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    Even tho the forum seems quite dead, I thought I would compile a short update on the current state of the Europe Server.


    The Empire is still leading but if VPs don't change in their favor, they will be overtaken. Empire has lost a few alliances and gained some new over the last few weeks.

    A peek into the different factions:

    There are a few regions which are heavily fought after, like Athens where EmpireGR (Empire) and IPSO (Dynasty) are fighting it out:

    Or Emporiae, where Legend (Empire) duke it out with GEMINA (Rebels).


    The top 20 alliances:

    Maybe we can get a few alliances of each fraction to share a short post about what they have done so far, who they have fought against and maybe post some reports?

    Cheers and good night.

    Added up the numbers for clarity: