comment anyway :P we played last round and saw how good you are =] hahahaha

    Also looked like he doesn't like horses lol

    He has horses :P actually he loved them too much :P he told me "Do you expect me to send horses against phalliex?"

    SO.... xD anyhow we are just bored and he is one of the deffers we have so nothing wrong there.

    People know everything tricky :P they just don't wanna accept a few things :D let it be as it is ... let's just stop dignifying them by responding.