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    I think this one roughly translates to:

    "We were afraid of the other teams so we decided to hide in a big confederation"

    Your grasp of English is good, better than mine in fact as I did not mean to say that if that is how it came across. Our concern is the Russian quadrant left to sim and build loads of troops who no-one else will hit. The other quads are all nicely tied up so won't be able to.

    I've still yet to see a big confederation though unless you class the Good, Bad, Ugly which I don't. I don't think anyone is bigger than two alliances on this server? Obviously the Russians and maybe the Swedes likely have one or two feeder alliances worth of players pushing them and allowing them to raid/chief but no one is a big confederation.

    Let the fun begin, I think things are starting to take shape nicely across the whole of the server, just like we all wanted and hoped.


    It is true I was just laughing with Crunch about this earlier, we never expected there to be other decent teams quite as big as they are to be littered about all of the other quads. The Russians are living in peace farming their "friends" so we needed to do something other than kick the life out of each other in the SW all server. I will bow down and accept that at times diplomacy does come into this game and I was wrong to post such a statement :)

    Yes TBF I won't be looking outside of our quad for a long time

    Lots of work to do in here rounding up them sheep in the meta and trying to sort out some Rebels, lol

    If we ever look outside of the quad that is!!!

    I imagine without looking properly the Russians are simming heavily in the NW!
    The Swedes and ledges outfit are doing the same in the NE
    The US dream team and the Vikes/Cereals team are doing similar in the SE.

    So to sum up the server from the SW!

    TG really took a big dump from a high height on to the SW with their dodgy allocation of croppers.

    The SW has a pre settle meta (shut the front door) that obviously doesn't include AA. And more surprisingly SR hasn't "openly" put the Rebels in it yet :D

    The Auction house went ridiculous and shares in TG jumped by about 5% due to all the 1 million plus glad helms flying about.

    Ryder thinks I'm a sexy beast! (At least when he's trying to glean some info about which 150% croppers AA are walking to :) )

    Some accounts have done really well settling early (others have cheated knowing they would only get a minor slap on the wrist so worth taking the risk) Should be lots of V2's going down tomorrow we will see where the alliances are at come this time.

    And the forum is the busiest I've seen it in the last 5-6 years at least!

    Good work everyone let's keep it up and make the server something special

    Andy - Zombie

    Eh you are bigger than us going by the numbers i'm aware of, we are fearing being trampled by you brutes. You have a load of old goats in there that have learnt lots of tricks over the years. Dragged back from retirement for one last hooraa! The server will be a good one i just hope more people join up, the numbers are letting us down on such a server.

    oh btw, Can you send Raki over with a Kebab for me please? it's been a long and stressful day and i need to relax and eat!

    "Merged with MFH" are you having a laugh! We are a credible alliance, we win or lose with dignity :)

    We have many friends in Pulse yes and they are at a lot more than 22 acc's lol, we will however sort them out when it's the real nitty gritty time at the later stages in the server if we have not been trampled over by MFH/RD :)

    We run from nothing, our quad is announced and unlike some others we will not change our mind, we have played SW once before and we will play SW again! (we only announce once) anyone is welcome to come to the party!

    The Travian gods have spoken to us and we have been dealt our hand for this server!

    AA will be spawning in the SW, we think RD/MFH also going here now plus whoever else is lined up to spawn there. It's going to be a tough server everyone, just what we have all been after for a long time, lets make the most of it and kick off the new Anglosphere servers in style :)

    Speak soon and good luck finding a nice cropper/capital location!

    A lot of people seem to think AA are the main alliance to conquer this server, we are going into this server with just over half an alliance. We are not the big fish in this tank, nowhere near!
    We are going to have fun and play the game how it should be played.
    I suggest everyone else tries to do the same and doesn't go out of their way to ruin the server by not seeing the big picture.

    Yes it seems so. We can all touch toes and still get CP, whoopee!!

    I heard a rumour some alliances have changed their starting quads 3 times.

    We are going to toss a coin tomorrow.
    First toss = Heads north and Tails south.
    Second toss = Heads East and Tails West.

    So we do not know yet no need to keep asking. We will be tossing off at about 11:30 am UK time :D

    If we are not happy with the coin tossing we will go where we always go!

    Now now children, settle down. I think it might be time for your afternoon naps, might not get much sleep for the next 9 months :)

    I await with lots of excitement the new server, 19 hours and 35 minutes hopefully if Travian do not manage to mess up the registration.

    AA will be playing and adopting the role of a pacifist, non aggression alliance this server. in the middle ground touching all 4 quads. honestly :D

    "as Graham seemed to be interested in critter killing" haha

    Nothing changes in Graham's world eh! Thankfully I never need to see that again in any alliance I am in! I still get nightmares now over the 1k EI in every village hitting every oasis in the quad lol.

    Well played MfH for "sucking off GotN" as Crunchie puts it so finely.

    Poor end game planning from GotN for not having enough WWk to finish the server off in style, lesson learnt I hope for the Danes. I'm sorry for our dreadful halfass display on Four Horsemen, we really couldn't motivate ourselves to do anything but neither could many on the server it seems lol.

    I agree a combined forum would be a lot better for the start of this exciting new server but I'm not sure the time frame will allow Travian Games to actually sort anything out even if they wanted to. We all know they operate at a "steady" pace.

    Looking forward to the US team forming and taking part. Expecting more than one US alliance though and also hope that the US do not think they need to form up into a 3 wing alliance to play :)