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    I am not here to start arguments or provide false hoods. This is my first round with gunners and my first .com round since 2017 so I will be providing a fully factual review. If facts and stats is propaganda then this conversation ended before it begun.

    Here's hoping that any predictions you make are more accurate here than they were on AS6 :whistling:

    I have not made any drama at all so a little difficult to take responsibility for what you have not done. You also know the two reasons why I left the first time. and both were for not creating drama. It was partly because I felt threatened, although I reacted there, but it was in connection with the team connecting to the server. But my wish was actually not to make a drama. I did not want to create anything but at the same time I did not want to be driven away. I have not done anything wrong and you know that, so I can not take responsibility for your actions when it is you who is wrong.

    Then friends do not bully each other but of course you can see me as your friend but you are not my friend.

    i deside that i shuld play this server more than 2 weeks before that loffe anuset that he wuld play. So i culd say tha same thing way do Loffe always wish to play hte servers im on? last com1 this com1 and now com2

    What happened to your spelling between these two posts? It's like you got hit over the head with a shovel somewhere after the first post and before the second or something.