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    You can check the differences between Travian : Shadow Empires and TL here : Travian Shadow Empires features

    scroll a little and you will have a board with it.

    about kingdoms, It’s different than the others:

    - Playability ( Has an app but used to crash a lot)
    - Graphics
    - Strategy

    You got borders and you got to conquer them, you can change the place of your village ( don’t play it for a long time , but I remember this). You literally have to defend your kingdom 👑

    Have the same 3 tribes ( Romans,Teuton and Gauls).

    It’s pretty nice as well, but i prefer Travian Legends.

    Hope this help

    Oh, I guess I have to then. Any pointers..?

    well, like I said , Travian Discord it’s very organized. You have sections for every subject ( add a pic so you can saw) and there you can help and get helped. new world to explore :)

    honestly, I prefer the Forum and since it’s mobile optimized 🤷🏻‍♂️

    About the alliance... in game , you can ask to join one and then they will share to you their communication channel ( if WhatsApp, Discord, telegram and go on).

    don’t know if I could help you but, tried :)

    I for one haven't made the move to discord yet, as a result I don't belong to any alliance at the moment. Sure would be great to have an open world forum (I doubt if that's the name) where alliance can send recruitment requests and messages. You get the gist..?

    mhh, I’m at the same boat. Not because of non-ally but not to move to discord.

    I think the idea now would be only to move to discord( I guess) I already saw something abt it looks very organized.

    I just used to play on the website (since I'm gaming in Finland) and back in the old days the interface wasn't as shiny as it is now.

    Be that as it may... there was only one place to play the game and now I found out of another website ( which also seems to be a Travian game.

    Can someone clarify what the difference is? I noticed that Kingdoms also seems to have a mobile app on Android.

    Can the regular Travian (Legends) be played on mobile...? Is it optimized for that?

    Thanks in advance for all the help! :)

    don’t want to be misunderstood but in my opinion :

    App mobile of Kingdoms don’t work so good. Crash a lot and although it is user friendly it does have many bugs, aside from the slowness.

    Legends work perfectly in any mobile browser, it seems like an app! Truly user friendly. Some times you click and it zoom but it’s the only thing “bad” that I remember.

    Talking about the game itself, in Kingdoms you play more by regions (as I remember) and you have to conquer to win.

    Legends is “old but gold” , always with improvements that keep strategy the usual.

    So, there were my two cents 8)

    hi guys, i just started playing the game with a couple of friends and i'm kind of at a loss with what to choose (tribe + strategy ).

    does anyone have an uptodate guide (legion ) for viable and good strategies for non gold players ?

    Well, take a look at the upper videos.

    For myself i prefer Romans, because i'm used to play with. But Gauls seems pretty nice as well.

    I am getting back into Travian and am about to start on the USX server. I will probably start 2 or 3 days after launch so I am not surrounded by super experienced players. I played about a year and a half ago and I was in a really strong alliance Gods and Heros I think. If anyone knows what happened to them please let me know.

    I think I want to be a hammer, I know that sounds crazy as gaul but TT hammers are so fast.

    I always struggled early game so I was wondering what I could do to get ahead. I won't be using gold.

    Hope to see some the same boat , mate ^^

    We have to see :

    - If you just have 1/2h per day to spend at , choose for a normal server.

    - If you have more time to spend, go to Speed Servers.

    Sitters exist for some reasons and they are undervalued . You can trade Silver to switch for Gold and go with Master Build..

    I know that are minors soluctions but...


    My suggestion: Once the village is destroyed, 3 settlers will be spawned (automatically) and travel to 0|0 (hello MH, yes it is your home) at settler's speed (or maybe slower). Then, the owner can choose to send the settlers anywhere like normal. If the village has an artifact, a natar village will be spawn (with/without troops, this needs more thinking) and containing that artifact.

    Can it be abused? Yes, but no effective. The scenario is 3 ppl rush early cata, destroy all first villages of their teammates. Then their teammates can choose 15c as their 1st village. But I doubt anyone will no it. Attack is only possible after BP. And settlers can be delayed to make it much less effective.

    I agree with your suggestion.

    • i only would change : when your village is destroyed, you can choose beetwen spawn 3 settlers of delete your account (only at this situation you could delete instantantly)

    cheers 8)