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    You speak as if you're the only person to ever have something like this hapen to.

    And I never said you deserve it or mocked you guys about it, so what's your point? Just an unlucky event at an unlucky time that really has limited solutions to it.

    Nothing wrong if ITA want rollback, but a virtual rollback to before this happened and then simulating all battles with the planned def amount in Uollas WW, then saving the values and updating current situations might be better than a full rollback itself.

    Is very hard to calculate,more troops means more trops die in the moment of real starvation,the solution in my opinion is roolback to the moment when starvation begin,it can not be more then 2 hour ,when you loose 16kk in 40 minutes ,in 2 hours the ww is empty ,if i remember last server whas the same on PL Prime ww ,fake don t have nothing to do with starvation,you only see better how the troops disepeaare when you refresh, i is the same bug from last year ,and the same bug from this year when we loose 1.2kk troops on diet in a very short periode