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    Heathens has solid players that won many battles and made bald moves


    they are now embracing analphabet noobs for the sake of victory points


    Am not making fun of you. Just have been ordered to read the forum and quite frankly was falling asleep over it. The only thing keeping me awake are the thoughts: "Why does this not make any sense?", "Is this supposed to make sense?", "Is it normal that I can´t find any meaning or purpose with anything written here?", "Will Alanas make fun of me if I ask him what the point here is?"

    Then came "bald moves" and I laughed. A blessing! And then came the end of the sentence, and I laughed some more.

    *** Victory points are the aim of the game ***

    Victory points also come with the benefit of some art.

    I could point out a few reasons for aiming at academy when attacking. Being bored of attacking always the same way is one. People have choices. Why are you trolling someone over what they aim on when attacking you? You seem to be both cranky and ignorant of the game. You surely are not enjoying the server. One of the features the game has is deletion.

    The fact that we never were attacked, never starved and managed to stay until the end proves that it's invincible.

    The word is irrelevant. Another word related to that one is insignificant.

    Quite on point that hammer got it´s own thread, made by a team that did nothing but blame others for everything going wrong for them the whole server.

    It still breaks with the interpretation of rule 1.1

    Does it though? I have more than once gotten TG attention and seen others get the same, only for playing with friends and seeing their goals met as important as my own. It has quite often annoyed me that TG does not feel the same way as I do about friendship and team play. The "techs" you are referring to may go over and beyond my usual helpfulness ... still, the main objective is the same. Why does a good player have to have too much ego to play "tech" style for a friend? It is relaxed and keeps you involved in the game as much as you like and have time for. And when it also gives your team a good spammer like Loffe this round, it is a win win win ... in every direction :love:

    For so many of us what keeps us playing travian is friendship and the people we have met when playing, have seen you yourself say the same. It may not be your personal style to play tech for fun, but I am sure you can see how it may be the perfect solution for some people. I am now a week out of server and am already missing the fun a good friendship and travian "plotting" can bring :* Common, it is wickedly fun. And noone can nag you for disappearing for so or so long if you play alone in a tech. Unless you are Loffe and everyone misses you from chat of course.

    I personally would play tech if I could. The only thing stopping that from happening is personal issue. That personal issue is lack of willpower. Tell myself every server I am gonna play relaxed ^^ So kudos to tech players. Your self discipline is way better than mine.

    SGR have lost quite a few players over the playstyle of Villains

    WWK´s and WWR´s in the boonies is not something invented by Villains. Furthermore it takes planning and activity as any other play style. Complaining about those accounts is as genius as complaining about relaxed "hobby" players all over the map. ^^ And yes, complaining about those latter happens quite often. Know it as I do so every game. Mind you, I complain more about people not spamming enough though.

    I just wanted TEN to go out with something like dignity.

    TEN goes out with dignity. Vices go out with victory and the best team play and planning I have ever seen. Personally I am in awe of Luke and Cris. Same for Amar and his ghosters. The whole def team is still making me hold my breath, from the first encounter. As an anvil player I really appreciate the beauty of that endlessly solid wall. Am grateful for the opportunity to meet them. It has been an experience :* In the same way I admire the TEN hammer machine, every time we took out a few, new took their place. There is no shame in loosing against skills, and you made us work for it <3 Thankfully our hammers did match the defense side of Vices and we could sail to victory 200 against 700. Don´t think anyone missed the work TEN put into the pot to make us enjoy the server <3 Thank you Vices and Thank you TEN for an amazing server <3<3

    I will explain to you why the account was not logical, it was because people were actually working hard to get the resources for it.

    Of all the illogical and stupid sentences in your post :/ this has to be the winner. Do you imagine you are telling the travian community how to work hard? That you have done something never done before? The first hard working travian account? Please. Shut up and be ashamed of yourself. What an arrogant ass. Even posting here on this thread you have people so much better than you. People that can teach you about playing hard. Start with bowing to Luke.

    From what I understand, you had a rival like that and you decided to switch sides

    I played with SGR and a rammer from the rival side attacked own wonder. Left the server that day, after a chat with Mazzi in SGR chat, finding out he had been involved from the first day. For some of us that kind of play is a huge letdown.

    You fail to see many things, but I guess that's part of your charm

    For me it is all good not being all seeing, as long as I do my best to correct mistakes I may make. And I did. Did not see the CT betrayal coming last server. I made an error playing with SGR. But corrected my steps. Have enjoyed my team immensely this round.

    Good joke Travian brothers ^^ Vices tactics this server were awesome. However I fail to see how a team of alert ghosters, solid WW team, insanely good def players and all that topped with good hammer players, is making you moody. Everyone deserves to get a rival like that. You not bringing the good game is not our fault.

    Please no rollback for us in com 1 TG. One more rollback does not change the outcome of the server, just makes the end more painful for both sides, and might make more players decide this was their last server for good. Really hope TG starts to invest in real solutions.





    How about some reports on what happened, and an update on WW standings?

    You can see all this in game. As already stated and our Amazing Duck even posted for you. Our DC´s are chilling and enjoying a moment away from us all :) reports will come later. Good job everyone <3

    This is the third time you bring up the same issue and the answer is yes, I did if anyone was offended.

    I keep bringing the issue up as I did not feel all your if if if if sentences were a proper apology. And a proper apology is overdue.

    A crowded room of offended Vices and you are still missing the point.

    Who was it that called Tinky´s account a bot and multi in an MM to all SGR/TEN/LL meta and then posted in this forum? I never did see anyone apologize to her. Did you? Obi-Wan

    Hm :/ could add that your continuing abuse of our feeders, also continue to surprise and amaze us, to the extent of our WW now being named "Not a feeder" ... but that is not a real surprise really, and totally different meaning behind the word amaze.

    you do cheat

    As a sitter of the Fire dude, I can tell you he isn´t a cheater. Nor am I. Now stop throwing this cheating label around. If you must, find those you think are cheating and have a private chat with them. Please stop throwing meaningless accusations at a room where the majority has nothing to do with your frustration.

    That said, I do respect your stand on legit play. Keep it up, but not in a thread where your accusations land on innocent bystanders. The "Vices are cheaters" chorus is a propaganda meant to deflect attention from your meta and nothing more here. Vices have shown fun, well planned and effective play all server, you got to have something to dislike them for right? While you have that, less people will stop to focus on the absence of all those elements in your own meta.

    Also Vices are seeing the most fun endgame :* our players continue to surprise and amaze <3