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    Thanks for the mention @cris@ .

    I feel like there is not much you can randomise about the artefacts besides the small spawns, without it getting unbalanced. The Uniques gotta be somewhat close to the center in order for other quads to have proper steal attempts, or they're fairly 'safe'. Whereas smalls could be varied a lot more ye. But I do agree that making them more random than they are rn would allow for a fun twist.

    I kinda like how theres several hammers that are to be made for different purposes. Ghosts specifically for quick small pickups and proper hammers for the rest etcetera. Allows for more coordinated planning and therefore a higher skill ceiling. The EI ghosts do go through the Natars like butter, but they can always tweak and add a bit more cavalry def.

    I think closing registrations shouldnt be a thing. Have had many times where I invited friends to join a server at late stages, just for them to get a feel of the game while I can protect them because of size. Making it that BP players cant do normal attacks would be an easy fix for the BP artie 'abuse'

    My main focus is less on little tweaks. I think this game is balanced pretty damn well. The one thing we gotta work on is spicing things up, keeping it fresh, being creative and bringing in new players. I'm not very bothered with needing 5k EI or 6k EI for a small arti.

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Daniel and I'm a 23 year old business engineering student from the Netherlands. As a kid I grew up, and still am, playing a bunch of games like FIFA, Pokemon, Mario, Minecraft & CSGO. At around 11 years old I was introduced to Travian and have been hooked to it ever since, while also taking several breaks. We all know how taxing it can be when one is super competitive. I even went 'pro' gamer for a little while as I was able to go full time into streaming under the name of Mentally on both Twitch and YouTube. Because of this I was invited to a likewise event for Minecraft wich was an incredible experience. I started studying business engineering because I fell in love with the industry. Getting picked for this would be a tremendous opportunity for me as a person.

    Like I said before, I started playing over 10 years ago on various NL and COM servers. People might recognize me under the name of Doge or BigMan from com29, com6 and the current com2. With much credit to my incredible duals we've achieved a few things. We built a WW to level 100 while leading the alliance, we were #1 pop, #1 attacker, filled profiles with ribbons and were amongst the top anvils. Some of these rankings were only hit for a matter of days but still, I got screenshots so it counts right?!

    Why pick me? I've always been very critical of the games I play because I get so invested in them. Finding a way to cater to both the most competitive players and the new players finding the game daily is quite a challenge. The things I would want to address are the following.

    - Go to a single domain:
    This would create bigger servers with many more players. Therefore new players can fight their own battles with neighbours that are their size, which is how I fell in love with the game. This while the competitive lot are in front of a bigger challenge to get the win against more and bigger competition.
    Servers would be less repetitive. I've found the last few servers I've played to all become big 2 way META wars. While many years ago many more METAs were all competing at once. Something only found on the tournament servers nowadays.
    This would also allow for a lot more creativity and testing on Travians end. Instead of launching 10 identical servers on different domains every month or so. We could have a new server, on this single domain, every week.

    - Create a mobile app:
    I can only imagine how complicated this matter would be. So I don't think I can go into detail on that front. It could however open the game up to a lot more players, which we'd all benefit from.

    - Create more and better content:

    It is one of the ways to get people to see the game. As a content creator myself it hurts seeing the Travian YouTube channel. Tutorials could be posted with much more frequency, depth and ideally more fluent English.
    Also I would try advocate for players to post content like videos and or screenshots of their experiences, heck, maybe even a good old top 10 plays of the month could be a thing.
    I would love to brainstorm on how to make Travian a game on which content can be created by players themselves. Showing gameplay quickly puts your account at risk, so some kind of incognito mechanic could be cool.

    - Besides that theres also little details: like making the themes optional :), etc.

    Coming weeks I will engage much more on the forums as I have not done so before and am eager to hear what you guys think. I'm in several discord servers for the servers I play and have played and will ask many friends for their opinions and views. I hope to get your vote!

    Thank you very much,
    - Daniel


    The server is pretty far ahead. We're looking for a dual that wants to join our team of two players. We're not super serious but very experienced.
    We have managed several top 10 accounts both pop and attacking rank and are looking to be present in top 10 raiders for several weeks.
    It is an offensive Roman account, 150% cropper with 2 hammers, with full artefact support and acces from the alliance.
    Hmu on Discord if you're interested :)


    Hey everyone!

    My dual and I run a top 50 qualifiers account on the server.
    We're looking for fun people to join our team!
    We do not require you to have crazy knowdledge of the game, as nor does my dual :whistling:
    We're mostly looking for someone that can have a laugh, is semi-active and willing to share the cost of gold.
    (We're dirty simmers that NPC bc 2 much resources, sorry <X )

    Optionally we'd also be interested in someone starting an account fresh right now that we boost and help create a hammer.
    This, as we're a defensive account with a lil crop and res to spare.
    Then again, running an account + building a hammer is quite time consuming so we'd need more people for that :)

    Shoot me a message if interested!

    - Daniel

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Daniel and alonside Nick I run the account Doge on and we ran Daniel on
    Both accounts have been or are top 10 agressive accounts, always competing for top 10 raiders.
    We find we miss the final edge as Nick and I overlap a little bit timezone wise.
    We need someone that can play from 3 to 10 server time (UTC) and is a gold user.

    Like I said, we've just started on and are looking to have some fun this server!
    If we find a dual we would be interested in possibly trying the speedx3 if that is your thing.



    I'm currently playing on the, offensive Gaul and am 11th pop wise. Looking to settle my 4th village soon and will most likely keep my position. Am looking for a dual so I can start playing more agressive. Dont have the time as a solo to make it into the top raiders list.

    I'm 21 and from the Netherlands. Working as an independant therefor I'm very flexible. Looking for any dual, yet preferably from a different timezone. Already have two personal deffers, so all ingredients for a fun round!

    Also open to possibly join other peoples accounts, as the server is in such an early stage.

    Please pm if interested