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    You can instant demolish the whole level 20 building for a cheap 5 gold.

    You can buy plus for 10 gold and instant build the building for 2 gold for 2 levels x 10 = 20 gold.

    All in all, its 20 gold + 5 gold + 20 gold + 5 gold = 50 gold.

    If you are good at playing or perhaps just in late game, resources are abundant

    and should not be a problem to manually swap your buildings around.

    I do not like the hero's resources too, if there was an option to turn if off and get directly into the warehouses instead,

    I would do so.

    For the evasion...why not just block attacks instead of running away?

    Chinese and English, I was bad at English as everyone in real life basically speaks chinese.

    After talking trash on the internet, i became good at english.

    And I realized the importance of English, you cannot just read the sentences you have to

    get an insight into the meaning between the sentences, that is what real english means.

    And also there is this weird culture of elaboration of essays and project presentations in

    schools and workplaces, i deemed those as non-important english, basically you write tons

    of information about a topic to makes you look smart and hardworking but in fact you are just

    writing about an idea which can be represented in just one paragraph.

    foxrain4 at com4

    So pro tips huh, its more fun to be stronger than others, destroying others to oblivion and massacre new players.

    But if you want to win the game, which is what i imagined as being pro in travian then you would have to read my guide

    and learn more about teamwork.

    To win the game, you need construction plans, chief World Wonder protected by the Natars and build WW to level 100.

    for that you need an experienced offensive player, then many defense and resource supplier players and last but not least

    WWK players, meaning World Wonder Killer, whom catapults other alliances' WW.

    So you need an alliance in order to do all of the above.

    Considering that the World Wonder spawns on 100,100 of each world map quadrant,

    meta alliances are often split into four alliances based on four different directions, NE, NW, SE, SW.

    Lets say you have 60 players alliance or even wings and confeds, how are you supposed to defeat your enemies?

    It is very simple mathematics, the more resources you gain per hour, the more resources you farm per hour and

    the more soldiers you train per hour will decides the ultimate flow of the battle.

    But of course this is not the end, i have some more advanced tips for you all.

    The WW capturer is recommended to have low population and be Teutons.

    Why low pop? Because low pop players have +defense % against high pop players known as morale bonus.

    But low pop player will find it hard to gain enough resources and momentum to build a hammer to chief WW,

    now this is where another player comes, this guy is the big farm, and i recommend this big farm player be a roman player,

    because roman have double build, they build the fastest and expand the most villages the fastest.

    So yeah your teuton player in your alliance are going to farm this roman player in your alliance, but do not forget the timing,

    this should happen in mid game when WW construction plans are near to be released.

    So why Teutons? Because of their walls, the ram formulaes is insane to comprehend, but generally even though romans and gauls provides

    more wall defense bonus, teutons walls do not break and therefore are worth much more in WW, because there is a weird mechanic

    whereby if opponent WWK brings enough rams to tear down your romans and gauls walls, your romans and gauls walls acts as though

    they are zero or low levels walls and giving little to zero defense bonus.

    Now what about gauls? In theory gauls gives the most defense per hour because both their infantry and calvary defense are good

    unlike the two other tribes, however gauls defensive strategy are no longer important to WW protection as long as you have many players in your alliance.

    With the introduction of Huns whom can invade other quadrants easily which is explained on the next paragraph, you will need gaul players to spam enough

    defense to protect you quadrant from invading huns.

    Now what about huns? Huns have a special building called command center, when you chief enemy villages, you are delayed for a few days,

    because the village you chiefed have their expansion slot used up, however command center gives 3 expansion slots, therefore huns players

    could work together and invade other quadrants and chief the other meta alliances' villages easily. Also Huns troops are very hamvil like,

    therefore they could protect themselves well even they are settling on enemies quadrants.

    So for egyptians? Most players really like egyptians for their special building called waterworks, they increase your oases production by 100%

    and that is a lot when multiplying and adding up all the crop bonuses allowing strong hammers and anvils to be built.

    However egyptians offense sucks so hard, therefore you are supposed to pair up an offensive tribe player like teutons, the teuton hammer will literally

    be fed by the egyptian player both of your same alliance, and this is how you wins the game, with teamwork.

    So if you do this correctly, you can easily destroy other players' WW, because the combat formula in travian works in favour of bigger army,

    in combat the player with the higher number of troops have medium casualties whereas the player with the lower number of troop have unfairly high casualties.

    It is easy to form an anvil, since anvil can comes from many separate villages but hammer can only come from one village.

    So as you can see, travian is more about self-sacrificing for the greater power aka teamwork.

    I will now give some tips on each tribe for which location they should settle or chief on for example in NW +/+

    Romans are fat and good at simcity, therefore they should be at 300/300, this is to avoid enemy from plundering your richest villages'

    resources or chiefing your high population villages.

    Gauls are actually the most flexible tribe in their location, because of their TT have traveling speed to farm resources and fast plus cheap

    defensive troops, Gauls can settle anywhere they want.

    Teutons have the strongest offense, note that their brewery gives +20% attack bonus and their walls are invincible, so they should settle

    on the front line, at near 0,0. Also at 0,0 there is a grey zone where there are many 50% oasis and 15 croppers will be fought for and teutons

    are the best fighters amongst the tribes. In mid game, artifacts will also be spawned near 0,0, they will also be fought for.

    For Huns, they should settle near the enemy quadrants so they could invade other meta alliances' territories, do not underestimate the

    intrusion of quadrant territories, the bigger you whole alliance's territory is, the more oases and 15 croppers your alliance have and remember

    that resource per hour equals to victory?

    For Egyptians, they should settle at near crop oases, their strategy is kinda straightforward and there is nothing more to be explained about.

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