Posts by [ cwl ] Brezzok

    16.5hr passed now.

    Alliance Uniques Larges Smalls
    3 6 6
    Gunners 1 4 4
    TEN 2 5 11
    REVs 1 7 6
    Phoenix 2

    Small diet in deep NW, still dont have owner yet. Small trainer ans small storage in deep SW too. 6 of larges also are waiting their owners. I can expect today all filled names in treasury.

    Congratulations so far to all, it is the most stressful time of a server

    Ten looks good in numbers especially smalls

    Geez I see spy or plants in server, gee who would have thought,

    Would never ever see CWL GOAT do that. ;p

    Looks away while saying it .


    impressive from toofa and GOAT but maybe Toofa fudging his numbers in report, interesting to see GOWs report

    With those impressive numbers it makes the Teutonic clubs look a bit small , I was at first impression happy with those numbers,

    But numbers don't really mean much as long as it gets the job done.

    Batman can you ask GOAT who he is feed back as on our GOAT FB some one here posted asking who he is



    @[ cwl ] Brezzok waves can be 4 per player with around ten players or so attacking not really more then that yet. It's a pretty big ask for a lot of players, as we are still almost 30 days from artefacts. Gow started with more hammers in first attacks, scaling down a bit but with an increase in frequency.

    The battles are reminiscent of the days of mc/ave vs cwl. Both teams are undoubtedly talented and quite capable and happy to cross quads pre artefacts.

    Besides locking down respective quads or occasional rogue attack ten (se meta) and rev (sw) alliance I imagine, are just enjoying the tug of war, whilst eating popcorn and simming along nicely on the sidelines.

    10 doing planned multi waves on regular basis pre arties cross quad shows post arties is going to be very exciting.

    so may I ask

    The battles I a reading, Are the actions how many players are attacking at same time , 10 , 30, 50,

    How many waves generally or singles.

    Fakes ? 100 300 ?

    Or we getting loners bored or other reasons going rogue and trying there luck

    Any arti steals ? Mmmm I'm thinking no arties out yet as no threads on it


    @[ cwl ] Brezzok, please contact me if you ever start a server. It will be a great experience to play together with you.

    I think from what read, your the leader or mouth for GOW

    So when say play together I presume as in same server

    Yes I would, I like good communication between leaders even if opposite side, diplomacy is vital



    I don't think brezzok mean that he will join this server. Most probably he will be here next server to join the fight if all of us decide to stick in com2.

    Of course REVs will dominate SW this server, but if there was a next server, then it might not be the case.


    @Batman yes com 1 is poo with sim city and cheating

    Not that I'm a virgin, being play since original many years means as most I had my far share of it, guilty as charged lol.

    But yea now we play clean .


    thank you loLLLLLLLLL

    I hope I got the correct number of Ls

    Being not too young they all blur even with glasses

    Feye I don't know Rev is God's,

    I have much respect for the OLD GODS and played with some x leaders .

    Or maybe you just being sassy

    Yes if we join I will show you my bits. Many many times. If your in SW.

    Asking respectfully for account name and quad is not rude

    As I have shown my quad as it is and has been in all bar 1 server in 15 years.

    And my name and alliance is here in forum for all to see. I hide no where.

    Just looking for a good server and this looks like option

    We don't play s1 as SGR are friends




    Alright bro bring your best spreadsheets. Lets jam. Don't even know who you are and don't care. Your all talk and no game.

    Nice to meet you too

    So may I request your game name and quad for future knowledge

    I will pay due respect at the time if start, as being newb to some of the team's

    No not all talk... just some hey @Batman.

    GOW cross quads b4 arties, got to love that.

    Much RESpecT

    Like doing early damage also , but if have to fight 2 wings from day 1 I don't think we will cross over early this time.