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    Your gunners diplomacy still working against you..

    Say your fighting against us all, bla bla.

    Yet ask secretly to make deal with GOATS... lol

    And at same time try make secret deal with Ten also to hit us...

    This diplomacy is why no one likes you... it's a wonder more not deleting. But after all the capital changes and hammers lost

    Now so many EGH lost .

    I suppose the players are deserting and wanted to loose hammers in style..

    Zerg zerg zerger, need a tee shirt.


    Anti cheaters antu bull crap artist zerg ..

    Stop doing dirty lies and tricks that's what's got you in poo.

    But your the one who hides like a rat.

    And feel you can tell others how to behave...

    Yet hide behind name..

    AFK did the only right thing and got revenge for PAX. We can not let backstabbings like that go by, it has to be harshly punished. Can't let the dogs in GOATS get away with war crimes

    The only problem is you guys GOATS never back stab or go back on there word once given...goats had no intention of it... you guys built up chiefs in villages next to us b4 the stab. It shows was planned all along.

    Your the ones who came and lied at the prior to server about hating back stabbing duet and wanting to kill them

    When had secret confed b4 server. And say you wanted to back stab goats b4 they back stabbed you...

    Get over the stabbing SH!t ... It's a dead subject.

    Zerger zerger love that saying now...

    Brezz proud zerger.

    Love survivor. Get to see into ppl and what they like. Compared to real life face.

    You believe what you want to believe, but this was our projection from the start of the server. It was confirmed very early that it was heading in that direction from the convos IKEA had with Brezzok in which Ajax was involved with planning joint ops against us. Didn't see us complain then did you? Because it was expected.

    Total bull

    Post the chat..

    It said.. When are you planning attacks on duat.. that was to Afk.

    He said he wants to hit duet after day 50.

    I said. Ajax just wanted to know because he wanted to hit day 40 if that was when you zip bar talk and asking a question on what day IKEA was hitting Duat.

    Never any talk of goats hitting. Or any one else..but you guys edit turn any words to what you want, then complain..

    I proud to be a zerger, it's the new year resolution

    Just as AFK said and I have our privet convo, we came to kill duet because they back stabbed us and we hate back stabbing... we are coming to SW as friends to bring balance to the server

    GOATS being at time smallest meta at 2 wings now 1 partial recruited..

    So don't lie about convos. I feel admit to mine any time, as done already. Many times..

    Any way I prefore zerger to cheater,... Or maybe persons of Low Morals. For another term...

    Zerger, zerger, zerger, sounds like a football cheer theme




    Thank you for directing my understanding to its un correctness. ( I like those words )

    Point being your posts are always so full of mis direction, but every one sees through it.

    It might work in MSM they quote a lie then quote another MSM Untill it's requoted back to then appear legitimate.

    I post what all know, .... Drain the swamp..

    And stop hidding behind key board.

    And align you keyboard to your team and real life





    Because my good friend Jay knows that it is all irelivent and this is light entertainment.

    Like cheap wine, not women

    sorry I'm bad on catch up political.

    Correct me please.

    1 gunners friends with DND team

    2 Also 2.1.

    3 all to screw TEN.

    4 then dump 2.1 , good friends they were.

    5 dumps other friends DND and gangs up with Nordic to attack x friends.

    6 So from a commanding position. They back stabbed all there friends.

    7 then they had no enemies in SW so decided to help there GOAT friends by borrowing their fool arti.

    8 Gunner leaders seam to be the best political party iv ever seen..

    To alienate all teams then cry when other parties go and fake them.

    9 late entry forgot. They play dirty and steal arties with spies.

    First team to sink so low.

    Mmm I'm glad I don't read these threads too much.



    hey guys get over it

    I admitted to trying the tech's much to our morality against it.

    But was useless at it. Don't see others admitted as much.

    Yes we are old school and this new methods is not what we are used too.

    And we won't be going again on servers with them again.

    Just not the game of fun we want.

    We have been around for many years and only play occasionally servers.

