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    We didnt conf any single ally

    How come you could send deff to NOLA then? I do have screenshots of top 10 before and after stats update for when the attacks on NOLA in Caledonia landed

    We only have real diplomatic relationships with THC, and the alliances that are part of THC confederacy. Every other team, we have no relation to.

    So in other words then since THC is in confederacy with COM and Basta which in turn are with K-RIF and NOLA then your only enemies in top 10 are Heathens, Bedlam, U.R.A and TheNorth. However, considering the placement of U.R.A on the map and that you have previously been in a confederacy with TheNorth (probably still are) then I take these out of the equation as well. Hence, in other words your only real enemies are just Heathens and Bedlam.

    P.S. Making enemies is an essential part of this game, and life in general.

    ... Seem like you are better at making friends than enemies

    It's only speculations, the same as Heathens buying accounts to get their own boots.

    Yes, it is only speculation that WEB uses multis to open regions. It is pure coincident that WEB is currently capturing Iconium with only 3 villages and only having 606 regional population. That reasoning seems sound to me - thanks for being so clever!

    I am sure it is still only speculation when they do the same for Tarsus? Actually I'm sorry they are not using multis... I forgot... It is just friends - sorry my bad again.

    Since this thread is already boiling hot with toxicity and false accusations, maybe let's add more into this tasty pot of meatballs and talk about Heathens buying accounts from COM to get Epidaurum ?

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