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    Congratulations for winning one empty server ,or what? whas the final of tablets not a really final

    Quit is the easy way to loose...

    There is where Ruteam is diferent from most of all metas.

    They could quit when some years ago all the server join together against them after they had 1k acounts delet for ban (i think most remember EU meta).

    They could quit this year by the time unjustified bans where given to them...Did they quit? No they stay in the server and keep figth,that is why they are probably the strongest meta in this game by now...

    ould Uollas or dacia had the chance? Probably not,but that is something they dont give has the chance to know...

    You saysed that you are not a leader,from where do you have the information,that russia ww,from level 0,under constant atacks ,whas the winner of this server before rollback,you are blinde ? I don t see any leaders of Ru team to say that.....

    I'm sorry to contradict you but our WW was there,uollas were not there :)


    you say that the leaders from the conference are layers,and ita ww have 50,60kk deffence ,look at reports who whas ww builder before and after ,and i speak about meta not about alliance ,and 777 continue to build ,she whas one alliance from meta Dacia,that not means that meta Dacia continue to play .....

    If you think that the statement of the meta leaders are only ''words in the wind'' ..... ,and all ww have stoped except ru ww and CUP that build because and other have build like theyr statement ,i don t see where do you see different thing between action and statement....

    Nobody said they are proud of it, but do you really expect people to wait at least another 2 months just to prove a non existing point?

    Someone would eventually build it to 100, there's no such thing as a natar win. If it weren't fo Union, the remainder of Uollas would, and if not for them someone else would... but definitely not natars.

    I got servers I plan to play, so thank god this game was finished as fast as it could be so gold can be transfered.

    Seems you have not read the conference with TG,one of the proposal whas that all ww builder not build ww,and nathars win,Ru team whas the only that disagree that ,Dacia,IM ,Italian meta whas for that,CUP,said same,if nobody build they will not

    Thanks to all who deserve the server and play with fair attitude : Promter from RU, Francesco from UIOLLAS, to name those who were most important in my eyes

    but shame on the 2 alliances from UOLLAS META who intentionaly created the second bug

    and shame to those who have fake def rank and fake pop rank

    Good rest to all of you

    How cam exist second bugg,without first ,that s very complicated ....

    Just curious, how did you conclude that he is talking about troops from the account, not from villages?

    my mistake,about explaining correct is total troops from villages ,and packages ,but that don t change the fact about stupid

    Am vorbit cu "strategice" pe skype, de fapt, îl consider inocent, ceilalți italieni au renunțat fără sens, atunci știi că aceasta este ideea mea :):Bravo:

    If that is your ideea,then please don t write it here,let be all history,you don t have all the part of the puzzle ,i have a little more from them then you ,and i don t think that you want a radiography of all :)

    I think with all the respect you are wrong,after the first arrivals of Russian mains the Italians realized that this was not the case,the bug is just an excuse,I play for them, but I am deeply disappointed,we stayed in three alliances,is this is a reality :)

    If you play for them,i can put the same question ,what i ask and strategic,and when you don t know ,ask your leaders :)

    the Russian dominance was evident before, and, after the rolback, I say it because we have to admit things,many have chosen not to play, whether it is right or not,the current situation is that they are the first, full stop :)

    Birkina,i think you don t know to read,what i wrote,and what strategic wrote,Ru team has a very small chance to win this final,before rollback,and after don t think too much people carre that they will win the Battle of tablets,the final ends before first roll back

    Anyway who cares it’s done and past. Let’s get over with this already :saint:

    And I agree with that,like most dacia and IM players ,by deleting acount ,but i can not stay and see a lot of peoples that say Dacia don t know to loose,and other things ,and like you say is history,in my opinion Dacia has a good chance to win,but has and a good chace to loose ,but are some moments in this game that can not be roolback,and one of this is the moment of that bug.....

    I must answer, okay if you says so.

    I don't know what Ru-team leaders plan was, since I'm not a Ru-leader or off-coordinator. But what I think, they would use their biggest WW hammers and left over hammers to damage Dacia in any possible way (Uollas WW behind Union WW), but they knew that after Italians destroyed Union WW at 25th February that the chance of winning the WW race was small for Union. I don't know how big the biggest WW hammers of Union were which they didn't use yet, but I think Union would be very reliant of stealing Dacia Building plan for WW to win the server (they had only 2).

    That with stealing building plan,don t thing is realistic,if i good remmember Dacia has not loose any plan,last servers that with plans whas the only posibility to stop Dacia,but nobody use it ,but we seems to agree about something,that ruteam has a very small chance to win without rollback ,and your action helped them alot ,my question still don t get the answher,ask your leaders when you don t know,because i am 99% sure that they have know about rollback ....

    To not say that i am some evil,i will give you the presumption of innocennes ,but you must answher one single question,and when you are not one of the leaders that knows about the bugg,ask your leaders,what whas the strategy of ruteam leaders to win this server,without any roolback ?

    Judging a team based on actions of individuals... oh you gotta love some people.

    I don t judge any team,i have not write nothing about ruteam ,this finals whas clear that at begining of the constructions of ww ,ruteam and italian team whas favorites ,but from favorites to win is a little way,same whas and in one romainain server,won one team without to have any hammer .....