    On the IKEA issues it is what it is or was. The only point Ill make is that they say it was last minute decision to hit us

    Yet they had saved cp and built chiefs in villages planted near our hammers and spawns that takes pre planning.

    Well done on it.

    On being friends with TEN now x leader and GOW does not make a confed of 3 vs all others

    Similar to DND being as say friends with gunners etc etc etc

    Ill add the etc, so as to not delude to teams.

    Now but if you go back in time I posted that in the end we and TEN etc would fight still and no confed would be. Just no bashing at start of server.

    That's normal diplomacy not make allies.

    Now his not even leader Any more so I have no contact with TEN on even that.

    But I dought they will hit GOATS not because of that but they have own wars. So again not hitting some one does not make allied.

    Again. Pre SERVER diplomacy is only talk, which as you know mostly stops after first shots fired and situation changes.

    GOATS are here for fun

    If go back to start of server

    I posted win or loose I wish all a fun server.

    That holds still

    Its a game, and for us it's more of a social gathering, of old friends in our spam room

    Talking cooking tips from rain and maggie, or drinks best beers types from Germ and others.

    Have fun guys. Meme me all you like.

    I will say GOATS still on profile on day one posted and declared war on all teams in Our quad, and did fight them all

    We are old school and don't fight with out declare mostly.

    Last server a few years ago our one wing team against BAD in cross quad 4 or 5 wings we even gave them a weeks warning .

    This new stile of win at all costs and who ever has most gold, is not for me.

    Will definitely not be doing tech's again as a meta, if one or 2 have personal tech's that's fine.

    Ok I ranted enough



    Yes I still write my name, I don't hide

    interesting comments and shit talk

    Lets see at the end where the truth lies.

    And if reality is a balanced server, or one team who brought all the others here gets bent over by there own un doing.

    GOATS also have no tech wings now, but chocolate did donate noods as compensation :P

    But as GOATS are the smallest quad meta at around 130 even IKEA with there support wings is larger, don't know why they don't just call them flat pack 1, 2, 3.

    As Jay is spamming so well I just watch the crap talk.

    But at over 500 posts now on this alone, it may be the highest server ever spam thread, TG will love it.



    100 % correct

    Now balance is not even it's full 1 sided so soon.

    Not even going for ww will not give gunners vices the fun.

    Will just eat some SW grass for while

    So unless wws come in flat packs, gunners vices have won already

    Day 44

    A record. Well deserved

    By end of server so far 🐐 is in the lead followed closely by gow, ten is third but will be whining loudly no doubt when dnd start sending ;)

    you drinking too much cool aid

    We only here for fun.

    You won't see a GOAT ww,

    I predict only NE ww maybe a weak SE ww

    But as tonz the anti gunners TEN leader who yes i did talk with

    Is now gone, must be my BO.

    And the Snake the pro gunner leader of TEN who allied merged gunners last server is now running things.

    I see who is the zerg and who is only team with a ww ambitions.

    So you already won that part. Not disputing that.


    Will be nice to see your multiple 1 million tech fed hammers having to hit our support villages.

    Good luck

    Ps. Don't need to spam me, as I'm not forum active.

    has other alliance declared war and catting every day so many other alliance in profile.

    Gunners looks like planted some players to merge all the non GOATS into mayhem lol

    And Zen 3 wings

    About 8 teams we are at actual war with not exp hunting by splatting tech's on us like some one who was caught out

    No simming here So that's wrong, I see another NE thread making friend.

    So yes thanks for the thread.


    com2 top clean alliances:

    Include DnD and Duat (clean sheet), Gunners, Ten (minor discrepancy) Goats (clean sheet..

    Thank the GOAT lord for that.'s against our philosophy

    Now talking about wars...

    Have you seen GOATS list, we pride our self on declare war on most I our quad, no zerging, for those younger players who don't remember the old days of 7 to 10 wings per quad.

    No GOATS as Batman said we came with who was available.

    And only 100 odd were,

    No mass recruiting just mass war declarations

    And plenty of catting and zeroing villages

    I even got one in the boonies also zeroed.

    So yes please 14 pages of old news is old news..

    So Trump, any gossip.


    Brezz to my friends