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    I'd say our op went better than theirs personally. They lost almost all their hammers they walked with in their run and got through on one cap, we lost I think 5 hammers and the rest got through on multiple targets.

    Not an overwhelming victory and only a first skirmish, still plenty of time left and plenty more hammers to walk. Presumably the Russians have much bigger ones out raiding.

    And yeah, I did wall, but I'm two hours away from these guys with a ghost and I like to sleep, so not like they were going to let me sim a monster or anything.

    Good wall though, didn't expect that druid count especially. See you in two to three working days (that's how long it takes to resim a Teut hammer right?) :thumbsup:

    Who has told you these lies? We are certainly not far apart in numbers, and there are certain individuals in our ranks who are renowned liabilities we keep as an act of philanthropy. Need to meet our annual pro bono quota and all y'know :saint:

    I would, but Raki is washing his hair tonight. Maintaining his man bun is a difficult and time consuming task!

    "Merged with MFH" are you having a laugh! We are a credible alliance, we win or lose with dignity :)

    We have many friends in Pulse yes and they are at a lot more than 22 acc's lol, we will however sort them out when it's the real nitty gritty time at the later stages in the server if we have not been trampled over by MFH/RD :)

    We run from nothing, our quad is announced and unlike some others we will not change our mind, we have played SW once before and we will play SW again! (we only announce once) anyone is welcome to come to the party!

    Pretty sure almost every alliance I know of that's on this server had made a confirmed decision before you guys did. We just didn't feel the need to announce it to everyone.

    Looking forward to our tango in the South West though. Go easy on us, we're just a little rebel faction.

    I mean this doesn't even register on the richter compared to some of the things I've had done to my accounts by other alliances, seen done or participated in doing in this game. This is part and parcel of Travian and is what makes it worth playing really.

    Lesser alliances? Don't you guys have 7 more players than us and 800 average pop too???

    Would you rather we just sat around simming all server? From the way you said "in my day" it would imply you know a thing or two about this game and how it's supposed to be played, but your reaction to what's happened on the forum suggests otherwise.

    If everyone just dealt with their own individual fights what is the point in an alliance. Are you trying to imply that sinc never asked for defence from his alliance? What you've really got your back up about is that, on this occasion, we were better coordinated than you as an alliance. Rather than pointing the finger, why don't you reflect internally on how to improve your game as a team.

    That's not an attempt to be condescending, it's legitimate advice. If you guys don't step up your game we're going to run through your accounts over and over. Personally, I'd like to see a competitive server so I hope you learn from this and prepare accordingly.

    Now that you're the most talked about account on the server, you've achieved your purpose of letting the masses know that Crunchie is a cheater Miles. #servergoals

    I believe Ameno said on the unofficial discord that she thinks it will be first week of November. Obviously that was in an 'unofficial' capacity, but at least it's something to go off.

    For the record, most of the alliance leaders I've spoken to that were thinking of joining this server with their crews have confirmed to me that they still intend to wait. This server is about much more than just AA's challenge, as regrettable as it would be if they went elsewhere. So if any of you are on the fence or being swayed to go to com, do consider staying :) And that goes for you AA guys as well, it's only two weeks, don't make the mistake of copping out for a different server again, I think you'd regret it.