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    I was not talking about NewOrder dude

    We do not give up.

    We crashed some missions cause finally we know that mission plans of a runner got shared in the enemies chat.

    Ahhh finally we know why.

    Things to remember in this server :

    - Amazing Deff & Scout Team Work.

    - How in early game Kings acc got his capital buildings demolished and gold wasted in silver exchanges also main hammer marching to paranoid capital lol.
    - Amazing x3Black 2 Hero's timmed steal on artifacts that we cleaned and destroy treasury in spawn day ;) (access to our discord and excell sheets)
    - And why most of our runners got blocked in every GT op.
    - How Tech unbalances the game.
    - And how resilient rus is with daily off operations (that I respect a lot)

    Now I also understand why me Helvegen, always had my hammer running smoothly trough X3/Pom villages, cause I was never in the same group as leaked runners 8o<X
    And lazyness is so big that people didnt even care at deffing my inc.

    I dont like it but your strategies worked very fine.

    Looking foward to meet you all again on finals, but this time better prepared ;)

    I think for this server F&B got the respect of many people for allowing other metas the time to organise before the fight with winter&mafia .... but on the finals tournament things will be totally different ... and will have part of bigger fights for control the center of the map.

    Well i really expect that things will be different, its anoying to play against Paranoid&Co Катaстрофа Бешенный_ГАЛ Masha WithoutYou MAD HORSE and many others, that when they have trainers active can farm around 100Milion resources per day to queue multiple villas and Great Barracks/Stables. It's strategie ok...

    But without feeding/built by tech support Hammers i dont think Russia would have any decent hammer still left.

    I really hope finals will be different so we can fight at sames lvl of balance :)

    We dont see many NewOrder hammers, cause they grow slow, people from NewOrder need to search for inactives everyweek, scout them, farm them and sometimes they kill many of our troops. We cant also have enough resources for Parties and queue Great Stables/Barracks, so it is what is ^^

    We cant even compare built by tech hammers to regular ones, even with UniqueTrainer.

    You guys are really good, I respect that, but I dream for a fair fight next time.

    GJ, as always.
    Would be insteresting to catch more Hammers, but it seems they are not cocky as X3 players.

    Also the scout walls were insane, I wonder how can they scout wall every runner with 20k plus Roman Scouts :/

    Non the less it's insane how in two weeks NewOrder climbed in DEFF points, over 3Milion troops killed if Im not mistaken.
    Will never forget this Travian moments. :saint:

    "For shore you also have your techs" Nop, that's impossible. NO leadership is completely against it. If you payed atention you would realise that on the start of the Round some player got kicked from NewOrder, easy to guess why.

    Im still a believer that soon Travian will fix major tech abusers problems.

    About def lost I dont think it was more than 33% in any of the villas.

    But im noone here, just a mere spectator cheering for the underdogs.

    "Totally we moved each village ~ 1.650.000 :crop::rep06: "

    I think that number is wrong :/

    With all walls it was much more I guess.

    Non the less, amazing post very well done.

    You Sir are a True Gentleman, travian needs more people like you.

    Gj to all the people who took part of that amazing def. ;) :love::love::love:

    It's amazing how NewOrder still stands at TOP's on a server so populated by Tech Acc on Russian meta side.

    I'm Impressed.


    If you know there farms on purpose accounts, thath apareantly you have been posting, what stops you to raid them you?, if are farms accounts shouldn't have defenses.

    It seems that you never played against one.
    You just cant.

    They have Triggers to When someone that's not the owner/s atacks it will recall Deff just to kill your atack lol

    It happens sometimes in this server until I learn that its better to leave them alone.

    The funniest one was a full scout acc on DrakoPaw Alliance, all villas overflowing with no walls/resi so I sent a raid with 500units of 45min distance.

    When they land the villa was defended by over 10Heros and 90K defense (Yes this against a Raid not Normal atack)

    And this happened 1Month ago ^^

    Others are actually players (Uncles sister and many friends) playing on them, those you can farm once in a While, but people will notice it quick, from alliance reports page and just defend it very soon.
    In the end you cant Have a positive outcome in farming those "farms on purpose accounts".

    Otherwise people would not cry over it like I am. :rolleyes:

    since qhen having a small account for having moral bonus is unfair?. I just and strategy.

    Since you dont need support Villas anymore to pay for your army.

    It's strategie I get it, but only possible because people abuse of other things to get there.

    Because morale bonus is intended for weak players, to have a fair chance against better and bigger ones. lol

    Not for a Player with 20 Villas and 1 Cool Hammer, Vs a player with 4 Villas and 4 Big sized Hammers.

    If someone have 4 Villas and Farm values worth by 100 maxed Supp villas per day, he should not get morale bonus anymore.

    Comparing just population and ignoring Atack/Deff size in that math is stupid... and then people abuse of it.

    It's really ridiculous, in the end the small one is far superior in Army size and Resources, but he still gets the boost ^^^^^^

    Now I understand.

    In the end people are abusing from:

    - Tech Farming

    - Tech Defenses

    - Alliance Switches to have deff from other confeds.

    - And Having a small ACC with Oversized Hammers to abuse of Morale Boost too.


    There is something else left that people can exploit actually, or this is all of Modern Travian Problems?

    Guess you have a lot of them then?

    and sure post pics of stopped hammers.... we can not post any of yours stopped armies as you dont use them for any other purpose then raiding...

    oh wait, there was one OP you did in 2 months time 8o

    Imagine, using Hammers only to Farm and you never saw a NewOrder member in top 10 farms ^^

    Why is that?

    I stoped Travian for 2 Whole years, and this is my First Tournament.

    I was used to watch the TOP10 Farms to watch out for the biggest Empires, the most active players where they usually had a Balanced Army Count with CP production.

    Now is this :

    Just printed out the most amazing/lazy ones, the guys that are on TopFarms and dont even meet the 10Villas requirement for Finals Ticket :/
    I read here already, that they have many real friends and familly here, so tickets will not be a problem i guess.

    Paranoid&Co : 12 Villas
    Катастpофа : 11 Villas
    : 13 Villas
    Бешенный_ГАЛ : 22 Villas (Decent)
    MAD HORSE : 17 Villas (Still Ok)
    Gumídci : 22 Villas (Decent) and the only one that is not from Russian Meta.

    My questions, why this?
    Are other Tournament servers actually like this now ?
    This is happening in regular servers too?
    They have so much incomming from Real Life friends that people get lazy to build more villas?

    I need answers im new at this game mechanics 8o


    ofc ıt's possibble, with mozilla offline mode and opera etc.. are they not modified browser :/

    WW sitters dont even used resource bar plus right?

    Nevermind i just trolling :S

    Actually they are not.

    You just need to use the brain, an atomic clock and press Click/Enter whatever 4times fast. And you have the 4 waves at the same second. Magic?!:rep01:
    Not that hard, probably easier than set up a script.

    And i think travian made it possible to help Phone and other Mobile devices users to do it without using illegal stuff.

    To manage WW resources I think that GetterTools Parse Calculators that is also allowed by travian is enough :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Back to the Topic, no nice/bad things to say about the atacking rep? ?(:rat: