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    I'm happy 3 or 4!

    Nobody cares about the bloody server anymore, this is all one big joke. You're the only man trying to prove this isn't a fiasco.

    Good job, they'll give you a tablet! :)))

    One,not,but maybe 10 ,we must understand and people like this,to have most deffence ,a lot of hammers ,and to have a really good chance too loose,somebody must explain that ,maybe he can ask the national hero,how is something like that possible :)))

    Wait what? Russians did send hammers to Polish WW previous finals I was like 3 fields away from their ww :). Don't spread fake news.

    I take a look, you are right whas one hammer sent ,my mistake,but whas not with intention,that i can not say about you,you continue and now to say that Dacia get deffence from 3 quadrants last year

    In travian records,are and 2 winner in one server ,nobody cares about so kind of winning, if ruteam want to play and win after some of their leaders create that miss because their plans don t work and the chance to win whas very small ,is their choice ,but most don t want to be part of that

    Seems you don t understand nothing about the game ,to begin with last year, italians don t attacks our ww,we don t attack italian ww,but same whas and with RU team and Prime PL,the delete proposal how much i know whas not from Dacia,whas from IM ,now to come about fair win in this server,i have only one question for you,who is the fair winner of this server ?

    The server is a broken and some broken things can not be repaired ,like in a poker party if you play with the cards in your hand you can win and with weak cards,but when you play with the cards on the table you can not make any bluff ,every alliance play to win ,nobody will care at end who loose some village,capitals ,or loose some army,this is only a part of the game ,all hammers ,most of the deffence is make for 1 thing,for WW ,winning is the only thing that count for most of the players

    Server can finish first day after restart if nobody raise ww ,TG can declare that natars win,and end of all discussion,the only problem are in fact they that causes the starvation ,they must justify there inability ,and the favourites whas 2 one causes the starvation,one don t want to continue ,i think you really don t understand nothing about this final

    What about unanimity to keep playing ?

    Just close it.

    Unanimity to play what ? These final is broken for IM and Dacia ,the italians if they remain must attack 2 ww ,am a huge deff of the ru team ,and for them has no sense to play.all the cards are on the table

    Just close the server please. It's already ruined and rollback won't make it better. Part of players will delete anyway and what will be left of server will be very weak.

    I want my time back please.

    Server can not be closed by majority, must be unanimity in the decision of all ww builders ,if some want to play to win,like Ru team,i don t see how they can close the server ,if you want to thank for that to somebody ,thank Ru team

    Saf posted a copy about what it was saying during the meeting

    she didnt give her personal idea about what it should be done :)

    Thanks to her to have copy , so we are aware , it is her job to inform us as she is tournament reporter

    Plus in this post, we can give our idea coz there is nowhere to give ours

    The angry ones that wants to close the server will be more engaged to vote and most of the ordinary players will never heard of the poll because they don't read forum/are not active in chats. Those will also be the biggest part of the players on the server and it is very truly that those also is the ones that wants to continue.

    I think you have not read all,that phrases, before, maybe you don t read it,maybe you don t understand it ,because i am from meta Dacia means that i am angry and i am not onest,how i am them,and i am one of the minority of the Dacia meta same is and Emerik our meta leader ,same are and the other leaders with same opinion ?

    It is a problem with polls. It will never be representative for all players. The angry ones that wants to close the server will be more engaged to vote and most of the ordinary players will never heard of the poll because they don't read forum/are not active in chats. Those will also be the biggest part of the players on the server and it is very truly that those also is the ones that wants to continue.

    In best case 10-20% of the players will vote.

    Safiren sorry,but i thing you live in woods not in 21 century ,i am not a leader but in meta Dacia and i thing that in all meta is like that, are conferences in every alliance where ordinary players, like me, tell their opinion ,then leaders from all alliances have a conference where their presente the opinion of alliances ,to say that the opinion of the meta leaders are different from the opinin of the most players is different is ......

    The solution is:

    - fix bug (if you can't fix it now, prevent to send more than 50 fake at the same time on WW)

    - rollback to the spawn of plans

    From your previous post i saw that you don t understand to much ,but to explain you in a party of poker how is this final ,we all play a party of poker ,with our card in the hand,come the dealer and say ,now put all your cards on the table for 1 minute,so that all can see them, and after that you can put them back in the hands and continue to bet ,if you like something like that is your choice ....

    Hi. Just a short update / acknowledgement here. Currently there is a meeting, where devs + tech supporters + game centre are discussing the Tournament issue.

    No one thinks that situation is good and no one is ignorant. Everyone understands it's serious. I will come to you with some knews as soon as we'll investigate options.

    Sorry for keeping you wait.

    I think you really don t understand nothing about the reality,nobody keer about this tournament,you must think about how to end it and about the feature of the game,a lot of players will pass not only the final ,but and regular servers after this final ,about that must you think

    This server is ruined you can close it , TG can try to invite all leaders from all meta to one discussion,but i don t think it will help for this server ,i sincerly like this game,but i be a fool to spend money in this condition prepare de next final without bugs ,rebound the money to players that want that,i don t wan t money back,but how i said i be a fool to spend money again ,the solution is voucher for next final in the same sume from what every player has charged,and maybe will be a nice final the next one,TG will not have next final same profit but maybe will not loose so much players,this final is gone

    I don t thing the roll back whas made to save Russia , it whas one accident that helps them, when the hours of back up whas other ,when the troops where in attacks and not at home when server restart ,maybe italian meta will be now in advantage ,and too speak about re strategized ,what determinated that change ,the unfair knowledge about the defence from the others ww ,i don t blame Russian team for that back roll,only TG is to blame for the unprofesional roll back

    • Contul va fi șters în 69:06:25.

    All missing troops should now reappear again. Rollback to building plans day is not possible and even if it is, that can create further issues/would cause more damage. Rollback is always extreme measure and it's not possible to reproduce the game exactly in the state it was before.

    If after rollback you're still missing troops, gold, Plus etc, please, contact Support, because they need to look at that individually.

    On behalf of Travian Games I want to apologize for the inconvenience the whole issue and rollback created.

    If you say about a fair game,i have only 2 question,how can be a fair game ,when alliances that have attack one WW,come now and attack other WW because they know now what they have not know in the moment they have sent attacks ,and what are thinking the members of the meta that suport the second ww that is now under attack about the corectitude of the game ?