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    interesting comments and shit talk

    Lets see at the end where the truth lies.

    And if reality is a balanced server, or one team who brought all the others here gets bent over by there own un doing.

    GOATS also have no tech wings now, but chocolate did donate noods as compensation :P

    But as GOATS are the smallest quad meta at around 130 even IKEA with there support wings is larger, don't know why they don't just call them flat pack 1, 2, 3.

    As Jay is spamming so well I just watch the crap talk.

    But at over 500 posts now on this alone, it may be the highest server ever spam thread, TG will love it.



    100 % correct

    Now balance is not even it's full 1 sided so soon.

    Not even going for ww will not give gunners vices the fun.

    Will just eat some SW grass for while

    So unless wws come in flat packs, gunners vices have won already

    Day 44

    A record. Well deserved

    By end of server so far 🐐 is in the lead followed closely by gow, ten is third but will be whining loudly no doubt when dnd start sending ;)

    you drinking too much cool aid

    We only here for fun.

    You won't see a GOAT ww,

    I predict only NE ww maybe a weak SE ww

    But as tonz the anti gunners TEN leader who yes i did talk with

    Is now gone, must be my BO.

    And the Snake the pro gunner leader of TEN who allied merged gunners last server is now running things.

    I see who is the zerg and who is only team with a ww ambitions.

    So you already won that part. Not disputing that.


    Will be nice to see your multiple 1 million tech fed hammers having to hit our support villages.

    Good luck

    Ps. Don't need to spam me, as I'm not forum active.

    has other alliance declared war and catting every day so many other alliance in profile.

    Gunners looks like planted some players to merge all the non GOATS into mayhem lol

    And Zen 3 wings

    About 8 teams we are at actual war with not exp hunting by splatting tech's on us like some one who was caught out

    No simming here So that's wrong, I see another NE thread making friend.

    So yes thanks for the thread.


    com2 top clean alliances:

    Include DnD and Duat (clean sheet), Gunners, Ten (minor discrepancy) Goats (clean sheet..

    Thank the GOAT lord for that.'s against our philosophy

    Now talking about wars...

    Have you seen GOATS list, we pride our self on declare war on most I our quad, no zerging, for those younger players who don't remember the old days of 7 to 10 wings per quad.

    No GOATS as Batman said we came with who was available.

    And only 100 odd were,

    No mass recruiting just mass war declarations

    And plenty of catting and zeroing villages

    I even got one in the boonies also zeroed.

    So yes please 14 pages of old news is old news..

    So Trump, any gossip.


    Brezz to my friends

    Most people who aren't using techs in this competitive server would lose out on the best croppers to those who are. We tried honest play without techs against Web (Russian Ally) on CV19 and we lost out on most of the good 15c. Dont be so naive, everyones using techs in com2.

    Me me me

    But using is wrong term, Using is like boting which is illegal

    Friends helping me is different I'm not using my friends,

    Or maybe I am, oh such a conflict now in my mind.

    Am I abusing my friends

    Am I using my friends

    Do I really love my friends

    When did I last say I liked them

    Or loved them

    Oh oh um, my mind is now just so confused.

    Please some one call a doctor or a vet,

    My tech, um cat is having kittens, yes yes

    Got 9 more little tech's.

    I'm a father.

    Oh it's so nice to write with out abuses

    Hope all had a good spawn day


    Aka Brezzok or Brezz, or dictator GOAT, master of slave goats


    With all honesty

    This will be a awesome server in TG history to remember

    Dirty or clean, it's just a game.

    Players are enemy's on one allies friends on another

    All the best to EVERYONE