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    I understand that you might be a bit upset that your new buddies were once really upset with your wrongdoings, trashtalked about you and tried to get rid of you. That was some class that I appreciated. But none of these are my mistakes, if you are looking for someone to release your anger.

    I am not angry, just sick in the stomach caused by your ways. And makes me sad that you don't think twice before making public a conversation that someone had with you in private. How can someone trust you? People that act the way you did are the ones I and most people try to avoid. So do me a favour and don't include me in your talks, ignore me because I will do the same with you.

    PS: Let me add that what he told to you in private is nothing new to us. In each team there are times when people disagree and fall out and times when we go along and fight together to achieve the same goal. If you think your information spilling caused any drama, well I'm happy to disappoint you.

    I was going to do a serious answer to this then i saw this & figured it's just a waste of time to speak to you mr Tuborg.

    Let me say though that out of al the forum members of SGR, he is the one with most class. The others are just a bunch of classless individuals that rely mostly on insults and false allegations. Not to mention that coffee server (dont remember the name as his accomplishments in game are pretty much anonymous) that tried to heat the situation up between our own members because he has nothing else to point fingers at. Not to say his behaviour yesterday gave me nausea and I doubt I will ever play again on a server where SGR is present, banter and jokes are a thing, but his level of toxicity is way too extreme.
    Even Batman has more class than mr. Espresso (way more).

    I could. But they say that my coffee serving skills suck. I don't know if it will be any different with tea.

    No one said you not good at bringing coffee, don't accuse us of saying something we didn't say.

    I am just a report collector (and arranged some minimal stuff like, HIMO chiefing).

    Rumours are you also bring coffee to the OC team.

    YET, you guys are trying to recruit our OCs? What kind of idiot says that the enemy's OC suck and still tries to recruit them?

    If recruiting means not closing your doors to players who have showed great knowledge of the game and who want to play on a better side, then yes we did :D

    hey losers aka VICES, what up, what up? what you all belly aching about this week?

    Ooof, long list, let me get it through:
    1) Grimreapertaken got 10k rams ghosted:
    2) wisemonkey got 5k catas ghosted:…m4CI3,ZRwMeacidq?expand=1
    3) TEN lost another small storage to one of our players solo launching:
    4) Seal pups got ghosted by a club hammer (80k crop of troops gone):
    5) We got a WW at the cost of 13 EC (thanks LL)
    6) defended few solo attempts on us, on top of all C2I who is the supermeta's most dangerous hammer by far:…9QDfbyue-ADJAARwEDRDHglwA
    7) I am 100% sure there are many other things I dont remember (nerd)
    EDIT: Cthulu splat on MZY:
    Couple splats on Small eyes:,s2utvc7S6E?expand=1

    I must say the abs are seriously aching, please keep us entertained in the future aswell, now that its summer I can find a use for a 6 pack :)

    lel you guys are so terrible at trolling :D keep quiet you silly unicorn

    It wasn't trolling, I was just reminding you that in the past you said many wrong things, I am just trying to improve your rhetorical skills. Albert Einstein wasn't born knowing everything and Rome wasn't built in a day.

    I feel very offended by this post.
    Please make a public apologies about your behaviour and i would love some words from a SGR leader about your behavior....

    Greatly lost respect from SGR after seing one of their members lash out like this...

    Totally agree here with Loffe. We try to help people and all we get back is insults? I must say that all people in Vices expect an apology, I hope an MM has been sent out this morning asking players to stop posting on forum, or at least to send some greetings to us. If this will not happen I believe the relationship between Vices and SGR will be at risk.

    Last server there were Wolf's bots, no bots this time so raid numbers are way smaller for everyone.

    true that, therefore his comparison of raiders skill between this server and last server is nonsense. I also remember something along the lines of: this server there aren't any good raiders since last server people raided 100M before artes

    Didnt you say some pages back that they didnt use techs & only was good raiders?

    Yeah I remember something along the lines of: last COM1 people were raiding 100M before artes without techs :D
    Here just one guy is doing so at day 160 (with techs), not even the other mighty tech users are getting close to 50M
    He clearly knows what he is talking about !

    Thing is, we do not expect you to act fair, we expect you to act responsibly and respectfully and right now majority of players in COM1 feel cheated. Sadly COM1 will stay the way it is and no roll back or anything can save it

    Interesting topic, but please refrain from bringing COM1 into the topic, from the way you are talking you either:
    1) dont play COM1, so have no clue about what you are saying.
    2) You are delusional, why would there be a roll back now? There was a bug, TG fixed it. For once they intervened and took the correct decision. If TG didn't take action, then it would have been unfair.

    This isn't COM1 thread, therefore there is no need to dig into this topic, but TG themselves will take you more seriously if you talk in a sensible way. No need to say people feel cheated when TG is treating EVERYONE fairly for once.

    Vices suck, bunch of gold whores who go whine about everything and nothing. At least SGR and TEN are making ops to make this game interesting. You guys just sit on your rears and do nothing all server. If not for SGR and TEN this would have been another server with just building wwk 250 days then splat. You call us a meta, yet you guys recruit 300 people pre server, big booooooo. You guys are ruining this game not us. Offcourse we are not as organized as you guys, cause we hope the alliances will be smaller, your chicken recruiting pre server forced us to ally with TEN. I really hope the leaders tell us to mass delete, you guys can attack eachother then with that UT lol

    If you guys delete even better, maybe we can finally have a fair fight with a team of our same size, you always outnumber us by 3 times...

    To be fair, it is only me crying. Maybe as being a part of OC, I know better than others that it could be important piece of information to have.

    P.S. I could be appeased with a 20 gold voucher.

    To be fair, your whole meta is crying on Skype, just not showing up here.

    Anyway I wish you guys luck for your future ops, off wise and def wise, this server is full of action and fun, lets keep it that way.

    Where is Batman?

    I agree with ice in that the ua is the real game changer, I'd understand the fuss if it was the ua. Vices still have the lions share of trainers. And they still have most of the players playing that got caught breaking the rules too, which to me seems far more unfair then getting robbed of the ut.

    So why you lot are crying so much now?

    I don't see how a roll back could work and could cause more issues to the game, that said tg have been known to gift gold before. Just hope it can be an outcome that all sides are happy with.

    And now your side is finding nonsense reasons to ask for one.

    seems like faith in TG is restored, we got back what we deserve, UT is now Vices business, no more in the hands of the supermeta who doesn't know how to defend it.

    Wanted to add the report of the clear for Large Storage, feel like we need to give some credit to TEN for putting some defense at least (247 paladins) :D…BGrsm4NrV_DgccsjqHrAjQjgc

    cris@ I just realized that these links do not work. Feel free to share them using kirilloid etc. Also some were shared in my MM already and some were out of the scope of our op.

    I see them all working

    Edit: my bad was looking at different reports