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    Yeah, the master builder is one thing, but raids and attacks?
    Then it will be like a bot. And a lot of resources can be brought in by that.
    It contradicts your opening statement.

    The wave builder is a nice idea though. It eliminates the difference between new and experienced players, when it comes to same second attacks.

    I don't think the price of gold should go up. That will only make the gap even more extreme. The benefits of gold should be less large. Or: there should also be other ways to obtain the same benefits and it should absolutely not increase every aspect of the game.

    Hello everybody,

    I am writing this message for Travian Games. I hope that a community manager picks up on it. The thing is that we see attempts by TG to create something that is both profitable and attracts/keeps more players online. For example the new taskmaster system. I actually think that this is a complete disaster. Simply due to the gap between gold users benefits and non gold users. I think that the approach is wrong. The rules are great. It doesn't need fixing.

    The biggest increase in activity, player number and fun I ever saw was with the addition of the Egyptian and Hun tribes and the introduction of the European map. Continuing down this line, there can be many great ideas. I came up with this one the other day:
    Map of North (or north and south america); civilizations for example Sioux, Cherokee, Navaho, Apache, Aztec, Maya, or Eskimo. And instead of Natar Gun toting settlers! It'll be a hoot. Everyone will love it, I am certain. Everyone will want to check out the new tribes and new map. And you can do the same thing for Feudal Japan, the warring state period in China, Great Britain, any area in the world, actually! You all already have birthday servers and such, wy not keep the successful ones and try a new map/new tribes each year.

    Ofcourse you can keep traditional travian, but then at least allow the 5 tribes option. I would also keep the codex setup. That is tons of fun!
    But seriously, different maps and different tribes will keep players interested and make players that stopped want to come back to take a look, no doubt about it.
    You culd even add more tribes to the normal setup. Vikings maybe, or Byzantines, Turks, Berbers. There are so many ideas.

    I hope that this will help out a bit.

    Cheers all.

    That would be nice Ridder Huma . Also: I saw that the tribe specific buildings will be included. Will it be trapper, HDT and brewery? Or something created from that contest a while back?

    I'm not curious. I just want to know everything.


    Thanks Andreas.
    I have seen tables in the past, showing which rule would be on and which would be off. Will it be the 3 traditional tribes? Or will it include the 2 new tribes?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for the facts of which rules will apply to the upcoming anglosphere 2 server, starting on jan 19th?
    Can anyone point me to them?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Travian,

    The above number is a ticket number that was answered competently by Ashwin. However, it brings to bear that maybe, when gathering in an alliance member's village during a truce, this should not be added to the table of trade balance between the accounts. There is, after all, no crop to be eaten. And, it was the case that we (the larger account) wanted to obtain some food during a defcall from our deffer (the smaller account), to feed his own troops.

    My 2 cents.

    Regards from an old Noob.

    Therefrom follows

    B*7=C+D <20 <===>
    Therefore B= 1 or 2

    Therefore, A=1 or 4

    So, either
    A=1, B=1 and C= 9 and D=9
    A=4, B=2, C=8 and D=6
    Given that C+d = B*7, then C+D is either 7, or 14.
    So, the answer must be that B is 2, which leads to the below final answer.

    A=4, B=2, C=8 and D=6

    Same here, but I think something else should have been changed. This factually doesn't change the effect it has in the sense of making it easier for high gold users. It only makes it less extreme. That is why I suggested something above. That will work far better to level that difference.

    Yes IMDubzs, it does, although you conclusions will remain the same mostly.

    That contest of settling within 48 hours is fun, but I think that the main thing is that the rewards should not be given for each village. Village 1 and 2 (I would say a cropper), yes. And then a few bonusses for account wide achievements that will lower the difference between using gold and not using gold. Such as free gold, free goldclub, free res bonus or plus for a week. Stuff like that.

    Or bonus CP.

    The least you could do Teabag, is answer polite in game messages!|
    And, right now, I am doubting that you have such an insight.
    Likely due to a small number of troops on your account.

    And no, the troop pop ratio is not inverted at all. What did change, is the fact that high gold users will have their villages simmed way faster and can produce troops earlier on. So, the benefit of high gold usage has been increased. Nothing more, nothing less. I actually sincerely doubt that your 9/10 account group can give a representative image. I think the best indicator is the general tab information in statistics. Possibly the top 10 farmers list, although I have been able to outfarm huuuuge armies, just by having a better understanding of it.

    Nice to speak with you Teabag, but again: I doubt your experience. Perhaps I have just been here longer. Regardless, your conclusions are based on numbers that indicate something else. Please consider what I rote.

    If you say the 2nd task master tasks should apply for the cap, it is still village 1. So, that can't be. I think it should be a cropper, simply because without a cropper, large troop numbers can't be supported. Players should be led to choosing for options that work.

    Also: Some large players become large due to troops. But the early simmers are absolutely not training troops. With this taskmaster system, there is no reward for training troops. But huuuuge rewards for buildings and res fields. We see 6 village players with hardly a soldier in them. The reason why I am being 'salty' is because this way, the game dies. And I absolutely will stop playing if it remains as is. I will also stop if the taskmaster system remains for every village.

    Your point about PTR is understood and valid though.

    I agree on all accounts.
    For clarity:
    The taskmaster rewards should only apply to Spawn and the 1st CROPPER. Besides that, account wide goals should be rewarded. For all other villages, the taskmaster system should be removed. I also agree with rewards in the sense of gold, or free 25% resource bonus and plus account. Or even the gold club (for example after achieving 10 villages).

    The rewards should also be tuned down.

    Well written IMDubz.